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If this turns out well I think I'm going to make all of them sneeze. aaevil.gif This is kinda like the drabble things. biggrin.png I'll try to come up with new nicknames. hope you like it, please review! tell me what you think and what you think I should/need to improve on.
Christopher McGullen- He is a 21 year old veterinarian with short brown hair and brown eyes. He is a vegetarian. He is 6ft 4in and is skinny. no current allergies, or at least that he knows of at the moment aaevil.gif (maybe later... whistling.gif ) he is in love with one of his room mate's Jason and loves to make all three of his roomate's sneeze, especially since one of his roommates is allergic to animals. cough Scott cough. aaevil.gif His room mate Jason does not know that Chris is in love with him. Chris has a very strong immune system and hardly ever gets sick, but when he does he makes up for it.

Peter Nowell- One of Christopher's roomates who is 24 years old with black hair and brown eyes. He is a painter and is very talented with his work. He understands that Chris and Jason are in love with each other and is plotting ways on how to get them to confess to each other. He is allergic to lillies, roses, saw dust, and dust. other things that make him sneeze: pepper, paint fumes, chalk dust, certain spices. He has a brother like relationship with Chris and Jason. Peter and Scott are in a relationship.Is obsessed with making his boyfriend Scott and only Scott sneeze! biggrin.png known by Scott as Petey,babe, or P bear.

Scott Banner- Is a 23 year old musician with red hair and green eyes. Part of his hair covers his right eye and he has four piercings on his left ear. He wears black glasses, is skinny and is shorter than his other roomates. has freckles on his arms and a couple on his face. He is in love with Peter. The sweetest and most talented guy of the group. He does all of the laundry, cooking, cleaning, for the group and is good at practically everything such as singing, dancing, piano, guitar, bass, flute, drums, drawing, cooking, sports, kendo, karate. He is allergic to dust, animals/dander, pollen, certain colognes/perfumes, grass, and has many other allergies. It is very easy to get him to sneeze and he has a weak immune system along with asthma. Jason is his little brother whom he has a very close relationship with. Scott is kinda a neat freak and does not like it when people go in his room unless invited. If you wake him up while he is sleeping....... all I can say is to be prepared, he is very grouchy when someone wakes him up. Known by Peter as baby, Scotty.

Jason Joshua Banner- A 22 year old actor/male model with red hair and green eyes. He has a close relationship with his older brother Scott and a brotherly one with Peter. He is secretly in love with Chris, but has no idea how to tell him how he feels. is allergic to certain colognes, grass, and dogs. has a great immune system. Known by his roomates as Jase, JJ, and JB by his friends and roomates, the only one who doesn't call him JB is his brother Scott. Scott calls him JJ, Jase, or bro. Since he has a close relationship with his brother he is very protective of Scott and will not allow anyone or anything to hurt his brother.

Peter's POV
It was quiet in our mansion......way to frickin quiet!! where the hell was everyone? oh wait..... wasn't Jason at some photo shoot or something, I wasn't really listening when he told me and Chris is probably at the Animal Hospital with all of the sick and wounded animals.... that only leaves..... Scott! where is he? It's too frickin quiet for him to be here! I mean where are all of the sounds from him playing the piano? guitar? drums? none of that is playing so where is he? I get up from my chair and go into the music room where Scott is most likely to be, I check the room and sees that he's not there! he's usually always there! WHERE THE HELL IS HE?! I check nearly every room in the mansion that I think he'd likely be in, which room haven't I been in yet?.......his room..... GULP! I go up the stairs and turn to the first door on the right. I slowly bring my arm up to knock because Scott would kill me if I just barged in on him... I get no answer so I cautiously open the door and poke my head in. I see him sitting there on one of his chairs right by his desk with his arms on his desk and his head resting on his arms. He knows that he shouldn't fall asleep like that, I've told him so many times. I go over and stand right next to him and watch him sleep. I really want to let him keep sleeping but something inside of me keeps telling me I should wake him up, and I kinda want to make him sneeze. Whenever my other two room mates are out of the mansion or somewhere away from where Scott and I am Scott allows me to indulge in my fetish by making him sneeze..... and I so do want to make him sneeze.... ARG!!! but if I make him sneeze and end up waking him up he'll be so mad and I'll be sent to an early grave..... WHAT DO I DO?! Should I make him sneeze? I take one last look at my boyfriend before my mind is made up HELL YES!!! i'm so going to go for it! I mean he's so frickin cute when he sneezes! what could be my weapon of choice though? My cologne! I still have a little left on my wrist and he's slightly allergic sooooooo maybe that'd work. I slowly bring my wrist up to my boyfriends face and set it right under his nose. I am rewarded with a very annoyed grunt and a very quiet "he.ish. ish. ish. ish. sniff" "he.he.ishoo ishoo ishoo ishishoo." Oh I was treated to a double on the last one! I look back to my ANGRY and now awake boyfriend and "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM PETER?!!!" He growled out. before I could even reply Scott got up and actually grabbed me by my shirt and threw me out of his room! I'm not kidding! he grabbed me and threw me out! "Sniff" "Next time you make me sneeze when I'm asleep you are so DEAD!!! got that Petey?" and he slammed the door to his room. "Note to self. Don't make Scott sneeze when he's asleep!!"

Peter's POV
I walked into the kitchen to find my amazing boyfriend Scotty cooking his world famous chili. MAN I love that stuff! I became as quiet as possible and snuck up behind Scott wrapping my arms around his waist and pulling him close. "Hey baby." I murmered in his oh so sensitive ear. "snf. snf. hey babe." he replied. "you ok baby?" I aksed concern etched deeply into my voice. "yah the spices....their..tic.he.tickling. I think I have to sne... snee...he.he.ishoo!." at the last second he brought his left hand up to his nose and mouth to contain the sneeze. "Sneeze?" I finished for him. I got a nod in responce as well as a few more sneezes "ishoo ish ish ishoo he.he....he...." I waited in joyous anticipation for him to "he.ISHOOO!" I smiled and kissed his neck as he started sniffling again. "Bless you." I murmered into his ear earning me with an adorable blush on my boyfriends face. "......thanks Petey"

Ok so yah..... I was just testing these out cause apparently my brain doesn't want to stop coming up with characters and situations and all this other stuff. It's like 3:30am so maybe I should get off of here? haha biggrin.png I don't really want to. haha. please tell me what you think.

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What do I think? I can't think. You're cuteness has blown my brain up and it's going to take several days to recover, damn you!! :D I love it!! Please continue.

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What do I think? I can't think. You're cuteness has blown my brain up and it's going to take several days to recover, damn you!! :D I love it!! Please continue.

Haha I blew up your brain? :laugh: haha I love it! thanks so much for writing this! I'll continue as soon as I can.

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Ok so the 2nd one on here is a little mushy. lol :D but it's adorable so who cares? hope you guys like it. should I continue?

More info

Jason Joshua Banner- He can be a little what's the word... conceited. He cares too much about what others think of him and cares alot for his appearance. Even though he cares deeply for his appearence he cares more for Scott, Peter and especially Chris. Birthday October 20, 1989. Had a happy childhood with his father when his parents divorced.

Scott Banner- Birthday Febuary 14, 1988 (Valentines Day) His family life was lacking so he tries to have his roomates eat together and talk, and be like a family. He was forced to go with his mother when he was 7 while Jason went with his father when their parents divorced. Scott's mother was not there for him that often and he had to do all of the cooking, cleaning, etc when he was little so he missed out on alot of his childhood.

Christopher McGullen- Birthday August 7, 1990

Peter Nowell- Birthday December 24, 1987.

Say Cheese!!

Jason's POV

I was at a very important photo shoot for the new magazine entitled "The Teen Scene" yah I know lame title, but apparently this magazine was extreemly popular and hey what's a little more publicity? They wanted me to be on the cover of the magazine! I was wearing designer jeans with a matching designer shirt and jacket. If I do say so myself.. I LOOK GOOD!! I mean look at me! I'm smokin! the only annoying thing about this is that A. I've been sitting here for 6 hours! six frickin hours! they've had some problems with the equipment so I had to keep posing and acting sexy. b. Chris isn't here to see me like this. and c. my brother is so going to kill me if I do not get home on time for dinner. My brother is trying to get all four of us to spend more time together and act like a "family." I'm trying really hard to speed this photo shoot up becuase when my brother's angry there will be Hell to pay! Since I am so obsorbed into my own mind I failed to notice the itch in my nose that was slowly getting stronger. I'm still in one of my sexy pose's when the photographer says "say cheese" I turn my head towards him and give the sexiest face I could manage. right as he is about to take the picture I finally realize I have to sneeze. oh no! I try to starve it off but to no prevail. "he. HETCHOOOOO! HETchoo! CHOOO!" I look up and of course the photographer Jim is smiling brightly "bless you." he says. "Thank you. sniff" I reply. Then he tells me to come over and take a look at the picture, I really don't like the look on his face when he said that he looked so frickin evil!! I walk over and there on the picture is me in the middle of sneezing! he even got my pre sneeze face! I notice behind me in the picture there is one of the assistants Trent behind me with a huge amount of freshly cut grass in his hands, holding it out by me. I turn towards Trent. "I hate you." I tell him. which results in him cracking up laughing. "he.he. HETCHOOO! HETCHOO! hetchoo!" "sniff sniff" "I really hate you guys."

Not Alone/ Mind Reader

Scott's POV

I was in my boyfriend's room just laying on his bed waiting for my brother and Chris to finally come home. I already have everything set up for dinner,the mansion is squeaky clean, laundry is done and now all there is to do is wait. I really do hope they get home in time. This dinner may not be important to them but it is to me. I never really got to sit down together as a family and have dinner, my mom was always working and Steven my other younger brother by 4 years was almost always never home, he was always out partying. Jason was living with my dad, and I was all alone. I used to have nightmares that I would be all alone, and that no one would care about me, I still have those thoughts even now about being alone and it scares me. No it terrifies me! I am startled out of my thoughts by my supposed sleeping boyfriend.I hear a grunt right next to me and "Everything ok baby?" he asked "yah P bear I'm fine. go back to sleep" I reply while leaning over and kissing him on the lips. "Don't lie to me Scotty, I can always tell when you lie. don't worry they'll be here! and we'll have the family dinner you've always wanted, you're not alone Scotty, and you never will be!" he leans in and kisses my neck. "how do you do that? how do you know what I'm thinking?" I asked astounded, I mean really he knew exactly what I was thinking! before he can reply I see his nose scrunch up and he directs three very wet sneezes toward his chest. "hetchoo choo hetchoo. sniff sniff" bless you P bear!" I exclaim. "Thank you baby. anyway before we were so rudley interupted by my evil nose, to answer your question It's because I know my Scotty bear." he leans in and kisses me on the lips. suddenly we hear a "We're home" coming from outside the room near the front door. P bear turns back to me and smiles "see I told you they'd be here."

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I'm going to wait to make Chris sneeze. my brain won't stop giving me ideas but apparently not for Christopher. :P

Thank You

Christopher's POV

I came home from a business trip (some vet convention I was required to go to) to not only find an empty kitchen not filled with my roomates chatter or the scrumptious scent of Scott's cooking but to find the place was a complete and utter mess! have I suddenly wondered into another dimension? Is this really our mansion? Am I dead? I was utterly and completly speachless, what with Scott being a complete and total neat freak I was taken by suprise that the place was not sparkling like it usually is. Instead of sparkling walls and floors there was dirt, dust, and mud all over. along with clothes both dirty and clean as well as an enormous amount of dirty dishes left in the sink, everything was in utter chaos! I have never seen it so dirty! What in the world happened here? and where are my roomates?! I pulled out my cell phone from my jeans pocket and call Peter. "hey dude what's up? how was the convention thingy?" he asks. "ummmm fine I guess, listen I have some questions for you. 1. where the hell are you? 2. why is our manison a complete and utter pig sty? and 3. where are our other roomates! and you better have a good explanation for why our place is in such chaos because I am so not explaining it to your boyfriend!" I exclaim in a harsh tone. "ummmmmm 1. I'm at the store, picking up some things for Scotty so chill out already! 2. Scotty is sick in bed has been for the last 2 weeks. really bad case of the flu dude, and 3. Jason is at some audition for a tv show. It's the one he's been dying to do for like months now. listen I'll be home in a few minutes think you can check on Scott for me?" he tells me. "Sure I'll go check on him. That so sucks that he's sick again. poor Scott." Right after I say this I hear "ummmm yah I got to go. I'll be home in a few minutes ok?" and then he hung up on me. I put my phone back into my jean's pocket and start making my way up to Scott's room. Once there I knock once, twice, and get no answer. I knock one more time (don't want to make him mad by going in unanounced) and I finally hear a quiet and stuffy "Dome Ind. sniff sniff" (Come in) I come into his room to see him buried in his blankets with his head poking out only slightly. He looks way too pale for my liking. I go over to him and sit on the bed. I slowly bring my hand up to his forehead only to take it away a second later. He was burning up! "You're burning up Scott! I think we need to take you to the doctors!" I shout. "Dalreaby deen." (Already been.) he tells me. "he.IShoo! ishoo ishoo ishoo snf snf ishoo/ ishoo. ish. ish. ishoo. he.he. ISHOOO!" I just sit there stunned, I mean he's this sick and has already been to the doctors? "cough cough kof kof kof kof kof" when the sneezing and coughing finally stops I bless him and then proceed to tell him about my trip, becuase I know that when he is feeling as ill as he is now he doesn't like to talk about being sick. I sit with him for another 2 hours entertaining him so he won't be lonely untill Jason and Peter come home. Peter immediatly tells me and Jason to leave the room so that he can take care of his sick "Scotty." Right as I'm at the door I hear a quiet "dank you" (thank you) from Scott. I smile to him and then walk away into the living room. It's kind of funny how even the tiniest things mean so much to Scott, such as staying with him while he's sick.

haha sorry I just had to do that! like I said the ideas won't stop coming! It's like they're invading my brain! AHHHHH THEY'RE TAKING OVER!!!! :laugh: I hope you guys like it. :blushing:

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O Wow. Am I the first to comment? Yay! Anyway, great job. I like these guys. Can I have some Chris, please?

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Thank you all for the wondeful feedback! :nohappy: I wasn't going to continue the story today but ahhh whatever, today is such a gloomy day outside why not? I don't know how good this one will turn out as I am really sleep deprived. I went to bed at 5am this morning. haha so yah but I'm going to write some more. My fics will not always have all four of the roomates in them but I'll include extra characters. Oh and if you have a request on who you want to sneeze next just tell me k? There's alot of drama in these ones so yah be prepared and the camp that they're at it's kinda like a summer camp, it has a cabin for them, a lake, benches and chairs outside, and even a kitchen. Oh and sorry you guys but for some reason I don't have spell check so yah, and for each one I'm going to give more info about the characters.

Scott- Not smart to get into a fight with, unless you have a death wish. His sneezes are the kinda quiet ones and are spelled either ish. ishoo.

Christopher- Has a deeper brotherly relationship with Scott than with Peter. Fights with Peter alot and has not once fought with Scott. Is more of a city boy, he hates camping and his sneezes are the loud type.

Jason- Fights alot with Peter but when they do get along they are the best of friends. hardly ever fights with Scott except when he is extreemly stressed or annoyed.

Peter-He is trying to get his friends Chris and Jason to realize their feelings for each other but not always in the best of ways, he cares deeply for the two of them and can be a complete idiot when it comes to his friends/brothers and his boyfriend. He just wants them to be happy. Peter tries his hardest to not fight with Scott because he does not want to be sent to an early grave :blushing: because fighting with Scott is a big no no! :nonono:

Car Rides and Camping

Christopher's POV

The four of us decided to go up to the mountains and go camping. oh woop de do. why did I even agree to this again? I HATE camping! oh.... right. because Jason looked so cute when he suggested we get away from everything, so we could spend some quality time with each other, and thanks to the adorable look on his face and those gorgeous sparkling eyes that I love oh so much, I decided to go, even though I loathe camping with a burning passion I coudn't bring myself to say no. Well at least there will be a cabin and we're not in tents. So In the end all four of us packed into the car early saturday morning and drove to the campsite. Scott was driving and Peter was in the passengers seat while I was in the back with Jason sitting right next to me! he looked so adorable still half asleep! I couldn't keep my eyes off of him! I hear laughing coming from the front seat and turn my head to see Peter staring at me expectantly. "Tell him. chicken. Tell him that you want to hug him and kiss him." he whispers to me all the while making kissy faces at me mockingly, but before I can even come up with a witty remark Scott thankfully comes to my rescue "Leave him alone Peter." he replies angerly "I seem to remember that seven years ago you couldn't ask a certain person out either, you ended up making a complete fool of yourself and tried to be someone you were not in order to get this person to notice you. You were too afraid of them not liking the real you. Well guess what Petey that person already did notice you the real you! not the stupid facade you were hiding behind! It took you forever to figure out I was flirting with you and that I was asking you out! I asked you out at least 10 times and you didn't even notice! now who is the chicken again? answer me that Peter." by the time Scott is done saying this Peter looks like he wants to go dig himself into a hole and never come out and Chris is as white as a ghost. They are both utterly speachless untill Peter snaps and of course who does he snap at? why me of course, just great! "Dude! what the hell? you made my boyfriend mad at me! nice going! I was only trying to help you and Jason get together!" He yells at me while looking around for something to throw at me. he always throws things when he's extreemly angry. He ends up throwing the only thing within reach at the moment which is the cars plastic air freshner that is sitting on the dashbord in the shape of a starfish. I can't believe he's blaming me! I know we've been fighting alot and that's one of the reason's we're getting away but still.."Dude I did nothing to make Scott mad at me! it was all you dude! and se.he. secondly he.he.HETSHOOO! HETSHOOO! HETSHOOO! HETSHOO! Choo! Choo. he.he......snf snf... HETSHOOOOOOOOO!" I sneezed in the middle of my sentence. oh great. stupid air freshner! "Bless you!" Scott replies sounding completley shocked. "thank you." I reply. I take a second to regain my thoughts and look over at Jason who is frankly still asleep. I roll my eyes. Only Jason would be able to sleep during something like this! I turn my attention back to Peter who is still pouting and looking pissed at the same time I calmy look back at him. "sorry about that. secondly Peter I understand you are only trying to help but still. give me some time. I'll confess to him when the time is right. When I'm ready." I tell him sincerly. There is a long silence in the car until I hear a mumbled "Fine... I'm uh..." he sighs. "I'm sorry dude. I know I've been a jerk lately and I really am sorry." he replies looking embarrassed. "It's cool but maybe we should spend some time apart once we get to the camp site. I don't know about you but I think all four of us need a break from each other, especially you and Scott. You guys have been snapping at each other more than ever lately." I tell them thinking it is best for all of us if we spend a little time apart. "......I agree" Scott says reluctantly. The rest of the car ride is in silence. This is going to be one long trip.

Vegetable Soup and Sneezes

Scott's POV

We are finally at the campsite and once we were all out of the car and unpacked we went our seperate ways. Peter went toward the lake nearby, Jason went to the cabin to lay down. He said something about being car sick and after I checked on him I went into the kitchenet to prepare myself some lunch. The guys had already eaten before they got here but I didn't feel like eating anything this morning and of course now I was hungry. As I was chopping up some onions and celery Chris briskly walks into the room and sits down right next to me. So much for being alone I guess, but at least it's Chris and not Scott or Jason. Scott has been driving me nuts lately and it seems all we do is fight, and then there's Jason. He thinks I need to stop babying him and when I tell him I am not doing that we get into an extreemly rigorous fight that last hours apon hours. I have never had a fight so far with Chris, for some reason we just always get along. "Do you think I'm being chicken by not telling him how I feel?" he suddenly asks me out of the blue. I sigh and tell him that "No Chris I don't think you're being chicken. Peter was just being an idiot. I think you just need to take some time and look through your feelings, and tell him when you are ready." he smiles brightly at me and tells me "thanks Scott! you always know what to say. just like a big brother" I smile back at him "thanks Chris I needed that. I havent' been feeling like all that great of a big brother." we end up talking for a few more minutes when we suddenly get on the topic of food, "what are you he.HETSHOOO! snff... excuse me! what are you making?" he asks me. "bless you. and just some of my world famous Vegetable soup. do you want some?" I ask him while adding a little bit more spices into the pot. he replies to my question "yah. thanks.he.he.HETSHOOO! HETSHOOO! HETSHOO snff! whatever those spices are they're making me sneeze!" I laugh and then bring my dominant hand (right) up to rub my nose. "I think they're starting to bug me too. I think I'm going to snee...he.he.. snee... he.ish. he.ishoo. ishoo. ish. ish. ish. he.he.he........ it's snf stuhe.stuck" I tell him. "bless you. and yah I hate it when they get stuck. want me to help you uh out there?" he replies to me. The look on his face looks angelic but because I know him so well I know that he's enjoying this! He loves to make me sneeze for some reason. "Fi.hi.nee" I tell him. He slowly walks up to me with the pepper shaker in his hands. oh joy... pepper. He slowly shakes some of the black evilness onto my nose and..."He.ISHOO! ishoo. ishoo. ishoo. ish. ish. he.he.ishoo ishishoo!" The last two sneezes were really wet and I had no other choice at the moment but to use my hand to cover them. "Better?" he asks me while grining like a mad man. I slowly nod and am met with a "Happy I can be of service! tell me anytime you need me to make you sneeze." Right as my mouth opens to tell him what I think Peter and Jason walk in arguing with each other. Chris and I will be lucky if we even survive the night with these two.

To be continued....... DUN DUN DUN!!!! *dramatic music*

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I LOVE THIS! Please continue!

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haha yay more comments! haha B) thank you all so much! There will be alot more yummyness! I'm thinking of making these drabbles long but who knows haha. These next ones are a continuation of when the guys are at the cabin. They all got time off from work to come out to the cabin for a week. The third one is the most dramatic out of all of them and deals with some really depressing stuff. none of it's 18 and up at least that I know of but yah... sorry if it's too depressing.

Scott: Loves reading romance, or comedy novels. His favorite band is Fall Out Boy. Favorite color-Blue. Is very self concious. his deepest fear's are 1. being alone. 2. no one careing about him. 3. heights. 4. he's severly claustrophobic.

Peter: loves horror, comedy, action, and romance movies. favorite band tie between Simple Plan and Avenged Sevenfold . favorite color-orange. Get's jealous when people are given more attention sometimes (like his 2 roomates) by Scott.

Chris: Favorite band-Linkin Park. favorite color-black.

Jason: Every Avenue and Green Day tie out for his favorite band/s. favorite color purple.

Chocolate Bars and Tempers

Christopher's POV

It's been a couple of hours since Peter and Jason came back into the cabin and they are still arguing! It's driving me insane! right now they're fighting over who ate the last candy bar that we packed. seriously? who really cares? it's a stupid candy bar and they look like they're about to kill each other over it! is a candy bar really worth two friends friendship? I look over to where Scott is sitting trying to read a book and see that he is looking immensely irritated and if there was a sharp object near him at the moment I'm betting that the two idiots wouldn't be here right now. I really need to shut these two up before there is blood shed and Scott finally snaps.Before I even have a second to try and stop the two idiots, Scott's up out of his chair and grabs both of the idiot's shirts and pulls them close to his face. oh crap! he's lost it! "Will you two shut the HELL up?!! you are driving me insane! I can't even think! I've been listening to you to fight about who knows what for the past 3 hours and now you are fighting about a frickin candy bar? Who cares who ate the frickin candy bar. it's gone get over it! stop being such winy little babies and get the hell over it!" Scott shouts. Peter and Jason have gone quiet at Scott's outburst and they look scared out of their minds. with good reason. I shiver and then slowly walk up to the three of them. I put my hand on scott's hand, and as calmly as possible tell him to let go of Peter and Jason. I sigh and then tell them that "The reason we came out here to help stop all of this usless fighting remember? to get away from it all and yet the fighting's even worse between you two. The only sane one's here are me and Scott and you're even starting to get to us too. I don't mean to be sentimental or anything but I really cant' stand all of this negativity here." I look down and see that the two idiots have their heads bowed in shame and each are wearing a matching pout on their face.Scott leaves the room muttering something about being idiots and if the idiocy is contagious. I sigh again and since it is only 4:00pm I tell Peter and Jason to seperate and go do something that they really wanted to do while they were here like hike, go to the lake, etc. They both agree and Peter goes out on the lake while I go up to the room, all of this drama has made me tired not to mention the car ride here has really done a number on me. I go up to the room and as I open up this book that is on the night table this huge amount of dust poofs right into my face. I quickly bring my hands up to my face as my nostils flair ferociously "snff. He.HETSHOO! Hetshoo! he.he.HETSHOOO!" I sneeze five more powerful wet sneezes and then reach over and grab a tissue from the tissue box next to the bed. "stupid dust" I mutter. 10 minutes later I am asleep on the bed.


Jason's POV

Since Peter was at the lake and Chris was upstairs sleeping I decided to go and see what Scott was doing because at the moment I didn't want to go hiking, or play some sport by myself, plus I was humongusly bored. I was also really worried about my brother, it isn't like him to snap like that, he's the most polite person out of all of us, but I guess it was pretty stupid of me huh? fighting over a candy bar. I go outside and there my brother is sitting on one of the benches reading a book. I go over to him as he slowly looks up from his book to acknowledge my presence. he sighs and tells me that I should be doing something by myself to as he put's it "find myself" and that he really does not want to have to listen to another pointless fight or get in one with me. I tell him that "I just came out here to see what you were doing and if you wanted to take a walk with me. please big brother?" he sighs as he's been doing alot lately and gently sets his book down as he gets up and procedes to stand by me. We walk all by the forest and talk about alot of things, favorite movies, songs, musical artists, etc. As we are walking we notice that it is starting to get colder and that we should probably get back. As we are walking back of course it just has to start pouring rain. great! as if we're not freezing enough! Scott takes off his jacket and puts it around my shoulders. I push the jacket off my shoulders only to have it replaced back around me. "You're going to get sick" he tells me. "stop worrying Scott! I can take care of my.he.mysel...heISHEW!!! isheww! snff. myself" I finish lamely. "Bless you. see, you're probably getting sick now. when we get back I want you to go and take a nice hot shower Jase."

he replies. we finally make it back to the cabin when I hear "oh and make sure that you put an extra blanket on your bed tonight when you go to bed it's exposed to get extreemly cold tonight and blah blah blah nag nag nag" gah will my brother ever stop talking? I'm not a little baby! "STOP BABYING ME!!!! Just leave me the HELL ALONE!!!" I scream. I look back at my brother and see shock and hurt written all over his face. My brother turns and walks away from me out of sight. I bang my head against the wall and then walk into my room to go take a shower.


Scott's POV

I walk down the stairs from getting screamed at by my little brother who now apparently wants me to "LEAVE HIM THE HELL ALONE" and walk right into my boyfriend, who at them moment is looking extreemly pissed off. "why do you always take their side? you always agree with everything Chris and Jason say and you never take my side Scott! I'm your boyfriend! you should be on my side! it just....it pisses me off!" he yells, anger seeping through his veins. "I...I don't know what you're talking about Peter! I don't always take their side! what in the world are you even talking about? I'm so confused!" I scream, all of this pressure and drama has really gotten to me. "Just forget it! I think we need to take a break. I....I can't deal with this right now." he tells me anger still apparent in his voice. "You....You're breaking up with me? what did I do? I'm so sorry! please don't break up with me Peter! please!" I scream nearly on the verge of tears. "I think we need a break Scott, I don't.... I don't know yet if I want to break up or not." he replies while walking away. "I need some air" I decided. I walk towards the front door and walk out into the dark stormy night. It is still pouring and I'm walking far away from the cabin. It is so hard to see a thing in this weather that I failed to notice the large rock sticking out of the grass, resulting in me tripping over it and rolling down the hill hitting my head on another rock and passing out. When I came too I tried to stand but fell right back down. It looks like my leg is broken, and I probably have a concussion considering how bad my head is hurting right now, but the funny thing is I don't even care. I'm probably going to catch hypothermia and maybe even die and I still don't care. I honeslty don't know what to do anymore so what's the point? My brother hates me and wants me to have nothing to do with his life, and my boyfriend wants to break up with me. my mom doesn't care if I die, nor my little brother Steven, no one will care. no one will care I realize.... I'm all alone. My biggest fear, the thing I'm terrified of and it's happening! I'm alone. no one cares about me. I'm ALONE!!! I sit there and just let all of the tears out and breakdown. I cried for hours as the rain just kept hitting my body and soaking me to the core. "he.he ishoo. ish. ish. ishoo. heh.heh........" I sat there in sneezy anticipation for at least 5 minutes waiting for myself to sneeze "heh....heh..." As my breath hitched I slowly brought my right index finger up to my nose and started tickiling the bridge of my nose. this has always worked in helping with stuck sneezes. "Heh..ISHOOOO! Ish! ish. ishoo. ishoo. ish. heh.heh. ISHOO!!! snff snff" I sit there as I slowly start losing my mind and my sanity.......

Will the boys notice Scott isn't there? Will they find Scott? Will Scott be sane when/if they find him? Tune in next time to Sneezy Roomates to find out.

Ok so yah I know those were dramatic but yah..... I just thought it up as I was typing the first one on this post.

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MUST...HAVE...MORE. I'm totally in love with all of them and am really hoping for some yummy caretaking mushyness between Chris and Jason. Not that I don't care about the broken leg thing, I need to know what happens with that too. Seriously, you need to right a novel of sneezy goodness about these boys.

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MUST...HAVE...MORE. I'm totally in love with all of them and am really hoping for some yummy caretaking mushyness between Chris and Jason. Not that I don't care about the broken leg thing, I need to know what happens with that too. Seriously, you need to right a novel of sneezy goodness about these boys.

haha thank you so much for your amazing comment! :blushing: don't worry I plan on making so many of these, and I am going to have some "yummy caretaking mushyness" with Chris and Jason. I'm even planning on the two of them confessing, but at the moment I still need to brainstorm on that, (everything else just comes to me in like a second and of course it's taking forever on how get them to confess. typical.) sighs. haha :laugh: anyway like I said I'm going to make this really long and hope you continue to like it. my brain won't stop giving me ideas! haha love it! :lol:

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Oh God! I am totally in love with all 4 of these boys. I wish I was one of their roommates. They are all so adorable! Can't wait for some Chris and Jason cuddles and cuteness. And Scott! OH GOD I LOVE SCOTT!

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Ok so I guess I'm on a roll right now? I have my music playing and the ideas flowing. Hope you guys like it. I kinda think I could have done better but I'm really hard on writing so what do I know? :laugh:


Christophers POV

"heh.heh.HESHOOO!" I was rudely awakened by my nose, apparently it decided it was the perfect time to sneeze while I was asleep of course. I sigh and rub the sleep from my eyes. I got out of bed and noticed that the room was freezing cold! I mean really! I could not stop shivering. I look out the window to see that the weather has gotten even worse since I went to sleep, which according to my clock was four and a half hours ago, since it is now 8:30pm. Since I'm still half asleep and freezing cold I decided to go and take a nice warm shower. I grabbed a fresh pair of boxers, pants and my favorite Linkin Park t-shirt and headed to the bathroom. The water felt so good hitting my sore muscles and it was doing wonders at getting rid of the all of the stress I've been under lately. It felt so peaceful and warm, I so didn't want to get out, but of course my roomates would probably kill each other at least Jason and Peter would if I don't get my butt down there, or Peter would eat all of Scott's scrumptious cooking and I would have to kill him. Scott's cooking is the best! If he wasn't a musician he'd probably be a chef and a very succesful one at that! Just thinking about Scott's cooking is making me hungry. I get out of the shower and procede to dry myself off and get dressed. When I am fully dressed I go downstairs to see Peter sitting on one of the chairs in the kitchen listening to his Ipod, while Jason is sitting on the kitchen counter playing with some little video game he brought with him. "hey you guys. what's up? not trying to kill each other?! why I am just shocked! I mean this must be an absolute miracle!" I joke only half heartedly, I mean it really is a miracle their not fighting right now. I'm rewarded with a snooty "Shut up" from Peter and a "whatever" from Jason. I sigh...and then the room goes quiet. too quiet. "so ummmmmm what game are you playing Jason?" I ask shyly in order to break the eerie silence that is looming over us. "Mario cart" he replies and then goes back to his game. "cool. soooooo ummmmm have you guys seen Scott?" I ask hoping for them to answer so I can find Scott and actually have a decent conversation. Peter shrugs while Jason looks up from his game suprised "......I thought he was in his room." he replies sounding worried. "No I checked." I tell them starting to get worried myself. where could he be? I look at Peter who is giving me a mixture of shock and worry written all over his face, and he is quickly on his feet, grabbing the flashlight that we keep on the counter and running out the door before Jason or I can ask what is going on. We quickly follow him out the door and into the forest. What has gotten into him?


Peter's POV

The IDIOT!!! he went out in this weather? seriously?! how stupid! He get's sick easily, not to mention he's allergic to alot of stuff out here, and knowing him he's probably already sick and probably even hurt. "PETER!!!!" I don't even realize my name is being screamed by Jason and Chris at the top of their lungs, all that is on my mind right now is Scott, Scott SCOTT!!!! I continue running through the forest until my arm is suddenly pulled back painfully by a very strong force, I turn around to see that Chris is holding my left arm and Jason is holding my other arm. I am trapped. JUST GREAT!!! "What the HELL do you think you're doing?! are you crazy Peter?!" Jason yells right at me. "I don't have time for this! Scott is out here and he needs me! now get your hands off of me and let me go or so help me!...I swear I'll kill you guys! now MOVE!!!" I am not in the mood for this! I don't care that I just threatened them right now, I need to find Scott! "......W...why do you think Scott's out here?" Chris asks hesitation and fear evident in his voice. ok I am seriously about to lose it!!! "because Scott always takes walks whenever we get in a fight ok? and I think after what I said he wanted to be as far away as possible. we need to leave now!" I yell utterly outraged, we are wasting precious time! They both let go of me and I start off running again. The other two following closely behind me. I've been to this campsite before so I know my way around really well and there is no chance of us getting lost. ".....so....ummm...you got into a fight with him too huh?" Jason asks hesitantly as we run like mad men. I look at him and see remorse on his face...."you too?! awwwww man that must have been why he looked so upset when he crashed into me. crap! that means I made things like 100 times worse!" I was freaking out! we had to get to him and fast! "wait why did you make it worse? just what did you do?! you remember the little talk I gave you when you first started dating my brother right?" Jason asked with an annoyed tone. "I told you that if you ever hurt my brother I'd hurt you so bad you'd be feeling it till next month!" he said threateningly. The tone he used to say that scared the crud out of me...it sounded exactly like Scott's when he gets pissed. It was really creepy and how exactly do I tell him I tried to break up with his brother without getting myself beaten to a bloody pulp or possibly even killed? GULP... "We can ummmmm talk about it later ok? right now we need to find Scott!" I say while picking up the pace. "Fine. but when we get my brother back you are so frickin dead!" He mutters. I take a few more steps and hear a sound like glass crushing. I look down at my shoes and see my boyfriends glasses now smashed into pieces in the grass. I then look at the grass a few feet in front of me and see that it is bent or squashed like when someone rolls down a grassy hill. I start running down the hill. "faster! Faster! FASTER!!" I tell myself! adrenaline pumping through my veins edging me to keep going. I shine the flashlight around trying to search for him, when I finally get down to the bottom there is my boyfriend, bloody, soaking wet, unconcious, and to my dismay not breathing.

So yah I might continue tonight, if I have time but if I don't I'll continue real soon. :yes: I am going to have Jason/Chris cuteness in future chapters and maybe even sooner......who knows? but for right now most of it is about Scott, and the guys. Mainly about Scott and Chris at this point. by the way IDK if you guys can tell but Scott is my favorite. :D:innocent: if you guys want to you can tell me what you want to know about a certain character such as favorite animal, favorite.... or anything you guys want to know about a character. :D

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So, my shoulder was itching while I read this. Not that that means anything. Just...yeah:.. Great story. I really hope they find hmm

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First I wasn't sure on reading this I don't like reading anything tooo short in chapters...but you had my favorite elements...bunch of boys, sneezing, lot of drama and hot tempers and now I think this story is awesoooome can't wait for it to continue! :yes:

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I'll try to update as soon as I can but college/school just started for the summer. oh joy :laugh: so yah. I'll try to update and write more stories as soon as I can. :innocent:

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  • 3 weeks later...

:D Ok so here's another one since I now have time. sorry it this one stinks and for the lack of sneezyness but there will be more later. I was thinking of doing a drabble here with 2 of these characters involving lyrics from When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban what do you guys think? :D Think it sounds like a good Idea? and sorry for the corneyness at the end. :):lmfao: I guess I'm still not used to writing my own stories and putting them on here I'm still embarrassed about them. :laugh: :laugh:


Jason's POV

When we finally reach my brother he is lying there on the ground unresponsive and not breathing. Immedietly Peter starts administering CPR while Chris and I sit there in complete and utter shock.

It's like my mind is trapped right now. I can't move my body! "Move. come on MOVE!!!" I tell myself over and over, I can't just stand here! I have to do something to help Scott!!!

My brother could be dead and it's all my fault. it's all my fault. My eyes widen as realization finally sets in....it's....my....fault. If I wouldn't have said those things and been such a jerk Scott wouldn't be out here in the pouring rain bloody and broken.

Peter is still giving my brother mouth to mouth and is everyone is relieved when a bout of coughing interupts the eerie silence that has taken place. "kof kof kof kof" Peter smiles at his boyfriend. "that's it baby just breathe. in out in out." He truns his head in our direction.

"Jason! Chris! stop just sitting there staring and get your butt's over here and help me!" Peter screams trying to get our attention and succeding.

We both mumble a "sorry...." and go over to help with whatever Peter needs us to do. Apon closer inspection, my brother's wounds look alot more serious than they did before especially with how badly his leg and head are bleeding.

"What do you need us to do" Chris asks recovering from his shock quickly. Peter rips off multiple part's of his shirt and hands half of them to Chris and the other half to me. He looks at Chris and tells him to " tie this around Scott's leg, make sure it's tight because we need to stop the bleeding and he's already lost alot of blood." Chris nods in understanding and sets of to work.

"Jason" Peter continues, "I need you to tie these around his head, and make sure that they won't fall off ok? When you're done with that I need you to go back to the cabin and find the nearest hospital" I nod and start wrapping the "bandages" around my brother's head.

When I was finished I quickly got back up on my feet and ran back towards the cabin and to where my cell phone was. If memory serves the nearest hospital is... 2 miles away. Many years of being at this camp has made me aware of just how far the nearest hospital is.

I grab my car keys, my wallet with my drivers liscence, all of our cell phones, and then I run as fast as I possibly could to the car. I get into the drivers side and start the car. A few minutes later the other three get there, well two technically because Scott is still unconcious and Peter is carying him.

We carefully and securley put Scott into the back and buckel him in. Peter sits in the back with my brother while Chris hops up into the front with me, as we Speed off to the hospital.

Thankfully there are no cops around because the last thing I need is to be pulled over and handed a ticket. A few minutes later we are at the hospital and my brother is quickly sent to the emergency room.

Now all there is to do is wait....

As I was waiting all of these evil thoughts start popping into my head once again my inner demons if you will were blaming me for why my brother is in this condition, and they were telling me how much of a jerk I am. They just kept telling me how worthless I was and these thoughts.... they were starting to tear me apart.

"heh..heh. HETSHOOOO! HETSHOO! HETSHOO! heh.heh.....snff. HEH. HETSHOOOOO! HETSHOO! snff snff" I look over to see Chris wiping his nose with his hand. He sees me staring and blushes as he turns his head away.

"bl..bless you." I say nervously. Heat also rising to my cheeks. ".......thanks..." he mumbles still embarressed. I see him look over towards Peter who is anxiously pacing across the waiting room floor.

"Peter sit down. he's going to be ok and do you honestly think he'd like for you to hurt yourself or get sick from worry?" Chris states. Peter stops pacing and looks at Chris like he has grown a third head.

"I....I can't. It's my fault Scott's like this." he states while tears are slowly coming down his face clouding his vision. I slowly walk over to him and place my hand on his shoulder, as a sign of support and let him know he is not alone in this.

"No. Peter it's my fault. I said some horrible things to him." I tell him. A second later Peter and I start arguing over blame and whose fault it is and how much of an idiot the other one is.

"No it's my fault!" I say "no it's mine!" he retorts. "Stop being such an idiot!" I yell. The fighting goes on for a couple of minutes until Christopher finally snaps.

"You guys shut up! Stop fighting over whose to blame! When Scott get's better you both are going to apoligize for what you said and or did and you are going to get off each other's backs or so help me!" Chris yells annoyed with the two idiots in the room. "how did I get stuck with these two?" he mutters.

We quietly sit down and once again silence fills the air. Two hours pass then another hour and still no word of Scott's condition.

Finally after two more hours we are finally able to hear that everything went well with the surgery and that he is doing ok. His leg was badly broken in three places and he had to get twenty stitches on his head as well as having a sprained wrist, broken ankle and a pretty serious concussion.

Scott also had an elevated tempature probably due to beng out in the rain and he's probably going to be sick for a while.

The doctors take us to his room where he is lying on the hospital bed this time concious with machines surrounding him. We walk over to him and each of us takes up a spot by his bed. Looking at him

"I'm Sorry!!!" Peter and I blurt out loudly at the exact same time causing Chris to bust out laughing and Scott to wince at the loudness of our voices. Both of us blush and a few seconds pass untill I continue.

"I'm sorry I've been such an Idiot! I never meant any of those things I said Scott, and I don't want you to leave me alone, I know this sounds cheesy but your my brother and I love you. I might not always act like it but I do, and I may get mad at you from time to time and I may act like an idiot but you're still my big brother." I tell him feeling remoseful for my actions to my brother trying to help me.

"And I'm sorry too Scott! I mean seriously? I don't think I could have been any more of a selfish little idiot. I didn't really want to break up with you! I Love you Scott!!! I'm pretty embarrassed about this but truthfully I was jealous of how you always spend time with these two and how we haven't spent much time together. I am truly sorry Scott! and I will never hurt you again like that. I hope you can forgive me and we can still be together because I really do LOVE you Scotty."

Peter replies tears falling down his face once again as he leans in and kisses his boyfriend on the cheek.

".......Love you guys too." Scott replies while leaning in and kissing his boyfriend on the lips. Once Scott and Peter break for air, the three of us hug. "Don't I get some of this action?" Chris asks with a fake pout. We all laugh and Chris joins in our love fest.

To Be Continued...... DUN DUN DUN!!! *Dramatic Music*

Thanks for reading this comments? questions? oh and sorry if something's spelled wrong just tell me if you catch it because I don't have spell check and I don't have microsoft word on my computer so I have to type the stories here.

EXTRA Notes:

Even though Scott was really hurt by what they said (Jason and Peter) he forgave them without telling them how much it hurt him.

Chris has the 2nd worst temper in the group and when he snaps all hell breaks loose. The one with the worst temper is Scott. 3rd worst temper Jason. 4th worst temper Peter.

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Yay! An update! I'm glad everyone's okay. I'm really enjoying this story. Please update soon!

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Yay! An update! I'm glad everyone's okay. I'm really enjoying this story. Please update soon!
YAY Scott is alright and they are back! And ^^ -sighs- just a happy time!

Thank you both so much! you have no idea how happy that makes me :cryhappy::rolleyes: I'm actually working on another one right now. haha. let's hope I can work on it without anyone walking in on me.... cause I think I would die if that happened!

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