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I'm in heaven <3

The guy I like asked for a pencil to use this morning.

I noticed he has a slight cold, but wasn't expecting any sneezes or anything. Anyway, I lent him the pencil.

He was sniffling in class, and a lovely stifled sneeze came out.


Blushing, he sanitized my pencil and gave it back, apologizing that he had a bad cold. He went to go blow his nose with a congested, wet nose blow.

When he realized he didn't have anything else to write with, I told him that he could use my pencil, and that I didn't care if he had a cold.

Poor thing. He was flushed with fever, red in the nose from blowing it so much, and his eyes were all watery from sneezing. He got sent home early during next period.

During lunch, my nose was starting to stuff up and my throat was starting to hurt.

I excused myself to the bathroom.

When I got into the bathroom, I sneezed three times in a row, and blew my nose with a wet, congested honk.

I ended up going home too, with a fever and a red nose.

Now, I'm sitting at home writing this obs with a full on head cold, with my crush apologizing for getting me sick.

We're videochatting, both with a mountain of used tissues on the side.

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Aww, this is really adorable! And definitely something to bond over, haha. He sounds so cute! I like how he apologized because he had a cold and how you told him you didn't care. That is so sweet.

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I definitely hope it can turn into something (;

Having a cold definitely isn't as bad now because of the current situation, though.

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Sounds wonderful [for both of you] and I feel there will be more to come...

"Blushing, he sanitized my pencil....." Some new ritual of which I am unaware, like the going up to the tissue-box in order to make sure that everyone sneezes as publicly as possible.

Did he sprinkle holy water on the pencil before blessing it with the sign of the cross? Of course, he might have sprayed it in some other manner....

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