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Soooo I decided to jump on the bandwagon and give drabbles a try. I don't know how good I'll be at it but I figured it would be a fun experiment. I found a list that's one word for every letter, and I thought these looked fun. They will mostly be Metalocalypse [big suprise] and I'll do some origianal characters and maybe some HP. We'll just see where my mind goes. Since it's my first time doing drabbles I'm not going to worry about a specific word count, I'll just try to keep it between 100 and 300.

A: Aqua

B: Brutal

C: Companionship

D: Dungeon

E: Evil

F: Forever

F: Facial Mask

G: Grass

H: Honey

I: Indigo

J: Jazz

K: Kevlar

L: Lunch

M: Music

N: Naughty

O: Oranges

P: Party

Q: Qi (Chinese meaning air, breath or life force)

R: Radio

S: Stars

T: Tango

U: Undercover

V: Violets

W: Welcome Home

X: X-Ray

Y: Youth

Z: Zippers

I just did the first one for now. It's Toki [of course]. I hope it's ok that the word aqua isn't actually in it. Let me know what you think if I should continue.

1. Aqua. Word count: 230

Toki gazed at the sparkling pool, mystified. He stood in the dead of winter with no jacket, not the least bit uncomfortable. Growing up in snow covered Norway, spending his days outside doing chores, his body adapted quite well to the comparitavely mild winters here in America.

He didn't realize someone was with him until he felt a large hand clap him roughly on the back. He turned to see Nathan grinning at him in a malicious way. Alarmed, he stepped back a bit from the edge of the icy water.

"Nathan's, whats is it?"

"Ohhh nothing Toki, nothing at all. I just got you a present." Nathan glanced behind him, then turned to Toki and, without warning, pushed him into the pool. His body broke throught the thin sheet of ice that had collected on the surface and made a rather large splash. Now he was cold. He scrambled up the ladder and out of the water, his clothes heavy, his hair soaked, shivering violently and glaring at the frontman.

'You said earlier you didn't get cold, you motherfucker, and you called me a pussy for wearing a jacket. so why are you shivering, huh?"

"I-I-I'm-m n-n-H'ekshaa!"

"What? Can you run that by me again, I didn't quite catch it the first time." Nathan cupped his hand around his ear, clearly enjoying himself.

"F-f-f-H'Ishoo! H'eptcha!" Toki gave up, lifted his middle finger to Nathan, and stomped in the house. Nathan gauffed loudly and followed.

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I hate when people who are used to colder climates tell people like me who live in New Jersey that we don't really know cold. Just because it's colder somewhere else doesn't mean I should suddenly think twenty degrees isn't so bad. So I was totally on Nathan's side for this one. :laugh: But still, poor Toki. :heart: I love the shivery talk.

I love that episode where they get lost outside and Toki's like "Jackets is for pussies!" and just punching everyone haha. So cute.

Can't wait for more. :D

Read it again and I needed to add, I just got that Toki was trying to say 'Fuck you' at the end but had to settle for the finger 'cause he kept sneezing. God I love him. :heart:

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I jumped in here to see the new shiny drabble thread, and was pleasantly surprised! I read the drabble without the intro first. Oops. I've seen the show.. once-ish. It's sure interesting... But I really liked the drabble! Can't wait to see more!

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Thank you!

AnonyMouse, I know! (the cold climate thing) I'm wayyy down here in Alabama, so you can imagine, but it still gets really cold! And I'm so small that I get cold really easily. But when summer comes along I have the upperhand. I went on a four mile hike yesterday in 90 degree weather (including lots of uphill and some rock climing) and barely broke a sweat, while my friends were dying :D

Swan, I'm really glad you liked it. I agree it is a very interesting show, it's not for everyone, but I have recently fallen ridiculously in love with it.

I would write more than just one tonight, but I've been writing alot and I think I need a break. But this idea seemed really funny to me. I apologize if the amount of langauge offends anyone, Nathan Explosion does not know how to watch his mouth. :yes:

2. Brutal - Word count = 211

"Come on man, seriously? That's not fuckin brutal."

The guys were bored and had taken to looking up videos on youtube. They had stumbled upon one of a guy snorting his own blood which, according to Nathan, was definitely not brutal.

"I don't know, i'd shay that'sh pretty brutal."

"no Murderface, no. It's not brutal, not brutal, alright?"

Meanwhile behind them, Pickles had found a bag with a powdery substance and decided it would be a good idea to snort it. Whe he did, his breath began to hitch immediately. He sneezed twice "Hgsnt'choo! Heh'Ishoo!" then his nose started gushing blood, then he gagged and a gush of blood rushed from his mouth, then he stumbled, fell backwards, hit his head on the corner of the table, and sliced it open, which started gushing blood as well.

"Now that, that's fuckin brutal." Nathan decided, and bent down to examine him. What did he snort anyway?"

"I don'ts knows, Rockso gaves it tos me and I didn'ts wants it, so I lefts it rights theres."

"Dammit Toki, how many times do I have to tell you not to take shit from that fuckin clown?" Sighing, Nathan lifted Pickles with ease and began carring him towards the stairs. "Come on, let's take him to the infirmary, again."

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Is it bad that I absolutely died laughing at Nathan's nonchalant response to Pickles bleeding everywhere and passing out? :D Poor guy. Always hunting for shit to put in his nose. Bad Toki, we don't take mysterious bags of powder from clowns. :yes:

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I've been wanting to revisit my drabble thread for some time now. And since I'm sick today and feel awful, someone is sooo gonna have to suffer with me. Namely Pickles and Skwisgaar. In fact, the same thing that happened to me today is going to happen to Pickles. (minus the sneezing)

I wrote these without even bothering to look at my prompts first, so they don't really fit with those, and I really don't care. I'm not doing word counts either right now, I'll come back later and add them in. And I'm sorry if these aren't that great, but I hope someone enjoys them anyway.

He had woke hours eariler, feeling the begginings of a cold in his throat. "Feck", he mumbled to himself and turned over, hoping he was just hungover and could sleep it off. A few hours later he awoke again to his dethphone ringing beside his ear. He opened his eyes and turned over to read the text message from Charles "Meeting in 10." Pickles sat up, realizing he had been wrong about sleeping it off. His throat was burning now, as was his body with fever. He felt like he'd been hit by a bus, and probably looked like it too. His nose was so stuffy he couldn't breathe out of it. He considered going back to sleep but decided the meeting Charles had called for must be important, so he somehow managed to drag himself out of bed, pull on a hoodie and some jeans, and trudge down to the meeting hall.

When he entered, he was the first one in there and saw the table was covered with plates of french toast and bottles of fine wine. Normally he would have been all over that, but today he felt so awful that he just sat dejectedly in his seat, shoulders slumped and eyes trained to his lap.

"Pickles don't you want some breakfast?" Charles asked, having a feeling something was wrong. The drummer just shook his head. "No? Are you feeling alright?" Pickles let out a small moan then his breath started hitching. His head bobbed foward weakly as he sneezed, uncovered, onto the table. "Hgnst'choo! Heh-H'kshh! Feck!" He exclaimed, then groaned softly, rubbing at his feverish forehead. Charles placed a hand on his shoulder "Pickles?" he asked gently. The drummer responded with another sneeze "Hng'shoo!" He looked up at Charles, shivering and pale, looking quite pitiful. "Can I just go to bed Charlie, please?" Without hesitiation The manager helped the smaller man up and took him to his room, laying him carefully on the bed and tenderly brushing his dreads out of his face. Pickles was asleep almost instantly, seeming comforted by his managers touch. Charles texted the rest of the boys and told them they could go to the meeting hall and have breakfast but the meeting would be postponed to a later time. He had somewhere he needed to be right now, somewhere very important.

Nathan swung again and again, hitting the golfballs into the distance, growling ever so often. The ice cold rain that was coming down in sheets didn't bother him, but the rest of the band, who the frontman had insisted come outside with him, was suffering. Particularly Skwisgaar, who had been feeling a little sick for the past few days but had done his best to hide it, and had been quite successful. However, it was slightly more difficult when he was soking wet and freezing.

"C'mahn dood, yer better off without her! Lets just go inside, it's freezin out here!" Pickles called as Nathan slammed another golfball into the air.

"No! You don't get it, she was the ultimate girlfriend! What we had was so brutal!" Nathan cried out and hit another golfball angrily.

By this point Skwisgaar felt horrible and knew he could no longer deny he was sick, which was so not brutal. The stupid dull itch that had been lingering in his nose suddenly hit him full force, giving him no choice but to sucumb to it. He stifled the first one nearly silently, the second was a bit more audiable "Hng't!" His breath hitched a few times before the third one, and although he usually always stifled the first two made his head ache so violently he didn't even bother trying to contain this one "HIH"ISHOOOO!" That one was more painful then the others and made him horribly dizzy. He wiped at his dripping nose weakly, shivering so hard his muscles were aching. He felt so horrible now he didn't think he could manage to stay concious. His vision began to fade in and out and the next thing he knew the ground was rushing foward to meet him.

"Skwisgaar, can you hear me?" The blonde Swede opened his eyes slowly to find himself in the infirmary laying on a cot, Charles face hovering over his own, looking mildly alarmed "Skwisgaar, are you ok?" Skwisgaar answered by sneezing three more times, turning his head from Charles and burying his face in his arm. "Hmmp! Hxgst'choo! Hih'Ishaa!"

"Bless you. You're sick, aren't you?" The lead guitarist wanted to deny it, but it would be like saying his hair isn't blonde. "Ja" he replied, then rolled onto his stomach, "Fucks dis." he muttered. Charles, knowing how much of a diva Skwisgaar could be, decided to quit while he was ahead, and left the infirmary as the guitarist drifted off to sleep, too tired and sick to resist any longer.

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AW sorry you're sick. :( I totally approve of making fictional characters suffer along with you though, especially the Dethklok boys. ;) Love me some sneezy Skwisgaar and Pickles.

Pickles in a hoodie? :drool: Such an adorable image. I might need to draw it at some point.

Also, wine for breakfast = win.

SO HAPPY that the second one was from that scene with them all wet and dripping out in the rain! Perfect fetish material. :twisted: Poor Skwisgaar though. It would be just like him though to deny it up until he passes out.

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Ahhh I wish I'd seen these sooner! They're all wonderful! :wub:

The banter between Nathan and Toki in 'Aqua' is perfect. And I must agree that sick!Pickles in a hoodie is one of the hottest things. Idk. :D

I'd love to see more!

(Also, I'm sorry you're sick. At least there is always the option of torturing Dethklok boys, right? :))

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