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Another reason to love Starbucks


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Okay so I'm sitting at starbucks n this really cute girl is sitting across from me. She has sandy brown hair and cute little black glasses. She looks to b about 22. So, i'm studying for my MCAT when i hear her sniffle and then see her run her finger under nose. Her face went blank and i recognized the presneeze expression...plus at this point there was no hope of studying...when she suddenly bent forward and sneeze two very sexy sneezes. Hept-shhu! Is kind of how they sounded. Well being the nice bloke i can sometimes b :) not to mention the fact that i love blessing people hehe...i tell her bless u and she says n i quote "dont bother there will b at least 700 more". N she did not disappoint. 18 rapid fire open sneezes n 2 stiffles in the middle...i handed her my carry around tissue pack n said something like..."hope ur not getting sick" n she giggled...hehe :drool:...and said "no these r just the allergies i get all year long". Anywho more to come later cuz i have two more obs i havent posted that happened last week



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"dont bother there will b at least 700 more".

Oh, but I will bother, sweetie... (insert evil laugh)

Sneeze scouting is the best way to not study!

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That sounds amazing :wheels: one of the coolist obs ive read...so lucky!

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