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I think I've finally got that cold I've been wanting.

It started on monday night when my throat felt a bit scratchy but I put it down to singing for several hours. I went to bed quite late (I was really into perfecting the vocals on this new song) and woke up a few times in the night. Tuesday I felt fine and went for an hour jog, but also stayed up quite late, this time watching movies.

Yesterday it started kicking in, I felt really tired and a bit chilled all day and burned my dinner after falling asleep on the couch. I also started doing a bit of dry irritated coughing.

I got my second wind at about 9pm and then decided it would be a really great idea to stay up all night sewing and listening to music. Mostly because I'm on holidays/unemployed and I can and also because I thought it might bring the cold on more :blushing:

By around 3am I was getting a bit of a sinus headache (which has only got worse!) and feeling a bit sniffly. I crashed out at 9am and then woke up at 12 feeling quite chilled and stuffy.

Unfortunately I'm not a particularly sneezy person so I'm mostly left with a bit of a dry cough and burning sinuses. Every so often I get tired of the sniffly sneeze-tease and induce......HA..TCHOO! (ugh that one was really messy!).....really harsh and loud singles which are still (mostly) dry, but leave me hunting for a tissue to fill.

Keep you posted :P

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