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And winter's kickin' in... finally.


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If it's not allergy season we can always count on with winter, can't we?

Today at class I was sitting there minding my own business listening to the teacher, until some girl came in. Lord was she late! And what a sickly and miserable expression she had on her face! I couldn't do nothing but love it. She sat right next to me and started sniffing constantly. And then the inevitable... She let off a rapid series of lovely sneezes -kesheew! shew! atschew! gah-aCHOO!- She didn't covered her mouth, sort of. More like she was pinching her nose. I don't know if she really thought that would keep germs from spreading... I almost gave her a lecture about that, but that would've been me being obnoxious and a germophobe. It was fetishly pleasant, nevertheless.

I guess that was the main feature... Other one occurred in the computer room where a pretty little redheaded girl said to her friend "I'm gonna sne- HATCHOO!". Interesting fact: She sneezed all over the keyboard. "Shit" said she, and blew her little red nose. To which her friend replied "Dammit, woman! It's always the same with you and your sneezing!". Thought it was cute.

Well, toodle-oo!

PD: I just sneezed. Damn its freezing around here!

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I agree, we can always count on winter. :blushing: bless you I hope you're not getting a cold. :nohappy: Nice observations thanks for sharing.

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Sounds like an amazing class :D I doubt I would have managed to get much learning done though... :laugh:

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Thanks to Skiffy and sillystarsmoons! It's actually quite difficult not to catch a cold these days, and not only from the chilly weather, but from contagion, specially if you tend to use public transportation, that warm and filthy little hole known as the subway.

And yes, NoV, I can't understand jack with all these marvelous sneezing! Also, the teacher... "drools" a lot, very entertaining and grotesque at the same time. So yes, it's a challenge.

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