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My sweet sick little muffin and his cloud pajama pants and oversized sweatshirt. :shy:

Even the bear isn't feeling that well. :)

I was gonna draw a bed and more tissues and pillows and stuff but I got too lazy. What else is new.



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Aw it made my day too, and I had a terrible day. Toki always makes it better, especially when he's so sick and adorable :( I'm making him soup right now

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Geuhh, adorable. :(:yuck: I'm with pig on that sound effect - all congested and cold-ridden and eeee!

Hats offs to your talents! :hug:

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TEDDYYY! xD *Hugs it*

So cute! I love the way his toes curl too, it's such a funny little detail, it's awesome xD

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Eeeeeh >0< The pre-sneeze face!! And the pony-tail!! This is all kinds of awesome. Just YES. <333

I'm with Kiwifruit- love the toes curling as well. You make Toki about a thousand times cuter than he already is. And that's saying something B)

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Aw thanks everyone! I'm so happy that people noticed the toes curling, I don't know why but it just seemed like something cute he'd do. B) I'm glad the spelling was okay, it was the first thing I came up with and I agonized over it for a while (ie ten seconds) but it was supposed to come across as congested and whatnot so yay. :bleh:

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