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Okay, soo. I'm doing drabbles for a different 100 word prompt thingy~ But I suppose they're not really drabbles, because all the ones I've written so far get pretty lengthy... Hope no one minds. :twisted:

They're my original characters, Juseok and Daniel. Juseok is a 22 year old Korean man working for an insurance company in Seoul, Korea. He went to college but never ended up graduating because he hates to conform to schedules and rules made by other people. :twisted: He's about 5'7" and is skinny, weighing 115lbs. You'll learn his personality throughout the drabbles~ Heheh.

As for Daniel, he's a 23 year old Korean-American. He was born in Korea, but moved to the states with his parents when he was a toddler. He rebelled against his parents and refused to learn Korean properly, but when he was a teenager, he regretted his decision. He wished to keep his Korean citizenship and study there, and because of this, by law, he has to serve in the Korean military (in Korea it is necessary for every male Korean citizen to serve a total of 2 years+2 months of training. Even if you move out of Korea when you're a kid, you have to revoke your citizenship before you turn 18 in order to get out of the military duties. They take the duty to serve very seriously, and if you try to dodge it without a legal reason, then you'll be put in jail). When he was 19, he moved to Korea and became a student at Yonsei University in hopes of receiving his BA in music. He had a hard time adapting and learning Korean, however, and when he was 20, he decided to go do his 2 years of service in order to better familiarize himself with the language and people before he continued his studies.... He's 6'1" and 165lbs.

Anyways, pretty much it started off as them two becoming acquainted by being paired as roommates in a dorm at Yonsei. I'll likely skip around to different times based on what I want to write, heheh~ But pretty much, they've known each other for four years. Umm, I'm too lazy to type out everything, and I'm not even sure how many people will read this info stuff. :twisted: But you'll become familiar with them through the drabbles, and you'll learn more about their relationship throughout. :pyth:

Also, I have specific people I'm using for their image, and if you'd like to see, well then here is who I imagined for Juseok and here's who I imagined for Daniel (And extras just because I love him xD 1, 2, 3. I love his freaking eyes XD ). Don't look if you don't want to, though! Sometimes imagination is best. ^ ^

Okay, this drabble is set for early on in their friendship, while they were in a dorm together.

1. Controlling

Daniel sniffed violently, running a hand beneath his stuffy nose, coughing to try to clear at least a bit of the heaviness that had settled in his chest. It didn't work, however, and he gave an aggravated sigh as he sat up in his less than comfortable bed, running a hand over his hair.

More than once he had heard his roommate insult his hair; he was sure of it. His faulty Korean barely even helped him find a bathroom in a public place, but he knew the word for hair, and he was aware his hairstyle was… Different, more or less. Not many people could pull off the shaved sides, the lengthy top always pulled back, leading out to a messy tail… But it worked with his style quite well. At least that's what all the girls liked to say, and he was more than fine with this opinion.

Still, his roommate bothered him to no end. The punk spoke English rather well--though a thick, almost endearing accent came with it, along with a few mistakes here and there--, but the jerk insisted on speaking Korean to him more than half of the time. He felt like crushing the little twerp under his six foot frame, leaving no room for mercy.

And Daniel thought the world must be out to get him as Juseok wandered in with hostile steps, the stomping sound of his shoes against the carpet enough to send his head into a pounding fury.

"Yah, Daniel, jigeum mweohanda?! Ohu ida, ohu! Wae ajigeun chimdae e ittneunde? Aigu jinjja… Migugin wanjeon isanghae, da…¹"

"Hey man, I don't know what the he-… Hh'hehh! Hh'mmpchoo!" He paused to sniff strongly and rub at his nose. "-hell you're saying."

Juseok blinked for a moment, stunned into silence. He took in Daniel's appearance, let the sickly image soak in. In the month living with the man, he had never seen him look this bad; in fact, he had never seen him look bad at all. The tall, fierce eyed male always seemed so charismatic, as though he knew everything coming his way. He looked unwavering, and his confidence was ever present, even in situations where he couldn't understand a word being spoken to him. Seeing Daniel like this, with his face slack, his cheeks flushed, his shoulders hunched, it almost made him look uncharacteristically weak, helpless, desirable…

"Ah geugeot… Gamgi isseoyo? ²" Receiving a blank stare, Juseok straightened up, shaking his head. "I meant, are you cold? No, no. Do you have cold?"

Daniel raised a brow. "Yes, I have a cold."

Juseok blushed just lightly, clearing his throat as though it would distract the other from his mistake. "Ah, geujyo. ³ A cold. You have a cold." He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment for a quick moment before realization suddenly spread over his features, taking the form of a frown. "Ah jamggan! ⁴ You have a cold? Aish! ⁵ Go to take a shower! Wash away your cold... I'm not want to get sick…"

Daniel snorted lightly and slid out of his bed, slipping on the slippers right beneath his feet, crossing his arms over his chest with a light shiver. "Wow, great English, moron." He was too amused to be aggravated by the controlling ways of his roommate. With a light smirk, he grabbed his towel and his shower caddy before exiting the room, sneezing again on his way. "Hh'itchaa! SNFF! Augh, shit."

Even after Daniel left, Juseok stood in place with a hand to his chin, a perplexed look on his face.

"Moron euimiga mwoya…? ⁶"


¹ "Hey, Daniel, what are you doing now?! Afternoon, it's the afternoon. Why are you still in your bed? Geesh, seriously… Americans are all totally weird…" Also, this is used with very casual Korean, which is rude to use unless you're actually close with the person.

² "Uh, I mean… Do you have a cold?" This was written with polite Korean~

³ "Oh, right."

⁴ "Oh, wait!"

⁵ "Geeze!"

⁶ "What does moron mean…?"

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Ah! This is a great start! :pyth: The two of them are so cute. I love how Daniel mocks Juseok's English when he doesn't speak Korean. Very American of him. XD But Juseok's broken English is adorable! Language barriers are a kink of mine.

This is lovely. I can't wait to read more!

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Omg...I like these two already. Totally cute! Juseok's English is adorable. I can't wait to see more of these! Never worry about the length, more of these two will be good!

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Yay more M/M ficlets! Love the element of things being lost in translation and the fact that Juseok spoke more formally when he found out Daniel had a cold. Yeah definitely agree with Leap Year Kisses's comments about language barriers. :pyth:

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I read the backstory - very interesting stuff that I did not know about! And usually I don't like looking at the pictures people have for their characters, but then I realized that I do the same thing (I usually use real life people as models for my original characters) so I decided to peek and see what you picture them as - and I'm glad I did! They're both really cute. :laugh:

Onto the actual drabble - love it! I love when guys deny having colds, but it's also equally sexy when they shamelessly admit it too. :lol: I guess just sick guys in general are pretty sexy. I can't wait to learn more about these two, they seem so interesting and I'm already loving their relationship (and sneezes :D Daniel's anyway) so far.

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Wow, you guys make me so happy! :D Thank you for the nice comments!

Here's the next one. ^^ Eesh, these are turning out more like one shots than drabbles. XD Wah, oh well though ^^ Hope you like it! By the way, soju is an alcohol in Korea. It comes in bottles a little smaller than a beer bottle, and it's sort of like a weak vodka. Usually around 20%abv

2. Judgement

"Hh'ISH! Hh'hehh...K'shuu! Htshh! Ihh'tsh!"

"Jesus, take some medicine and go to bed already." Daniel was sprawled out on his bed, stomach down, with his laptop close to his face. Bottle of soju in his hand, he had been trying to enjoy some illegally downloaded episodes of his favorite American sitcom, but this proved to be impossible with Juseok's flurry of sneezes coming every few minutes.

"Yesu-nim¹ why?" Juseok asked stuffily, rubbing at his nose with his fist. "And you don't use a little cup? So ssanti."

"No, idiot, saying Jesus like that is like saying... Aish or something." Daniel sat up a little and glanced at the bottle in his hand, raising a brow. "You mean a shot glass? What's it matter if I drink from the bottle? And what the hell is ssanti? Geeze, speak English."

Juseok narrowed his eyes momentarily, but they quickly fluttered shut.

"Hh'shu! Hahh'tshh!" Rubbing his hands over his face miserably, he coughed into them. "Yah, you are in Korea! You speak Korean, okay? I'm not have to speak English! But ssanti is... Very much cheap. Your image is ssanti." Juseok gave a snuffly laugh, and as the sound reached his ears, Daniel felt proverbial butterflies dance mid-flight within his stomach.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll show you how good of a Korean I can be." With that said, Daniel stood up, rummaging around his things until he found a cup. Setting it on the desk in front of Juseok, he grabbed the bottle of soju and poured the amount left into the cup, his free hand touching his elbow².

Juseok stared at the cup in surprise before quickly putting both hands on the cup³, nodding his head in thanks.

"This is the best medicine for a cold, you know. Alcohol." Daniel flashed a toothy grin before setting the bottle down on the desk with a loud clack. Grabbing another bottle of soju on the way back to his bed, he opened it up and took a swig out of it, hissing gently afterwards.

Juseok gave another small laugh, the congested sound almost endearing.

"I don't think I should drink soju... I'm easy drunk, you know? Bad for me..."

"...Lightweight. Say lightweight. Don't say 'easy drunk' in America, aight?" An amused smile spread over Daniel's face, and he motioned for Juseok to sit next to him. "Relax and watch an episode with me. Yesu-nim knows you need a damn break about now."

Juseok chortled again and grabbed the cup of soju before wandering over towards Daniel's bed, almost hesitantly crawling up on top of it. Quickly downing half of the contents of the cup, he leaned against the wall behind him and coughed a few times.

Hardly ten minutes later, Daniel heard hitching breaths beside him,, and he tilted his head over to glance at Juseok. The teen's head was tilted back slightly, his eyes watery eyes fluttering, and his arm was slowly lifting up towards his face.

"Hh'kishh! Hitchuu! H'eshh! Ishh!"

A gentle groan ended the fit, and Juseok let himself lay down against the bed, keeping his eyes shut.

"Uwah, eojireoweo, cheongmal⁴..."

"Hey, you okay? Um, gwaenchanh⁵?"

"Ah, um... Dizzy..."

Daniel frowned lightly and slipped off of his bed, pulling the laptop off and setting it on his desk. Heading back towards his bed, he grabbed onto Juseok's legs, stretching them out from their curled up state. He pulled the blankets up from the foot of the bed and brought them up to the other's chin, patting his shoulder nervously.

"You can, uh, just sleep there... We can switch beds for a night; no big deal, right? Heh, probably shouldn't have offered you alcohol while you're sick... My bad, man." Daniel rambled slightly, letting out a nervous chuckle, and when he received no answer, he leaned in close to Juseok, studying his face.

"Hey, did you already fall asleep?" He spoke in a hushed voice, gently touching his fingertips to the soft looking skin of Juseok's forehead. Slightly warm, but not hot. "Guess so..."

Pausing slightly, he kept his eyes focused on Juseok's face, the milky skin so smooth and enticing... Without another thought, he pressed his lips against the warm forehead. He let his lips linger for an elongated few seconds, and he pulled away the instant he realized what he was doing, quickly moving to the other side of the room and diving into Juseok's bed.

"Geesh, must be the alcohol... My judgement is impaired, that's all..." He kept these thoughts going through his head as he let himself drift off to sleep, though a gentle smile was stuck on his face.

¹ Translation: "Jesus."

² This is a tradition in Korea. When you serve/pour, you want to have your hand touching the elbow of the arm you're serving with.

³ This is also a tradition in Korea. When someone is pouring you a drink, you should place both hands on the cup. If your hands are too big, keep one hand holding the cup and the other cupping the bottom.

⁴ Translation: "Wow, dizzy, seriously..."

⁵ Translation: "You alright?" He said it incorrectly, by the way. Heheh~ He left off the verb ending (the part that's conjugated).

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"I don't think I should drink soju... I'm easy drunk, you know? Bad for me..."

"...Lightweight. Say lightweight. Don't say 'easy drunk' in America, aight?"

^ :laugh: So cute.

Aw he took his temperature with his lips! I love when people do that, so sweet. :D I like that they're being more friendly but still making fun of each other. And mm, Juseok's sneezes are so cute.

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@AnonyMouseWahh, you're so fast! Thank you!. :D By the way, I'm watching Metalocalypse as I write all of this stuff LOL On Demand got a bunch of Metalocalypse episodes. X3 Gosh Toki is so cute. This is completely irrelevant to everything in this thread, but... When Toki waves around his hair while playing his guitar and looks all badass, it's so freaking hot. >> Ugh, but poor Toki. XD Bad things always happen to Toki.

Anyways, next ficlet~ I can't seem to stop writing these, puahaha.

3. Teacher

"Hey Seonsaengnim¹, what's this?" Daniel pointed to an apple.

"Sagwa," Juseok muttered, feeling slightly annoyed. They had been in the store for hardly ten minutes, and already Daniel had asked him an overwhelming amount of questions. He was hungry, tired, and still getting over the cold Daniel had so generously given him a week ago.

"I thought you said sagwa means apology."

"They are same word. You know? Sometimes we give apple for apology. It's funny..."

"What's this?" He pointed to a potato.

"It's-... Hehh! Heh'kshh!"

Daniel laughed gently and threw an arm around Juseok's thin shoulders, looking down at him. "Oh? Potatoes are called 'achoo,' huh?"

Juseok glanced up at Daniel, his eyes narrowed deeply, scrunching his face up in distaste. Scoffing gently, he pushed Daniel's arm off of his shoulders, stepping to the side.

"Gamja. It's gamja. And I sneeze because you give me this cold!"

"Oh, hey, what's 'sneeze?'"


Daniel laughed. "You fail, Seonsaengnim."

"Yah! Shilpae anhaesseo! Niga jinjja baboya geunyang! Geurigo i gamgiga neoddaemune! Sneeze ga jaechaegi iya, jaechaegi. Arattji?²"

Daniel stared at Juseok for a long moment before chuckling quietly. The ill-tempered man always seemed to blow up at him. Nodding his head along in agreement, he responded with, "Arasseo, Seonsaengnim³," despite the fact that he really didn't quite understand what Juseok said.

¹ Translation: "Teacher."

² Translation: "Hey! I didn't fail! You're really an idiot is all! And this cold is because of you! Jaechaegi is sneeze, jaechaegi. Got it?"

³ Translation: "Got it, Teacher."

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Oh my gosh they just get cuter! I love that Daniel has Juseok sit on his bed (and then sleep in it), even though he's all germy. :D And he's so cute, putting his arm around Juseok in the supermarket. Plus Juseok's grouchiness is really endearing!!!

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Eeee~ Thank you guys for the nice comments. :D

4. Lover

"Have you ever had a lover?"

Juseok's eyes focused on the ceiling, the dark blue color spreading across the room from the glow of the moonlight outside of the window. The cloudless, December night was a frigid one, keeping the both of them curled up in the blankets on their own beds. He had slept most of the day away, plagued with a feverish cold, and now that he was finally feeling well enough to stay awake for more than a few minutes at a time, Daniel continuously asked questions. Juseok didn't mind it all that much, though. The company was almost comforting.

"Lover? Like girlfriend?" Juseok asked stuffily, his voice sounding strained.

Daniel grinned to himself. "Yeah. Girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever."

The room was painfully silent for a few moments, then he heard a shuffling sound to the left. As he looked over at Juseok's bed, he frowned; the younger one had turned himself on his side, leaving Daniel with a clear view of his back.

"One," came the simple, soft reply, giving a feeling of closure, as if no other words need be said.

"Only one? Man, what are you, thirteen? I've had so many, I can't even remember the number." Daniel waited for a reply, but all he heard was hitching breaths.

"Aah'ksh! Hh'ishu! H'ishh!" Daniel could barely see the gentle shivers running through Juseok's body after the sneezes, and he suddenly felt slightly guilty.

"Ah, well. Then again, I guess all my relationships were full of shit. I never really did get too attached to them," he said. "Yours was probably better than all of mine put together. Right?"

Again, he was met with silence, and he shifted awkwardly, looking back up at the ceiling.

"Must've been with someone you really love."

"I don't love."

Daniel frowned. "What? What do you mean?"

"I don't love. People... All people, I don't love."

"Tch, come on. You have to love someone. Your mom, grandparents, people like that, right?"

"Hihh'kshh!" There was a few moments of sniffles before Juseok answered. "No one."

"There's got to be-" Daniel had started to say, but he was quickly interrupted.

"Eomcheong pigonhae. Naega bbahh-... Hh'kshh! Ugh...Bballi ja, ije. Jal ja.¹"

Daniel sighed gently. Juseok was always like this whenever he brought up anything having to deal with a greater sense of emotion. He would shrink away, become more quiet, and cut off all of Daniel's words with bursts of Korean. Rolling his eyes, he got up, grabbing an extra blanket he kept under his bed, and he walked over to Juseok's bed, laying it over the shivering mass.

"Tch, jerk. No idea what you said, but good night."

Juseok ignored his action, keeping still in his bed, his eyes shut tightly, trying to ignore the sudden onslaught of emotions coursing through his body.

¹Translation: "Completely tired. I'm gonna go to sleep quickly now. Good night."

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Oh, these are all fantastic! Juseok is adorable when he's grouchy, but I'm worried about him... Why doesn't he love anyone? :P That's sad! Well, hopefully, he and Daniel will get together soon. :blushing:

You are so fast with these! I love it! I like popping in here to see three more!

The sneezes are all spot on, I must say, and I'm also learning a lot more about Korean culture than I knew before. Thank you for sharing these lovely one-shot/drabbles (seriously, long is good. So good)! I can't wait for the next ones! *dances*

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This comment made me piss myself laughing.

Not only are these adorable, but so informative! The whole apple/apology thing was really interesting. :bleh: Also, Juseok interrupting himself with a sneeze while speaking Korean was reeeally sexy. Poor guy though, I wonder what that was all about. :rolleyes:

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This comment made me piss myself laughing.

Not only are these adorable, but so informative! The whole apple/apology thing was really interesting. :bleh: Also, Juseok interrupting himself with a sneeze while speaking Korean was reeeally sexy. Poor guy though, I wonder what that was all about. :rolleyes:

You're welcome. I just don't find many fics about cute Asian guys often on the forum so when you wanna fangirl, you gotta fangirl. Like I already did.

8D ANYWAY. BACK TO FANGIRLING LIKE A LUNATIC. JUSEOOOOK! HE'S REALLY TOO CUTE WHEN HE'S DRUNK. HE NEEDS MORE SOJU. His inability to hold his liquor makes me wonder what he would be like if he got high or something.

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You guys make me wanna keep updating!!! Haha, thank you so much!

@Emily: Hahahaha, that would definitely be interesting. XD

Well, hope you guys like this one ^^

5. Prescription

"Alright, come on. Let's--Ah, no! Don't wipe your nose on your sleeve--Shit, Juseok, come on, I've got tissues right here." Daniel heave-sighed, watching as Juseok lazily nuzzled his nose against his sweatshirt sleeve, sniffling gently. His eyes widened as he heard hitching breaths, and he instantly pulled Juseok's hand down, covering the smaller one's nose with the tissues he had pulled out moments before.

"Ahh'kishu! K'shh! Hh'kshh!"

"Bless you," Daniel murmured, letting Juseok rub his nose against the tissues. "Just blow your nose already."

Juseok blew gently before pulling away, leaning his head against the back of the wall. He shifted in his chair a bit, snuffling and rubbing at his right ear as he looked around at the plethora of medicine bottles stacked all along rows of shelves. He kept his eyes moving, going from the medicine to the produce to the aisles of snacks. "What beads bless you?"

"It's an American thing. We say it after people sneeze," Daniel muttered, glancing over at Juseok. He smiled a little, watching the glassy, tired eyes roam around, and he lifted an arm, throwing it around Juseok's shoulders gently. "You want me to grab anything while they're getting your prescription ready?"

Juseok shook his head, letting his eyes close as he leaned his head against Daniel's shoulder. His head spun as he was enveloped in Daniel's warmth, but he was too ill to care all that much. "Doh, just wadt to slehh-... Hh'heh! Hehh'kishh! Snf! Wadt to sleep..."

Daniel nodded gently and rubbed Daniel's arm gently. "Just a few more minutes and we can head back, aight? Hang in there. Geeze, I didn't even know adults still got ear infections. You're just like a little kid. About the size of one too."

Juseok didn't answer, sniffling gently as he shifted slightly to press his face against Daniel's coat sleeve, shivering and trying to ignore how miserable he felt.

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Awwww... Juseok is adorable when he's sick! I must say I love how he's the one that's been sick most often so far, too. :)

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AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW. Juseok is so sweet and sniffly and snuggly and snuffly and all my favorite adjectives. Love how he's being more tactile with Daniel (probably just delirious, lol but it's so adorable!).

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Awwwwwwwwwww! *explodes* That last one was so cute! I love when guys are so sick they just rub their noses on their sleeves because they're too weak/tired/lazy to use tissues. :) Not the most hygienic method but if the guy is cute enough it doesn't bother me (as if cute guys have less germs or something, my logic is flawed, I know). Daniel covering his nose was just too sweet. I love how Juseok doesn't respond to Daniel's kid-sized comment either, probably too tired or the English sarcasm just didn't register (either way, super cute).

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:x You're on your way to killing me with cute. Me gusta mucho. And I love how Daniel's sneezes are hot and Juseok's are cute. I WANNA TACKLE THEM WITH HUGS SO BADLY. ; _ ;

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Omg...that last one was just WAY TOO CUTE! Juseok made me melt, so much adorableness. Poor guy though, ear infections suck... I loved how sweet Daniel was being though.

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  • 5 months later...

Uhuuuu, okay, I realize it's been forever and a million days since I've updated this. I'm sorry. T_T But I'll hopefully get back into the habit of writing and posting regularly!

6. Criticism

Juseok hated to be criticized. He absolutely hated it.

But with Daniel's eyes staring at him, glazed over in feverish confusion, he couldn't help when his hand reached out to push back the other's sweat-matted hair instead of slapping his hand print into the man's cheek.

"That's not your business."

Over the course of a few months, Juseok's English had vastly improved since they'd met, a very different outcome than Daniel's own failing Korean. The ailing man still couldn't even properly ask where the bathroom was located, let alone carry on a conversation.

"Hh'atschh! Ahh-... Hh'mtchoo!" Daniel sniffled continuously, lazily slurring words in between his constant sniffles. "But I just wadt to dow... Why dod't you love adyode? I bead, that wod't get you adywhere, dot beig able to love sobeode..."

"I'm able to live alone. I am smart, okay? I'm not needing your help." Juseok carefully tucked the blankets around Daniel's shivering body before moving to turn out the lights, sitting on his own bed. "Go to sleep quickly. Tomorrow you have classes, yes?"

Daniel snuffled defeated and closed his eyes, adjusting himself underneath the blanket.

As soon as Juseok heard snoring, he began to speak.

"Yah, nan ara. Nan da ara. Geu gateun sarangeun isseotneunde... Ije da eobseo. Bumonim, hyeongje, chingu. Geu saram ddaemune. Neomu himdeureo. Sarangeun haeyadwe geoji? Majji? Eonjenna nan gidaryeosseo... Geunde geugeon chungbunhaji anhgi? Geureom sarangeul sirheo. I sesange sangcheoman isseo geot gata. Balli geojyeo... Neoeui eolguleul bomyeon, nae mame isanghan gibuneun isseo... Geureom anjoha. Wanjeon anjoha. Michigesseo, maeil. Niga jinjja meosittneun namja igo nahante mot johahae... Ara, ara.¹"


The birds chirped, the sun shone through the small slivers of space in between each blind covering the only window in the dorm room, and Juseok wanted to annihilate every single existing molecule in the entire world, including those making up himself.

He hadn't had a single minute of sleep all night, and the better half of the night was spent with him sniffling into his pillow as quietly as he could, wanting to avoid getting caught crying to himself like "the small child he was," as Daniel liked to often say. But his head hurt, his eyes hurt, and his mind was beyond exhausted, leaving him feeling foolish for worrying about humanistic emotions and wishing he had instead done the practical thing and slept.

He instantly stilled himself and made sure his eyes were perfectly closed as he heard a snort and a shuffle from the other side of the room.

"Ahhh... Ahh'kitchoo!" Another snort. "Haatchoo!" More rustling. "Snff, snnff! Ugh, Juseok, you awake?"

Staying perfectly silent, Juseok tried to regulate his breathing, slowing it down to an even, slumbering pace.

"Guess dot."

Daniel pushed back his blankets and shivered at the cold morning's air, swiftly throwing his legs over the side of the bed with every intent of getting up, but as soon as his feet touched the cold ground, he recoiled slightly.

"Hh'kitchoo! Ugh, it's fuckid' cold." Snuffling into his sleeve, he slipped his feet into the slippers by his bed that he often ignored, and he shuffled over to Juseok's bed. "Oh badd, he looks bad... Like he caught by cold or subthig."

Juseok felt a warm hand press against his forehead, and he felt his heart jump start into a beating frenzy.

"Ah, at least he doesd't have a fever..."

A moment later, he felt a light kiss being pressed against his forehead, Daniel's fever-warmed lips sending his sleepy mind into a contradicting sort of blank panic. Another touch to the forehead and a few sniffles later, Juseok heard the door open and close. Opening his eyes, he saw that he was left alone in the dorm. Without any thoughts processable in his presently melted brain, he rubbed his fingers against his forehead, almost still able to feel the lips burning against his forehead in an oddly wonderful way.


¹ "Hey, I know. I know all of it. I had that kind of love. Now I have nothing. Parents, siblings, friends. Because of that person. It's really hard. But love has to be that way, huh? Isn't that right? I waited all the time... But that isn't enough? So I hate love. I think there's only pain in this world. Hurry and go away... When I see your face, my heart has a weird feeling. So I don't like you. Totally don't like you. I'm going crazy, every day. You're such a cool guy, and you can't like me. I know, I know."

Ahh, well, here's a new one finally. I'm having a hard time getting back into writing. I spent the summer doing whatever the heck I felt like, and now being in the middle of another semester, I'm scatter brained. x-x Still, I hope it was alright! Please enjoy~

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I saw your username and I'm like "this looks reaaaally familiar..."

And then I clicked and reread everything and am currently happily fangirling along and singing the "My Little Pony" theme song. I love when something awesome revives 8D I can't wait for another update yaaaay

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When I first started I looked at the picture of Juseok and aww'd out loud. So cute!

He's adorable!

Continue! continue!

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Aw, they're both so cute! I love the way Daniel treats Juseok like a little kid, and the way that gets turned around on him when he's the one who's sick. I'd love to read more of these!

2 questions:

1. Do either of them have allergies?????

2. (probably the more important one) how do you pronounce Juseok?

PS those pics you posted in the beginning were adorable as well!

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