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hot guy catches cold


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I just cant believe how my dream came true and that too so soon. Last week the hot guy caught a cold. That day I was sitting near him, though not facing him, but kind of diagonally placed such that if I turned on my left I could see his face.

2 hours after we started working he sneezed 2 singles in around half an hour. Both sounded more desperate than usual and it was accompanied by too many sniffs which was very unusual coz even though he has powerful sneezes he rarely sniffs but that day it was different. After those singles for next 3 hours all I heard was his very wet sniffles every now and then. it was such a teaser for me since I had never heard him sniff so much before and they seemed very promising too. He had also kept his handkerchief in his hands and was wiping his nose every now and then. since I have a fetish for men who use kerchief, I was in total bliss. finally just 10 mins before dinner break he let out 2 huge sneezes ha-aeekhsssiiiii …. Haee-Aeeeekkkkssssuu.. and then he let out a heavy sigh and said aloud that hes caught a cold due to cold water bath. It was like heaven to hear his double and also the reason for his sudden cold. Unfortunately we had to go for dinner so for next 30 mins I was not around him. But when I came back, I was again listenining to his non-stop sniffles. we were about to log out of our systems in next 10 mins and I was murmuring under my breath “ Common pls sneeze” which is exactly when he let out a loud hi-eksshhi.. I immediately turned back to see him and he too happened to see me at that very moment. I was about to look away as he was looking straight at me when he shut his eyes suddenly and brought his hand to cover his mouth, bent forward as the huge sneeze “ae-eeekkkhhii” was let out. I managed to look away before he came back into his original position and started sniffing again. By then I was lost in another world and just dint want to go away from office. Since hes our trainer, he doesn’t log out with us and waits another half and hour though we are supposed to leave our work floor and go to the recreation rooms. But I did not want to move, I took permission from my team leader and told her that I need to do some more work till I achieve my target for the day ( I was way away from it for obvious reasons). She agreed and it was him, me and our team leader on the floor. but for next 15 mins I did not hear any sneezes. So I decided to log out and my only hope was that If I go near him and by any chance he sneezes I will be blessed. So I walked up to his desk and stood towards his right and started discussing some work related stuff. I had just been there for a couple of mins when he suddenly turned to his left, sneezed Ae— eeesssshiii and there was a pause for around 15 secs which seemed like a year to me coz I thought it was a single. But he still wasn’t looking straight, and he again bent on his left and sneezed another hi-esssssshiii.. During both his sneezes I observed his face and his huge shoulders which trembled by the power of his sneezes and shook me completely to the core. I managed to bless him to which he thanked and sniffed, I joked that u should have some cold drink which will help your cold to which he chucked and said “ya, and u wont see me tomorrow then” and we both had a laugh. I then left the office.

Next day he was pretty congested and was sneezing singles. I had called him to my desk for a query and he stood behind me and sneezed into his handkerchief which was pretty hot as well.

This entire week he had not sneezed when I was around. And I was writing this obs in office today as I had free time and hearing him sniff a lot today. I was on a complete high and since I was sitting at my original place I could see him clearly. He sneezed his classic double and made my weekend

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Haha that was a really nice observation. thanks so much for sharing! :D

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Thanks for sharing this observation, and thanks for mentioning his handkerchief use! I love handkerchiefs and Indians often have some great ones, from my personal observation.

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Thanks for sharing, this is very nice. I love the way you spelled the sneezes :lol: I also love the hankerchief, and colds are the best, especially when a male talks about it.

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I am very much liking these obs, thank you. Especially this bit,

I had called him to my desk for a query and he stood behind me and sneezed into his handkerchief


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Thanks a lot everyone. I am so happy you guys enjoyed reading the obs.

Well to add to the handkerchief thing. i had never seen him even carrying a handkerchief till he got a cold last week. And today when the day began and we were just starting to work, i heard a wet single "haa-ekkhsi" from him. so i kept an eye on him. after a few minutes he removed his kerchief and started wiping his nose. then he opened one fold of his hanky and dabbed his face with it. I was like vow.. then he fanned himself for a minute or so with his hanky which was sooo hot i just went mad. that was all about the hanky for the day.

around 2 hrs back when i was about to leave from work, he sneezed a double which was also very different from his classic doubles. and today i was sitting in front of him to witness his sneezing. the 1st sneeze was a wet "he-esshhhaa" which was a very unique sound and hot too. he had leaned forward, a bit on right from his computer to sneeze. so after the 1st sneeze he remained to his right with both his hands joined, rubbing away the spray and him looking at his computer screen on the left while doing so, apparently we both were waiting for his 2nd sneeze. after around 20 secs he opens fully his half hanging mouth, his very small eyes close completely and his nostrils inhale a huge sigh and his hands quickly cover his face and he lets out a sharp "AAAEEEKKKKKSHHHH" with the emphasis on the 1st half of the sneeze and the S being very slightly blended in the sound. It was a very yummy double and since i got a very good view i just came home and posted this obs to share with you all the pleasure that i experienced.

i just love my work thanks to this guy whos also a dear friend. :laugh:

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Amazing Obs! thanks so much for sharing! I hope there's more sneezyness from him. :yes:

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