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Greetings everyone. :blushing: This is my first time writing something forum specific so I hope you all enjoy it, even if again you know nothing of the fandom. *Watches the bandwagon roll pass.* ... Anyway.

Natto, happy birthday! These are for you actually. It’s not the main thing, I’m still writing the full blown fic, but I hope these drabbles are a sufficient offering in the meantime.

So, on that note, for those curious the drabbles are all male and the sneezers are Shou and Johan. I may add more at a later date but that will depend on how much time uni deems I should have. ^^;



He was going to kill Kenzan once he got a hold of him! It was all his fault after all, Shou decided miserably as he trudged up to the Yellow dorm. If Kenzan hadn’t gone out in the rain, then he wouldn’t have gotten lost. If he hadn’t gotten lost he wouldn’t have called Aniki for help and if Aniki hadn’t been called for help then Shou would’ve stayed inside and not gone out to catch his death. As it was Kenzan had and now Shou was sure he was dying. His head hurt terribly, his throat was aching magnificently and he could almost barely speak. He kept sneezing every couple of minutes and it was getting annoying. The worst part of it all too was that Kenzan remained healthy. Annoying, perfectly, gloatingly healthy.

Hhis-chiew. Heh-choo

Oh Kenzan would pay, and pay dearly!


He could never keep up with his brother and this was something Shou had resigned to from an early age. Ryo was perfect at everything he did. His grades were excellent, he excelled at every sport and game Shou saw him try and there was no way he could see he could keep up with him. That was why he tried to hide every sign of weakness he could from his brother, although he keep on failing at it.

When the bullies came after him, Ryo stoped them. When he needed help with his assignment, Ryo knew how. When he had the worst cold in the history of colds and couldn’t stop sneezing long enough to sleep Ryo knew exactly when he needed more tissues.

Ryo was perfect, and Shou hoped he would one day be like him.


Ruby curled closer around him as he shivered. Despite being well within the walls of North Academy the snowy tempest outside could be felt as the building loved to remind its students exactly where they were at the most inconvenient times. Normally this didn’t bother Johan so much but a charming little First Year had decided wondering around outside just before a snow storm was a great idea and had been forced to take refuge in the Second Year cabin Johan lived in. The cold he had eventually made it around to all the inhabitants of the cabin and Johan had so far escaped.

Apparently not for much longer.


“Bi-bi?” Ruby trilled in concern. It was slowly becoming routine as the day went on.

“I’m fine,” Johan murmured under his breath in reassurance. In the back of his mind he could hear his family muttering their concern.

“Yes,” Amethyst Cat said as she appeared beside him. “For how much longer though?”

His shivering was becoming more and more apparent and it was getting harder and harder to understand him as his throat became sorer and sorer. The constant sneezing was helping much either. He could see why his family was getting worried.


Amethyst Cat shot him a pointed look. With a sigh Johan caved as he bagan to wonder back to his room.

“Alright, alright. I’ll go to bed. I guess I don’t feel that great.”

With a reassuring trill Ruby curled tighter around him in response.

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I love these thanks so much for writing them! hope you continue!

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Thanks guys! :lol: I'm glad you enoyed them. I'll see what I can do about more, seems like a great way to procrastinate, I mean, practice my writing skills. :lol:

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YAY! Gx! *flails happily* This certainly has made my finals' studying better. I'm so sorry, I don't have time for a long comment, but the incoming of stories for Gx has made me very, very happy. Please keep writing :winkkiss:.

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Oh my gosh, this was so wonderful! Thank you so much for writing this for me. I'm sorry I wasn't able to reply right away--birthday activities plus work getting in the way of my Internet time. Anyway, these were great. The first one was hilarious--Shou often behaves like an aggravated child, and this showcased it beautifully. The second one was terribly sad, but also kind of uplifting! "I hope I can be like him one day!" is better than "I'll never be like him, I'm not good enough!" Also, I love the phrase "worst cold in the history of colds"--it's so exxagerated and hilarious. The third one was great too. I love the Gem Beast's way of showing concern--they're not pushy about it, but they make it obvious that they care. And Johan listens to them! Anyway, great job over all, and thank you so much! If you can write more, maybe you should, you're excellent at this.

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