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Tinkerbell (F) - one from pollen, and a picture of her with a cold.


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Disclaimer: I did not create Tinkerbell and do not own any rights to her, all rights go to J. M. Barrie (and I suppose Disney for this particular depiction? :blushing:).

She seems to grow a couple of dress sizes throughout...:laugh: Hooray for me and my horrible inconsistency (and total inability to draw hands and feet).

Oh well, I was bored and looking through old requests, and thought drawing Tinkerbell - as requested by webgiz - would be fun. Sooo here we go! Hope it\'s not too bad, and apologies for the graininess, the only way I have to get it on my laptop is taking photos with my webcam and then converting it in GIMP...:laugh: Loses a lot of detail, which I then have to fix with my mouse. Blah. Anyway, here is it:


Plus, a second bonus pic of Tinkerbell with a cold, since webgiz said she prefers that - this one was done entirely on my computer, in GIMP:


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Very cute, thanks for sharing. Consistency is pretty tough for me as well, maybe that's why I usually draw only one pic per character :drool: Did you draw that last pic with a mouse? That mus be pretty hard.

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Thanks ;) I can be consistent if I try, but it takes longer :D Like I can shade really well if I WANT to...but the effort...blaaaggghhh xD I have too many hobbies and not enough time for them all :drool:

I drew the last one with a touchpad. Even worse. Normally I finish the pics I do exclusively on my laptop scowling and muttering to myself about getting a tablet one of these days...but I'm just not committed enough to drawing to pay that much xP

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Ohh, I think they're both very cute!! How come you have waited until now to share your beautiful art with us? :drool:

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She's a doll. <3 Beautiful hips. Last drawing is so cute I could eat it.

And I second Chanel's question. <o>__<o>

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Thank youuuu ;) It makes me happy to see that people actually like my silly doodles xP I quite like filling people's requests (even if it's not that great xD), but they're all fandoms and I don't tend to like drawing other people's characters...xD

In answer to the question: cause I rush everything I draw and don't like much I produce? xD Plus I didn't have access to the 18+ boards til recently and an awful lot of the fetish stuff I draw is not suitable for the innocent eyes (lololol) of the younger members...xD This is one of my pics I like: http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/in...showtopic=41675 (yeah, let's wait two and a half years then spam the art board! :D) which I would much prefer people to look at over this horrible stuff. *Covers your eyes* :drool:

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oh...my...gosh. this is fantastic!!! i love it soooo much!!! thank you!!!! that cold pic is so cute. i love how shes sitting in a leaf. thank you so so so much for doing these!!!

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I love the way she is in a tickly flower which her powerful sneeze destroys while sending her flying above it.

Incidentally, just to show how annoying I am, any surviving copyright in the name and "concept" belongs in the UK to Great Ormond Street Hospital, and no longer exiats in most of the real world except Spain and Mexico. Disney seem to assume they have taken it over in the US and of course do have copyright in their artistic works.

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Glad you like it, webgiz :shy: Was fun, hehe :)

Thanks for the copyright info, count! Interesting information, not annoying ;P I couldn't find anything about it (admittedly the only place I looked was Wikipedia...xP) so it's good to know!

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I think you did really well on this ^^. Tinkerbell, you little jealous fairy XD. She was probably spying on Wendy when this happened. You have a great art style too :) Thank you for posting this! (I've wanted to see Tinkerbell sneeze for a long time XD)

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OMG I didn't see that reply :o Thank you, mysterysneeze :D I'm glad you like it! :)

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