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My brother's friend (M)


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So yesterday was my prom night but my date ended up standing me up (That's a whole other story) so as I moped on my bed in my prom dress my older brother and his best friend, B, came in my room all dressed up, with flowers and announced that they're taking me out and we're going to have our own prom. It was so sweet! :P So, B is about 6'4" with shaggy blond hair and a cute little pointed nose. He's definitely a cutie!

So we all hoped in the car and drove to this steakhouse. We're sitting at the table, I was sitting across from B and diagonal from my brother. We're talking about funny things that have happened to us in the past. I looking down at my plate when B suddenly stopped talking and I heard a muffled "Hum-phhfft" I tried so hard not to snap my head up but I couldn't help it lol so when I looked up B still had his face buried in the crook of his arm in which he stayed for about 7 seconds. He finally looked up, sniffed and then flipped his hair back into place, at that point I couldn't help but pray for more :rolleyes: Later, after paying the bill my brother and I got up to leave but after putting his hand up, B sneezed a tipple "Hum-ppphft.. Humm-pphft.. heh-humm-ppft" into his napkin. He did his whole sniff, hair flip routine and we left.

After that we went and did some stupid stuff in the town and just had fun (It's hard not to have fun with those two :wub: ) So we returned back to my house and sat at our dinning table and talked for a while. After a few moments of silence, he said "I have to sneeze." I then snapped my head up (Probably more noticeable than I would've hoped B)) and got to see a perfect sight of his pre-sneeze face. His eyes were snapped shut and his mouth hung open a bit before he brought his arm up to his mouth before sneezing another "Hum-phhfft". After recovering he said "God, you should've heard me this morning, I sneezed probably about 25 times. Just one after another. It was crazy." My eyes must have went huge because my brother looked at me like I was insane :drool: and then my brother responded "Yeah, that happens to me sometimes. But it's always in the bathroom before I take a shower. It's so weird." And B said "Yeah, I've sneezed like that when I was in the shower and almost fell out." What they thought was a normal conversation was heaven to me (Or at least B's part :blink:)

Last night turned out wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better brother and friend :boom: . They made everything so wonderful! Sorry for the long obs but I knew I just had to share it with you guys! So I hope you enjoyed it! :P

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Aww that was sweet for them to take you out :drool: And I'm glad you got a great obs from the friend. Sounds like you had a blast in spite of the other kid :P

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Prom is completely overrated. THIS sounds like it was a thousand times more fun, plus you got to witness all of those lovely sneezes. :drool: They sound like sweet guys, I'm glad you had a good time.

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Prom is completely overrated.

True story!

This is adorable, thanks for sharing :drool: And I too am glad you had fun.

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That was so adorable! You have a very amazing brother and his friend does sound cute. haha the sniff hair flip thing sounds cute. :specool: Thanks so much for sharing! I'm glad you had a good time and I agree, prom is completley overrated!

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