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sneezing blood


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so i just sneezed a stifle and it resulted in a nosebleed....i mean like i sneezed out my nose only and there was blood in my hand, a puddle. I've used 6 tissues, full of blood. Don't know if I'm ever gonna intentionally sneezes like that again.

Just thought I'd share. :pyth:

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Six tissues?! Damn girl! Now people have even more reason to believe stifling is dangerous, in addition to your entire brain just rupturing. :D

But yes... I agree with spoider... nice obs. :laugh:

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awww...bless you!

i'll get a bloody nose from my allergies from time to time as well. especially if i'm sneezing a lot from them.

nice obs!

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My Co-star has done that before. No worries. :unsure:

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