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my teacher hayfever sneezes


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one of my teachers at college has bad hayfever like me and a lot of people lol, and yesterday was one of her bad days, i had her for two lessons, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.....

In the morning lesson she was very sniffly and rubbing her eyes quite a lot, she also kept rubbing her nose a lot.... and then after a while.. hashoooooooo, 'excuse me' hashoooooo, 'excuse me' someone blessed her and she sniffled, and that was it for her in the morning...

The afternoon was a compltely different story.......

it started off, when i walked in, i noticed that her eyes were red and her nose was pink around the nostrils.... and i anticpated more sneezes and i wasnt let down...... we had only been sitting down 5 mins when, hashooooooo, hashoooooooo, and she said exucse me after all of her sneezes....she set work and went out of the room and could hear sneezing down the hallway. She came back with a lot of toilet paper, ripped some off and gave her nose a wet blow, for the whole lesson constant sneezing and nose blowing.

hope you enjoyed :lmfao:

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