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I'm writing this from my blackberry because it is so amazing (I apologize for any spelling mistakes because I can't see what I'm writing haha). This is an ob of my boyfriend B, he is about 6'2, athletic body with short light brown hair. He's smokin. Anyways my boyfriend and I were hanging out at his place on the couch watching the hockey game... He got up to get some alergy meds because his nose was stuffed (we've only been dating for 5 months and he just told me today he has bad allergies yay). So they're on the counter in the kitchen and he grabs them and starts walking back towards the couch and looks right at me, "aaaCHOO.. AaaaaCHEW ha ha HATCHEWWW.......... AHH ughhh lost it. WOW those were big ones, felt good" those were his exact words, I was in shock. He doesn't know about my fetish. I love his sneezes, very childish..they come straight from his nose yet sound spoken like ahh cheww. They also sound wet and you can hear the spray yet they dont seem to be messy. He usually does a sniff or two after and that's it. Anyways best ob I've ever witnessed. Earlier today he was in the washroom and I was sitting on the couch and my nose got that deep tickle that I knew if I didn't sneeze my nose would get super stuffed up. Ineverrr sneeze in front of people though because I have a really strong deep sneeze that I can't seem to make any quieter. I have wished for ages that I could have a less loud girly sneeze but mine are very intesnse.anywayss I decide since he's in the washroom he won't hear me so I quickly turn off the volume on the tv Haaa ttttCHEWW snif sniff Hahh pause... HAACHEWW (with my body bending at the waist) I really wanted to sneeze again so when he came out of the bathroom I went in and induced two intese sneezes while he was on the couch watching tv. :twisted:

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