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okay, so i have been going out with M for a few months now. he is tall, red hair, plays football. very jokish. he's totally cute. :twisted: he doesn't sneeze that often, but when he does, i think it's super cute. i guess i will just roll a few obs into one here, cause i have only seen him sneeze a couple times. :pyth: anywho, the first time he sneezed was when we were in Brookstone at the mall. i was playing with one of the toys, and i heard him stifle a sneeze. i can't really describe how it sounded, sorry! i turned around and he was covering his mouth with his fist. i was like, 'bless you!' and he was like 'thank you!' it was amazinggg! i think i got so excited because i had never seen him sneeze before. the second time was when i was video chatting with him. i heard it, but i didn't see it. it was the same stifle sneeze, but it sounded more like ahhhh-stifle-choooo! it was more vocalized, i guess. i was like bless you! and he was like thank you, cutie! the third time was when we were at the mall, again. i was there with my sister and him, and we were walking to a store, and he did another stifle and it was like mkkkk-chooooo. again, i said bless you, and he said thank you. this last one is the best thoughhh! him and i were at chuckie cheese, babysitting his little cousin, and he had been rubbing his nose and kind of sniffly the whole time. i asked him if he was getting sick, and he was like, i don't know, i hope not! so anyway, he was sitting on one of those driving arcade games, and the screen went black, so it got reflective. i was watching the screen, and i saw him sneeze! he didn't even inhale or anything, it was just a stifle that wasn't that vocal. he kind of just breathed out afterward. and then, it gets better!!!! i said bless you, and he said thank you. and then there was like an awkward pause, and he was like, i have to sneeze again! and i was thinking, HOLY SHIT, IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? and he had the pre-sneeze face, and i just started laughing hysterically. i always laugh when people make that face, i don't know why i find it so funny! i also kept on saying bless you just to bug him, and the sneeze went away. but it was totally hot. it turns out he wasn't sick, but there was still a good obs out of it. :twisted: and then a few days ago, he texted me, and he was like, i'm getting sick! and then he ended up not getting sick, which was lame. i hope he gets sneezy real soon though. :twisted:

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Aw cute! I'm always jealous when people get to witness the glory of a pre-sneeze face, I always seem to miss those somehow. :D I love when people lose sneezes when you distract them, sometimes that can be just as good as seeing the actual sneeze. :laugh: Thanks for sharing!

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I laughed so hard at that part. xD that would be my reaction if i had a sneezy boyfriend xD thanks for sharing :wub:

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