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Bad bad cold


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So i have a cold. My nose is all backed up and I have a fever. My throat hurt soooo bad but thats is going away. I have this annoying cough that makes me feel like I am gonna throw up. I havn't eaten a good meal since yeaterday breakfast when I was still ok. I am so tired and my chest feels heavy. I have this ringing in my ear. I cannot stop blowing my nose at all. It is soo red. My fever is 101.3. I am not going to school tomorrow....

My boyfriend to be was coming over on Saturday, I don't want to get him sick so I might have to cancel!!!!

*sniffs and blows nose hard*.................................*crawls into bed*

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Ohhhh noooo, the park plan! The tides of fate have been reversed! That's pretty lame ._. Well you still have a few days to get better...somehow. Perhaps attempt sorcery? I hope you feel good enough to make it at least!

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Thanks guys, taking the day off is a good idea. I feel a lot better although I cannot stop sneezing...Every 5 seconds....i don't have a fever anymore..and thats without meds soo. This is going by quickly..I hope..knock on wood?

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Just wanted to say that I'm going to bed early again. I feel like I could use the sleep in order to be very well tomorrow. I am going to have hot tea then gatorade than cough meds so I can actually sleep. Right now I am so congested. I forgot to mention that last night and today during my naps, I drooled very badly. It was all along my face. Very nasty. That's how congested I am. I also feel like I'm fighting this, like my body has that feeling. It's hard to explain.

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