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First post -- Okeydokeyheregoes!

Today I have a bit of a cold -- My nose is stuffed up, I'm a litte tired and I sneeze every so often. I was sitting in physics class, chatting with some of my friends and sniffing a little (okay -- a LOT. I Hate not being able to breathe through my nose :yuck: ). Right then, I felt that irritating tickle in my nose and I sneezed into my elbow -- "h'tcheh!". Immediately, a guy friend of mine leaned over and says "allergies?" all inquisitive-sounding. I (being completely dumbstruck, of course :rolleyes: ) just shook my head a little bit. Of course, he didn't stop there and asked "sick?", to which I nodded :( . He said something sympathetic-sounding, then made some random joke, yelling "unclean"! and waved his fingers around in a cross-shape, silly boy :laugh:. Afterward I just went back to the homework I should have been doing. It wasn't until a little later that I realized I was smiling a lot :D . I'm not exactly sure how to describe that warm fuzzy feeling -- I was a bit touched that he had noticed, I think, mixed with that little flurry of excitement whenever sneezes are mentioned. In any case, it was quite nice :hug:

What about you guys? Do you like it when people point out your sneezing or does it drive you completely bonkers? Or what?

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Whenever I sneeze in class and people notice, it's a little awkward but I absolutely love it when my fiance blesses me! :(

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It depends on who it is and whether they know about my fetish. If it's a close friend I enjoy it. If it's a close friend who knows about my fetish, I doubly enjoy it. It's fun. Actually, it's enjoyable if it's just an acquaintance too.

People I don't like and family? They can piss right off. I feel disgusted when that happens.

That guy's response would have cracked me up. I like being playful with stuff like this.

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That's kind of sweet what he did there :hug: (welcome to the crazy playground, too, by the way! :( )

I always want everybody to ignore it when I sneeze or cough or sniffle or whatever. I know it's silly, but it makes me feel really stupid when someone draws attention to my cold symptoms! Even when they're only expressing sympathy. I never know quite how to react. :yuck:

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(welcome to the crazy playground, too, by the way! :(


I don't think I'd like it. But then again I have yet to sneeze in public.

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