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* Okay, I'm posting part of this story to see if people like it. If y'all do, then I'll post the rest. So please comment and tell me what you think :twisted:

13 year old Cody Simpson sat on a small white couch, quietly strumming his acoustic guitar. He was backstage in the building that was soon going to be filled with thousands of screaming girls.


He sneezed into the crook of his arm and wiped his nose on the sleeve of his shirt. Cody thought he was coming down with something but he wasn't sure.

"Huhtschooo!" He sneezed again and sighed.

" Maybe I am getting sick," He said to himself." Nah."

He shook the thought out of his head and continued to glide his pick along his guitar strings.

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Sounds really good so far! you should so continue. B) thanks for writing this

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  • 2 weeks later...

" Hey." His friend and tour mate, 12 year old Greyson Chance said.

" Hey man."

" What are you doing?" Greyson asked. " Nothin really just-" A hitching breathe consumed his lungs, causing him to cup his hands over his mouth to catch the oncoming sneezes. " Huhtschooo! Hatschooo!" He sniffed and wiped his nose on his sleeve again.

" Dude, you okay?" Greyson handed him a box of tissues sitting on the floor next to the couch.

" Yeah I'm fine," Cody sniffed." Just somthing in the air."

Greyson raised his eyebrow and Cody coughed a little. " You sure?"" Positive," Cody reassured him. Greyson nodded hus head with a look of doubt written across his forehead but Cody ignored it.

" Whatever," Greyson said." George told me to tell you that sound check starts in about an hour."" Kay, tell him i'll be ready." Just then a young girl walked by, catching Cody's attention." Who's that?"

" That's Ally. Her dad owns your record label." Their vocal coach, Melissa informed them. Cody stared at her, admiring her beautiful dark brown hair that cascaded down her back along with her skinny, tan legs.

" Stop drooling over her and go introduce yourself." Greyson said. Cody stood up and tried to gather the courage to talk to her but he couldn't find it.

" Go." Greyson nudged him, causing him to stumble forward. He took a deep breathe and casually walked up to her. " Hey."

"Hi," She said sweetly, looking up from her phone.

" What's your name." Cody said, trying hard not to stutter. She looked up from her phone again and slid it into her pocket.

" I'm Ally," She said." And I'm guessing you're Cody. Nice to meet you." She smiled and Cody could feel the blood rushing to his face. While he was busy getting lost in her bright green eyes, he felt a small tickle in his nose followed by a hitching breath.

" Hutschhhh! Hehtschhhh!" He muffled the sneezes into the crook of his arm.

" Bless you." Ally said. Cody tried to thank her, but the itch in his nose wouldn't subside. " Hehtschooo! Hatschoooo! Hatschewww!"

"Bless you." Ally said again.

" Thanks." Cody managed to say between coughs." Are you okay?" Ally asked with a hint of concern in her eyes.

" Yeah I'm fine," Cody responded." Why?"

" Because you sound like you're getting sick."

" Me? No, I don't get sick." Cody retorted. He tried to prove his point' but the need to sneeze contradicted him. " Hatschooo! Hetschooo!"

" So what you're saying is you do get sick," Ally smiled." You just don't admit it."

* Should I post the 3rd part?*

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  • 3 weeks later...

You so need to post more! this is really good! thank you so much for writing it. <_<

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  • 3 weeks later...

" Cody"

A faint voice rang in his ears, waking him from his sleep. He rubbed his and eyes and blinked a few times to focus them.

" Hey." Cody said groggy.

" Hey," Ally said as she sat on the edge of the couch." Feeling better?"

" Not really." Cody responded. Just then he realized how congested he sounded. Ally wrapped her arms over his shoulders.

" Well I'll take care of you."

Cody felt his cheeks turn red but they were already red so Ally didn't really notice.

" Cody come on," Melissa said." Time for sound check." Cody slowly stood up and felt a tickle in his nose. His eyes fluttered closed and he cupped his hands over his mouth.

" Huhtschooo! Hahtschooo! Huhtschoo! Hehtschooo!"

Melissa sighed and led him to the stage while Ally trailed behind. Ally knew Cody didn't feel good but she figured he would be okay for sound check; but she was wrong. During the first song, Cody broke out into a huge sneezing fit.

" Huh... Huhtschooo! Hehtschooo! HAhtschooo! Hehtschooo! Hahtschooo!"

He sneezed into the microphone so the sneezes echoed throughout the entire arena and he could fell the blood rushing to his face.

" Just start over!" Melissa ordered. Cody took a deep breathe and got back into his first position. He tried to pull himself through, but he felt like it was impossible. During the third song, he had another sneezing fit.

" Hehtschooo! Hahtschooo! Huhtschooo!"

The music stopped and Cody's mom hopped up onto the stage.

" Cody honey, are you okay?" Cody weakly shook his head no. She put her hand on his forehead and a look of worry swept across her face.

" Do you think you can make it through the rest of sound check?"

" I'll try." But before cody could do anything else, he felt the tickle in his nose returned, forcing him to bury his head in the crook of his arm.

" Huhtschhhh! Hahtschhhh! Hehtschhhh! Huhtschhhh!"

" Are you sure you can-"" Yeah, i'm fine."

The music started again and and Cody began to sing but with every breathe he took in, he could feel the tickle building in his nose.

" Hahtschooo! Hehtschooo! HAHtschooo!"

The music stopped and Melissa called out," Take 5 everyone!" and Cody's mom came running back onto the stage.

" Cody you're not okay, you're sick." Cody tried to protest, but he just coughed into the crook of his arm.

" I think you need to rest for a minute."

" I don't need to-"" I think that's a good idea." Ally said and she walked out onto the stage. Cody wanted to argue, but the itch in his nose came back to seek revenge and he knew he wasn't going to win the fight.

" Huhtschooo! Hahtschooo!"

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Part 4 :laugh:

Cody's mom helped him onto the tour bus and laid him down on his bed.She placed her hand on his forehead again before walking away.

" Huhtschooo! Hehtschooo!" Cody sneezed in the crook of his arm and wiped his noise on his shirt. His mom returned moments later with a thermometer and a cold, wet washcloth. She placed the washcloth on his forehead and stuck the thermometer in his mouth and waited for it to display the results. It finally beeped and the look of worry was tattooed across his mom's face.

" 101.6." Cody groaned and pulled the covers over his head.

" Hey." Ally said as she walked onto the bus. She walked over and sat on the edge of Cody's bed. She pulled the covers down so she could see Cody's face. Cody met Ally's beautiful gaze before he felt an itch in his nose

" Huh... Huhtschooo! Hahtschooo! HAHtschooo!"

" Bless you." Ally said as she handed him a tissue. He flashed her a weak smile before blowing his nose.

" Why don't we let Cody get some rest." Cody's mom suggested.

" Good idea." Ally said. She kissed Cody on the cheek before closing the door. As she walked off the bus, she ran into Greyson.

" Oh sorry." Ally said.

" It's okay," Greyson looked at Ally and smiled." I'm Greyson." She smiled back.

" I'm Ally." There was a moment of awkward silence until Cody's mom walked in between them.

" Well, I have some time before I have to start getting ready for the show. Do you um want me to give a tour of the arena?"

Ally smiled." Sure." Greyson took her hand and she smiled again.

The concert was even better then Ally imagined. Cody managed to pull himself through the concert with a minimal number of problems. After the concert, Ally followed Cody onto the bus.

" You were amazing."

" Th huh... thanks." Cody managed to say before cupping his hands over his mouth

" Huhtschooo! Hehtschooo! Hahtschooo!"

" Why don't you lay down." Cody did as Ally said and laid down on his bed. She gently stroked his rosy red cheek until she saw his eyes flutter closed.

* I know it's short but I couldn't think of anything to write. SPOILER ALERT: the next part a surprise twist :lmfao:*

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Okay part 5 :drool:

Ally ended up staying on he tour bus that night. The next morning, it was raining outside which gave a dreary sort of vibe on the bus. As Ally walked by Greyson's bunk, she heard him sneeze.

" Huhtschooo! Hahtschooo!"

Ally drew back the curtain and saw Greyson shivering under the covers.

" Hahtschooo! Hehtschoooo! HAHtschooo!" Greyson sneezed again and Ally looked at him with worry.

" Greyson." She called out. He groaned.

" What?" Ally placed her hand on his forehead

" You're burning up!" Greyson didn't respond and Ally knew something wasn't right. She walked over to Cody's mom and his mom smiled at her.

" Good morning Ally. What's up?"

" Something's wrong with Greyson." The look of worry from yesterday swept back across her face as she dashed over to Greyson's bunk.

" Greyson honey, what's wrong?"

" I don't feel good." he moaned. Cody's mom grabbed the thermometer and stuck it in Greyson's mouth. It beeped and she looked at it, the look of worry still tattooed across her face.

" 101.4." She went and got a bottle of water, a box of tissues, and cold, wet washcloth. She p[laced the washcloth on his forehead and handed him the water ans tissues. he tried to thank her, but his stuffy nose had other ideas and he quickly grabbed a tissue.

" Huhtschooo! HUHtschooo! Hehtschooo!"

" Feel better." Cody's mom said and closed the curtain.

* Okay, should I do more sick, sneezey fluff or should I finish it?*

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* I know there's only one sneeze but there will be more :)*

After a couple hours, they reached their destination.

" Hey, I'll be right back." Cody's mom said as she walked off the bus. Ally walked over to Greyson's bunk and pulled back the curtain.

" Do you need anything?"

" No." He muttered. Ally felt his forehead and grabbed the thermometer. She put it in his mouth and it beeped. She looked at it and sighed.

" 101.9." He moaned and turned the other way and Ally closed the curtain.

" Huhtschooo!"

Ally heard Cody sneeze and decided to check on him too. she wondered to the back of the bus and sat down on the edge of Cody's bed.

" Cody?"

He sniffed and turned towards her.

" Hey." His voice was raspy and congested.

" How are you feeling?"

" Awful," he said, burying his head on his pillow. Ally ran her fingers through his hair to try and get it to fall into place. Cody broke out into a coughing fit and Ally rubbed his back as she listened to the congested coughs loudly and harshly rumble out of his chest. Cody rolled over and looked at Ally with bloodshot eyes. She placed her cool, soothing hand on his forehead and quickly grabbed the thermometer. She stuck it in his mouth and waited for it to display the results.

" 102.3," Ally said." My poor baby." She stroked Cody's cheek and he smiled a little.

" Hey Cody," His mom said as she approached them." Time for sound check."

Cody slowly sat up and sniffed loudly. Ally helped him stand up and he followed his mom towards the door. He turned around and looked at Ally who was still standing in front of his house.

" Are you coming?"

Ally smiled.

" Of course."

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The concert that night, in Ally's opinion, kinda sucked. Cody had to stop several times during the middle of a song and you could hear the congestion in his voice. When the concert was over, Cody went onto his tour bus and collapsed on his bed.

" Hey Cody." Ally said as she sat on the edge of the bed.

" Hey." He whispered.

" I have to go."

" Why?" Cody asked.

" Okay, I was just out here visiting my cousins. I just happened to be listening to the radio when they were talking about your concert that was in Philadelphia. I knew you were signed to my dad's record label so I asked if we could go and he said yes but now I have to go. My dad has a big meeting tomorrow back home in L.A and we need to."

" Oh." Cody said. Ally could here the disappointment in his voice. he sniffed and blew his nose.

" I'm sorry." Cody tried to respond, but his irritated nose had him quickly reaching for a tissue.

" Hahtschooo!"

" Bless you." Ally said.

" Thanks." Cody muttered.

" Well my dad's waiting outside to pick me up." Ally reached over and grabbed Cody's phone.

" What are you doing?"

" Text me." Ally said, handing Cody his phone. She smiled as she walked off the bus.


The next day, Cody woke to Greyson coughing. He listened as the coughs racked his body and had him gasping for breathe.

" hey honey," Cody's mom said. She sat down next to him. " How are you feeling?"

" Crappy." He said before quickly burying his face in the crook of his arm. " Hahtschooo!"

Cody's mom handed him a tissue and he flashed her a weak smile. His mom kissed him in the forehead and pulled the covers over him. " Feel better." She smiled and walked away.

Cody sighed, He missed Ally. Ever since he meet her 2 days ago, he felt like his life changed. Ally was funny, sweet, caring, understanding, smart, down to earth, really pretty; everything he looked for in a girl. Then it hit him: he was in love with her.

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( Okay, so it's been like a year since I've updated this story but I totally forgot about it! Ha but whatever. And I know this is short but that's because I've been busy working on the sequel which has yet to be named so if y'all have any suggestions, I'd be glad to here them :)

" Ally?" Cody asked. She smiled

" Hey Cody."

" What are you doing here?" He asked.

" I came to see you." She responded. A smile crept across his face.

" Really?"

Ally bit her lip for moment, trying to choose her words before they came out wrong.

" Look, I like you... a lot. That's why I came back."

" I- I like you too." He said. She looked at him.

" You do?"

" Yeah, a lot. I mean, I couldn't stop thinking about you since the moment I met you."

" Same here." She said. She sat on the edge of the bed next to him.

" I've never met a guy like you before. You're so sweet, funny..." She trailed off." And I don't think I've ever fallen this hard this fast for a guy before."

He smiled, trying to hide the blush in his cheeks, but they already had a pink tint to them from the fever so Ally didn't really notice.

" Same with you. You're so pretty and down to earth and probably the most kind and caring person I've ever met." Cody said. Ally smiled and giggled a little.

" I mean, you're totally not what I expected," She said." I thought you'd be one of those stuck up celebrities, buy you're totally normal and really cute."

" You think I'm cute?" He smirked. She laughed and scooted closer to him.

" A little," She said." Like when you smile." He blushed, this time more noticeable then before.

" Or when you get embarrassed."

He looked away, trying to hide his strawberry red face, but Ally could still see him.

" Eitschieww!"

He sneezed full and uncovered to the side of him, his hands not able to make it to his face in time.

" Bless you." Ally said as she handed him a tissue.

" Hahtschieww! Eitschieww!"

He sneezed into the tissue and sniffles a little before blowing his nose.

" Thanks." He muttered. There was a moment of awkward silence until Ally broke it.

" Kiss me."

He looked at her, caught off guard by her remark.

" But I'm sick." He said innocently.

" I don't care." She said.

She pressed her lips against his and they both felt sparks fly.

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WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That was beautiful!!!!! is that the end? :(

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