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I found this poem...about sneezing. not sure where to post it...I added the link to the whole conversation.


You're hiding in the background

not wanting to be seen.

It's easy in the kelp bed

because you too are sickly green.

The pretty fish with colors,

pretty fins or stripes

going swimming by in tutus

all kinds, all shapes, all types.

Royalty hunting lobsters,

Dogfish chasing cats,

everyone is busy

swimming as they chat.

So you sit there in you kelp bed

trying not to sneeze

'cause sneezing is the worst thing

that you could do to please

They say that soon you'll grow up

and not hide anymore

but snicker at the trail you leave

when you swim too close to shore.

Nobody gives youcandy,

Lollypops or sugar

they only offer tissues

'cause you're a little booger.


(an added verse by saskatil )

Boogers don't need candy,

Lollypops and stuff.

'cause what is in the tissue

for them, is quite enough!

Apologies for making anyone feel ill!

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And a lot more..


A BAD CASE OF SNEEZES - by Bruce Lansky

Last night I had the sneezes.

I was really very ill.

My mother called the doctor

who prescribed a purple pill.

At eight o’clock I went to bed.

My mom turned out the light.

I used up one whole box of Kleenex

sneezing through the night.

I sneezed my brains out in my bed.

I didn’t get much rest.

So that’s the reason, teacher,

that I flunked the spelling test.

A Sneeze

by George Carroll


Soft as a silken brow

On the head of time.

No wheels turning

Everthing seems fine.

The winds of the universe

Slip through life's portal.

Caught without vista's

Is the life of a mortal.

Silent as a feather

Floating within this realm.

Thoughtless and provoking

This abyss of phlegm.

Born in the labyrinth

Of circuitous pockets.

Expelled to the air,

Vapor like rockets.

I Sneezed A Sneeze by Ish Kabibble


I sneezed a sneeze into the air.

It fell to earth I know not where.

But you shoulda seen the looks on those

In whose vicinity I snoze.

--Merwyn Bogue AKA Ish Kabibble

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by Joan Harrell

Created on: January 30, 2008

Here are a few sneezing poems:

Next five shar this URL http://www.helium.com/knowledge/7328-rhymes-about-sneezing

There was a particular unicorn one day just sneezing

His little horn right off, after playing and freezing

In unknown territories with uncontrolled fussing and teasing

From other creatures while trying


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by KB

Created on: April 12, 2010

Sniffing and sneezingWhen will it stop?If I cough once moremy head will come offBody's usuallyso full of beansNow sick as a dogwhatever that meansI'll heal myselfin my own sweet timeBack to bed for medon't even fancy a wine


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by Crystal Cook

Created on: January 17, 2008

Rhymes about sneezing,

such an odd thing to choose,

but I'll give it a go,

I've got nothin' to lose!

It shouldn't be hard

since my own nose is stuffy,

I'll just grab me a tissue

all nice and fluffy.

Now I'm ready to write

or at least


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by Leroy Coffie

Created on: March 15, 2010

The Sneeze

I really like the winterto feel the cold cold breezesometimes I start to shiverand end it with a sneezeThe sneeze it seems to get much worseit's something like the fluit's there, it's gone, it's there again


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by Annette Bromley

Created on: February 14, 2009


Twice a year I catch sneezitus,

every spring and every autumn.

I just can't seem to avoid it

so twice each year I got em,

the sneezes,


itchy eyes and nose all red

and nothing I can do

it seems to avoid it

come spring

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One more :laugh:

Ode To The Common Cold - A Short Winter Poem-


sneezingStreaming eyes

Blocked Nose

Aches And Pains

From Head To Toes

Splitting Head

Stay In Bed

Sore Throat

Voice A Croak

Hot And Cold

Remedies Of Old

Chicken Soup

Ice-cream Scoop

Feeling Sick

Bucket Quick

Sensation Breathless

Tissues Endless

Bestial Sound

Germs Abound

Neck Stiff

Unpleasant Sniff

Glands Swell

Is This Hell?

Feeling Down

In Mucus Drown

Can't Smell

Dizzy Spell

Start To Shiver

Cry a River

Tonsils Enlarge

Need To Recharge

Cracked Lip

Hot Lemon To Sip

Days Pass

Visits Are Sparse

Colds And Flu

Make Real Outcasts

What's The Date?

Resigned To My Fate

On The Bright Side

I've Lost Some Weight!

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There's an old toast:

Here's to the breezes that blow through the trees(es),

That blow the skirts off of young girls' knees(es),

Which lead to the sights that sometimes pleases,

But more often leads to social diseases.

As good as that is, it seems one of us could make it better....

Here's to the breezes that blow through the trees(es),

And carry the pollen that makes for the sneezes...

(Yeah , well... Like that, only BETTER! LOL)

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