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Wet sneezes


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I think the boy in my drama class has a slight cold.

His nose was runny and he was sniffly all rehearsal. He also sounded a bit nasally to me, and had a tissue box sitting on the edge of the stage.

Anyway, lets just call this boy J.

So J was saying his line, when all of a sudden, he stopped in the middle with a pre-sneeze look on his face. He sneezed once while he closed his nose with his fingers, then sneezed about four more times in his hands. When he was done sneezing, his face was all red, and he didn't remove his hands from his face. He ran to the side of the stage, where he had his tissue box. When he removed his hands, we all saw that his face and hands were completely covered in a greenish-colored layer of snot. Embarrassed, he blew his nose very wetly. The blowing must have triggered his sneezes again, and he sneezed about four more times. His tissue was soaked through, and he grabbed his handkerchief from his pants pocket. He blew his nose again, harder this time, and we could all see his handkerchief soaking through.

Throughout the play, he had wet sneezes here and there, as his cold seemed to progress. Every scene we had to stop at least once so he could wipe his hands of on some tissues. By the end of rehearsal, his nose was all red, and chapped from blowing his nose. When his girlfriend came at the end of rehearsal, she kissed him on the nose. It made his nose extremely itchy, and his sneeze seemed to be stuck for what seemed like ages. When he finally sneezed, it was the biggest sneeze I have ever heard from him. His face and hands were covered in snot, and he sniffled weakly and stated he wasn't feeling well.

Ah, am I jealous of his girlfriend & what she gets to take care of.

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Oh, of course. :twisted:

I'm hoping to see the worst of his cold, because usually it's pretty sneezy <3

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everything about this ob is amazing!! :) I keep reading it...i especially love the part where his GF come and kisses him on the nose which triggers another sneeze. Gahhhhh!! I think i'll die happiness now. Keep us posted for sure :shy:

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