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So, I was just wondering if any of you have experienced any of the classical sneeze-fiction situations in real life? For example, a cold during a job interview, allergies during a date, that kind of stuff? Yourselves or seeing others. :)

I've had a few surreal experiences with my former boss that would fit in sneeze fics, but well... they're very surreal, not quite classics. :lol:

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Recently, my boyfriend was interviewing for a job. He was having a minor allergy attack before the first interview, and had a cold during the second one.

Adrenaline kept him sneezeless through both, though.

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I reckon I have, if you count pepper shakers as a classic. Apparently I used too much pepper on my food and that led my friend into one of her infamous sneezing fits. I swear to holy Clint Eastwood that I didn't do it deliberately...well, that time.

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I once witness a waitress having a sneezing fit that would definitely make for a good sneeze fic. She was really struggling not to let the sneezes affect her professionalism, but it was near enough impossible as she was finding it hard to stifle what would have been truly monster sneezes had she just gone and let them out!

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