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This is the first story I've posted, but I've lurked for years, and have been writing since I was very young. Excuse the spelling/grammar mistakes. I spellchecked and read it over for grammar mistakes several times but I don't have a whole lot of time alone to write/edit so I'm sure I missed some stuff.

I was really surprised that I havent found very much True Blood fanfiction on here. Maybe it's on the adult board that I've never had access to. Anyway, hope you all enjoy.

I don't own any of the characters, and as it pertains to my writing I don't care about the rules of the show/books. I'll break 'em if it makes for a better story! :wheels:


Lovesick: Part 1

It was around 2:30 am when Sookie finished her late night shift at Merlotte’s. She should have been out at 2, but there was some jackass that wanted a chicken fried steak dinner just as the kitchen was closing. Who wants to eat chicken fried steak at this hour? Really? She told her co-waitress Arlene to go on home at 2 and she’d clean up after Mr. Chicken Fried Steak had his fill. Arlene had two small children at home that would surely be waking her up early the next morning, and Sookie lived alone in her late Grandmother’s old house so she could sleep in. Sookie smiled when she remembered her boss Sam gave her the next 4 days off for helping out all last week when he was short-staffed. Merlotte’s waitresses never seemed to last long, for some reason or another, but Sam had always treated her well and Sookie couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. She was thankful now for agreeing to work so many double shifts last week. She rubbed her hands together briskly as she walked through the cold Louisiana night air to her old beat-up yellow car in the lot.

Sookie quickly got inside, and cranked up the heat. “The heat may actually kick on by the time I get to my house.”, she mused. She gave up on waiting for the car to heat up and proceeded to creak out of the parking lot towards the long road that led to her old farm house at the end of a long driveway across from the old town graveyard. A lot of people would be turned off living so close to the graveyard but she lived there with her Grandmother since she was a small child so it’s all she really knew. It didn’t even bother her when a Vampire, Bill Compton, moved to an old house across the graveyard around the time Vampires came out of the coffin. They even dated for a while, and she thought she was in love, but as with human men his intentions turned out to not be exactly what they seemed. They didn’t speak for a while after the breakup, but were now cordial whenever they happened to see each other….which wasn’t often. Enough about Bill.

Sookie drove as fast as her old car would take her…which was not very fast. All she wanted to think about was curling up in bed and catching up on some much needed sleep. As she neared her long driveway she noticed a man, no wait, it was definitely a vampire. Sookie has always had a strange “gift”, or a curse as she deemed it. She was telepathic. She was able to read human’s minds. It’s very exhausting, as you can imagine. Thats one reason she never really minded Vampires. Their minds were just like an empty buzz to her. It was peaceful for her not to have to listen in on their thoughts. Thats how she knew this man, er, being was definitely a vampire. At first, she assumed it was Bill, but as she got closer she noticed his staggering 6’4” frame, blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes, which looked very confused at the moment.

She slowed her car down to a complete stop and rolled down the window. “Eric?”, she called out. Eric Northman was the vampire Sheriff of Area 5 (Louisiana). He is also the owner of a trendy Vampire Bar in Shreveport. She met him through Bill, but hadn’t really spoken to him in months. He’d been basically trying to get in Sookie’s pants since the first time Bill brought her into the bar when they were dating. He even offered to buy her a new car at one point, if she’d let him “show her what he’s got”, as he put it. It really pissed her off when he took shots at her old car. She worked her ass off to pay for that car, and it got her to work and home just fine, thank you. After she and Bill broke up, Eric tried to win her affections with flowers, candy, and lots of other gifts. Although flattered, Sookie noticed that there was always some kind of sexual innuendo with every card he attached. He often called her to “see how she was doing”, but always managed to lead the conversations to the gutter. As charming and thoughtful as he could be, it would be very difficult to maintain a friendship with Eric Northman. Even when he was kind to her it was always like he had ulterior motives--like she was a “conquest” for him. He was so full of himself. I mean, for good reason and all, but still. He’s been around for over 1000 years, has the body of a Norse god, and women throwing their necks (and other body parts) at him left and right. That is NOT the kind of guy Sookie wants to bring home…if she had anyone to bring him home to, that is. Irregardless…Why was he miles away from home walking disoriented down her driveway?

ERIC?”, she called out again when he didn’t respond. He looked up at her car, seemingly startled. “Eric, it’s Sookie!” His look of confusion turned into a look of rage as his fangs popped out and he replied, “I know who you are, but why the hell am I here?!”.

Sookie was pissed at the response he gave her when she was trying to make sure he was ok! She got out of the car and walked over to him.

I was going to ask you the same thing! Eric Northman put your fangs away! Seriously! I’m just trying to go home after a long day of work and I do not need your bullshit right now!”

The look of rage dissipated from his face and his fangs retracted. “Sookie. I was in my office at the bar. A witch entered my establishment and made….advances… towards me.,” Eric grinned just a little before continuing.

Sookie rolled her eyes.

...I, of course, told her to get lost because my interests lie elsewhere…”, he continued, pausing to smile at her again.

Sookie shook her head and chuckled softly. “Eric, please just get on with the story.”

…She apparently took offense to my rejection of her advances because she then came at me with almost vampiric speed and pulled a hair off my head. She looked at the piece of hair and seemed to stare off in a trance. When she snapped out of it, she said she was going to curse me. I jokingly asked her if she was planning on cursing me with male pattern baldness…

Eric says he was joking but I’m sure he would have thrown a hissy fit if he ever lost any of his beautiful golden locks, Sookie mused.

Eric continued,“…She then laughed and said “You make others love-sick. I will do the same to you!!!!”, before I had enough of her nonsense and placed a hand on her to guide her to the exit. The last thing I remember is her disappearing, and me ending up here.

Sookie was trying to be polite and take in his story, but all she really wanted to do was have this night be over with and go to bed. “Eric, I’m very sorry that you had such a stressful evening but why don’t you just fly home now?

Oh, Eric can fly, too. Isn’t that a kicker?

Eric looked to the ground, and at the trees all around him, before finally looking Sookie in the eyes. “I..I can’t. I feel….wrong.” He looked down again.

Sookie had enough. She was too tired to play his games tonight. “ You feel wrong? Really? Out of all the things you’ve done in your 1000 years of life….or “unlife”…or whatever, you feel guilty abo….

He cut her off. “I didn’t say I felt guilty! I feel different. Wrong.”

Sookie did not have time to stand there waxing semantics with him.

She calmly but firmly replied, “Eric. I’m sorry. I don’t have time for this tonight.” She placed her hand on his arm. “You need to…”, she suddenly trailed off, took her hand off his arm, and looked up into his eyes. “You’re warm… not, like, human-warm, but you are definitely not vampire cold.”, she said rambling nervously.

Sookie, you are probably just cold from standing outside, and therefore I feel warmer to you.”, he said in an almost patronizing manner. He then suddenly looked disoriented and grabbed onto a tree that was next to him. Sookie quickly walked over to him and let him lean his other arm on her shoulder. “What is wrong??”, she asked him. If he was messing with her she was going to be so pissed.

He swallowed hard and replied in an almost hoarse voice (Sookie had never heard a vampire’s voice sound hoarse before…), “I..I don’t know. I feel so strange. I don’t recall ever feeling so… I don’t recall ever feeling like this.

Why tonight?, she thought to herself and sighed. “Eric get in the car.”, she said, shaking her head. “You can call Pam from my place, and have her pick you up if you are unable to fly.” Pam is Eric’s “child”. He made her into a vampire a few hundred years back, and she works over at the bar with him as his second in command. She is fiercely loyal, but their relationship is strictly platonic.

Sookie waited for him to protest in some way, especially about getting into her car that he always wanted her to get rid of, but instead he just gave her a nod of appreciation and a barely audible “okay”.

Sookie guided him over to the passenger side of her car and started to open the door for him. He grabbed her hand softly and removed it from the door. “Thank you”, he said, his piercing blue eyes meeting hers. He opened the door himself and got in the car.


I'll have the rest up, well, as soon as I finish writing it. lol I hope you guys like the story so far. It'll get to the "good stuff" soon. Feedback would be awesome.

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At first I was kind of hesitant to read this story since I'm not usually into fics about vampires who are sick but I have to say that this was really good. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Excellent job on characterisation and writing style! It's so close to the style of the books!

... I'm curious to see what happens next, and to whom. :)

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Thanks for the nice feedback.

I'm almost halfway done with part 2 now, and there will be more of the "good stuff" in the rest of the story. The first chapter was mostly buildup...no pun intended. Ha ha... yeah.

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Part 2

Sure”, Sookie stated before walking over to the driver’s side and getting in the car. Heaven forbid Eric Northman let a woman open the door for him… Sookie was happy that she had left the car running while she spoke with Eric, so it had time to finally warm up. She looked over to see Eric with his head wearily resting on the back of the seat, and rubbing his arms in a very un-Eric-like gesture. “Are you… cold?”, she quietly asked him, knowing full fell how stupid it was to ask a vampire something like that.

He stopped rubbing his arms and looked up at the roof of the car, his head still back on the headrest. “Sookie, Vampires don’t feel temperature changes like humans do.”, Eric responded flatly.

Sookie was about to respond that he sure looked like he felt the cold when she noticed him sharply inhale uncontrollably several times. She was about to ask him what was wrong, before his head fell forward with a loud “HAAESHoo!”. Sookie slammed on her breaks and pulled over to the side of the road at the alarming and unexpected sound. Eric looked terrified and confused. He had tiny droplets of blood on his hands and even as far as Sookie’s dashboard in front of him.

Did…you just….Sneeze?”, Sookie asked him the obvious. “I didn’t think Vampires could sneeze?”, she continued.

Eric didn’t respond. A couple minutes passed. He just kept looking at his hands. Sookie reached in the back of her car where she found some old napkins, and handed them to Eric so he could wipe his hands off. He accepted them silently and did as such.

By her experiences with their (albeit strained) friendship, Sookie knew she was going to get one of two bad responses from him.

He will either:

A) deny the sneeze ever happened and it will never be discussed again (Or else: refer to B )


B ) He will be really really really mad at the vulnerability she has just taken witness to.

Vampires do NOT ‘sneeze’ !”, he began. “I have not sneezed in over 1000 years. I do not even remember sneezing as a human!

Sookie braced herself for a combination of A and B as it seemed.

What the fuck is wrong with me??!!”, he yelled before leaning forward, putting his face in his hands.

Sookie knew not to speak right away. She put her car back in drive, and subtly moved the heating vents in Eric’s direction, hoping he wouldn’t notice. She continued to drive down the long road that led to her old farm house, resolving herself to the fact that sleep was not in her near future. Twice, Eric started coughing roughly as Sookie drove on, knowing better than to comment. She already knew vampires were as uninclined to cough as they were to sneeze. During the second bout of coughing, Sookie gently rubbed Eric’s back in what she hoped was a comforting gesture to him. He didn’t push her away, which she took as a good sign.

Eric sat up slowly as Sookie pulled up to her house. He appeared to swallow painfully. Sookie couldn’t resist putting her hand to his forehead. He was warm! She knew she wasn’t imagining it before! He quickly pulled his head away from her and began inhaling sharply again. Sookie was prepared this time and shoved a napkin in his hand before guiding his arm up to catch the sneeze. She imagined it would be hard getting the hang of things if he hadn’t sneezed in over 1000 years. He sneezed wetly,"HAAESHoo!"into the napkin before inhaling sharply again and letting another desperate sneeze escape, "HAAesh!". Sookie began rubbing his back reassuringly until she knew he was really done. He lowered the napkin from his face and looked at her with a glossy-eyed feverish stare.

“Eric. You’re sick.”, she said softly.


I'm not sure how many chapters the story will end up having. Let me know if anyone other than myself is enjoying it. ;)

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i am enjoying it :-) I don't watch the series but you've set everything up for me to understand. I love that he's in total denial.

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Thanks for all the kind feedback. The story is turning out to be much longer than I had originally planned, but I am enjoying writing it. :cryhappy:


Part 3


I need to call Pam”, Eric stated after regaining his composure. He opened the car door and stepped out into the cold air. As he stood up, a dizzy feeling overcame him, and he held on to the car for support, closing his eyes. Sookie got out of the car quickly and ran over to him. She reached out to grab his arm so she could help him walk to the house, but he shrugged her hand away.

I don’t require your assistance, Sookie. I just need a minute to stretch my legs after sitting in that car.”, Eric said, as Sookie saw him casually bring the napkin he was still holding in his hand up to his nose to stop the blood she knew had started to slowly run down.

She saw through his bullshit and ignored the shot that he’d, yet again, taken at her vehicle.

Eric, why do you do that?”, she asked, shaking her head at him.

Do what?”, he responded flatly before walking unsteadily towards Sookie’s front porch.

Sookie followed beside him. “You can be so sweet and generous at times, but the second you feel you let your guard down even a little, it’s like you have to follow up with something sexual or just…mean.

Eric rolled his eyes.

Sookie continued, “You know it’s ok to ask for help sometimes, Eric. “.

You should listen to your own advice, Ms. Stackhouse.”, Eric retorted, nodding at her beat up old car as they entered the old house.

Sookie sighed and pointed to her old sofa. “Just have a seat, Eric. Let me get you the phone so you can call Pam.”.

Eric sat down, noticeably shivering, and Sookie placed her Gran’s old afghan over him.

This is hideous”, Eric stated.

But it will keep you warm. You are making me cold just looking at you”, Sookie replied, walking away to get the phone before he had any time to further protest.

She grabbed her cordless phone and brought it back to Eric. Eric took the it hesitantly, but sat holding the phone with a pensive look on his face for several minutes before Sookie spoke up.

“Eric, are you ok?”

Eric seemed to snap out of his thoughts at the sound of her voice. “Pam can not come here.”

Before Sookie could ask why, Eric continued.

The witch does not know of you. If Pam comes here, she will be followed. You need to let her know that I am okay, so she stays away.

Eric, first of all, You are NOT okay! Second, why can’t YOU call Pam and tell her yourself before you figure out the safest place to go”, Sookie said, sounding exasperated that she was again brought into vampire drama.

Eric looked at her. God he was a beautiful man. Why did he have to look at her like that…

Eric finally spoke. “I don’t have anywhere else that is safe to go. If any Vampire other than my child saw me in a weakened state they would kill me, in hopes of gaining power over my territory. I can’t let Pam hear me like this…

Sookie saw Eric turn his head away from her, as he fought a red tear from escaping one of his eyes.

She sighed, not believing she was really going to do what she was going to to.

She took the phone from Eric, and started to dial the number to Eric’s office at Fangtasia.

Fangtasia…the bar with a bite…what do you want?”, Pam’s dry voice appeared on the other end of the line.


Oh, Sookie. It’s you.

Thank you for the warm greeting, Pam. I’m calling about Eric. You know how he’s been trying to seduce me for months now? "

“Yeeees?”, she heard Pam’s voice brighten.

Sookie swallowed the venom building in her throat.

Well it worked. I can’t resist him any longer. He left his cell phone in his office so he would not be bothered, and told me to call you and tell you to run things at the bar in his absence and not to call him for any reason.

Pam was quiet for a moment before asking “Eric, is that true?”, through the phone.

Vampires have impeccable hearing and she knew if Eric was anywhere nearby he would hear her through the phone.

Eric answered “Yes, Pam. We will not be bothered for the remainder of the week. Is that understood?”, hoping she would not pick up on the hoarseness of his voice as he was far enough away from the phone.

Yes. I will be honored to run things in your absence. Sookie, don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do.

Sookie felt a blush creep up on her cheeks, but kept her voice confident. “Well alright, Pam, I’ll let you get back to work…

She heard Pam chuckle before hanging up the phone.

Sookie sat on the couch next to Eric, who was still looking away from her. She put her hand on top of his. “Eric, you can stay here. My bedroom has blackout shades and is completely light tight from when Bill used to stay over…” She heard a low growling noise emanating from Eric at the mention of Bill’s name, but she continued.

You can stay in my bedroom, and I’ll just sleep in the guest bedroom across the hall.”, Sookie plastered on a smile, even though she was a little uncomfortable sleeping under the same roof as the man who’s been trying to sleep with her for months now…

Eric remained silent for a moment, then responded in a defeated tone, “I will make sure you are paid handsomely”.

Eric! Jesus Christ…I don’t want your money!”, Sookie stated.

What do you want, then?”, Eric asked, a small grin forming on his lips. “Do you truly find me irresistible?”

Sookie couldn’t believe she ever felt sorry for him… He was incorrigible…

She resisted the urge to slap the grin off his face because:

A) she knew he did not feel well

and more importantly:

B ) she’d probably end up doing more damage to her hand than a vampire’s face.

Eric, I am your friend”, Sookie began.

I care about you, and I want to make sure you are okay. That is what friends do. I don’t need anything in return.

He looked down, and whispered a barely audible “Thank you, Sookie.”, before succumbing to another coughing fit.

Sookie wanted to get him some water, or tea, or something, but vampires cant ingest anything except blood, or synthetic “Tru-Blood” created by Japanese scientists shortly before vampires came out of the coffin. She felt very helpless watching him suffer but not being able to do anything to ease his discomfort.

She rubbed his back until he seemed like he was done, before she began to speak.

Eric, we need to call Dr. Ludwig…”, Sookie began.

I guess you could call Dr. Ludwig the Dr. of all things supernatural. Hanging around vampires, you tend to have your fair share of injuries. Sookie remembered how fast Dr Ludwig came when Eric called her to tend to Sookie’s wounds when she was attacked by a maenad in the woods about a year prior. Eric and Dr. Ludwig weren't friends, per say, but he paid her very well and the way to Dr. Ludwig’s heart is through her wallet. She didn’t have a very good bed side manner but she definitely knew her stuff, and if anyone could figure out what was wrong with Eric it would be her.

“…I don’t know how serious this is, or how sick you are, or…”

Eric looked like he was going to protest but instead inhaled sharply and sneezed, “HA’AESH”, barely catching the blood that escaped from his nose and mouth into his hand, spraying Sookie’s shirt a little. Before he could regain his composure he inhaled sharply several times again. It seemed like he was desperately trying (and failing) to hold the sneeze back. He finally succumbed to the sneeze but pinched his nose very hard as he did so, making the sneeze an almost silent “Hnxt”. It was a visibly painful effort. Eric sat for a moment, putting his fingertips on his temples, presumably trying to rub away the pain and pressure.

Eric! Don’t do that! You’re going to really hurt yourself! If you have to sneeze, just sneeze. Your body is obviously trying to get something out of you that shouldn’t be there so I don’t want to see you do that again!

Sookie immediately felt bad for yelling at him. She may have over-reacted, but she half expected to see his head explode!

Sookie realized (a little too late) she had a box of tissues sitting right in front of them on her coffee table, and reached in front of them to hand him one. He gratefully accepted and wiped at his face, and hands before throwing the tissue in the trash next to the sofa.

He groaned softly and leaned back against the couch. Sookie sat closer to him and he seemed to shift his weight onto her. This was not particularly comfortable for Sookie since he had a foot and a good hundred pounds on her, but it seemed to make him feel better so she didn’t pull away. She held his hand lovingly. She’d sit with him a few minutes before she got up to call Dr. Ludwig.

I’ll buy you a new shirt.”, she finally heard Eric break the silence.

She looked down at her white shirt, and noticed the blood spatters from his unexpected sneeze. It was just one of her work shirts…she had 3 or 4 of them.

Only Eric would think of something like that at a time like this.

Sookie rubbed his hand she was holding with her free hand and chuckled quietly to herself.

I know you will.”, she smiled up at him.

Sookie glanced at her watch and noticed it was now almost 4:30 am. Eric needed to get upstairs to her light-tight bedroom before sunrise.

She asked Eric for Dr. Ludwig’s phone number, since she highly doubted a Dr. with her…special qualifications… would be listed in the phone book. Eric sat forward, not looking pleased at the notion of having the Dr. come to see him, but wrote down the number on a piece of paper that was lying on the coffee table.

Sookie took a deep breath and proceeded to dial the number. She didn’t even know if Dr. Ludwig would talk to her, being a “lowly human” and all, but she had to give it a shot because Eric sure wasn’t going to call her himself.


Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Again, sorry for any typos. I don't have a whole lot of time to myself to write, no less edit the story. I'll try to get chapter 4 written as soon as possible. Poor Eric isn't doing so well. :innocent:

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By lack of response, I think this chapter was a little too wordy... :/ I'll try to do less plot and more sneezing in future chapters...I can't promise though...my characters just won't shut up sometimes. :)

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I really liked what you wrought. You're really spot on with the personalities. The plot was good and creates a good set up for the rest of the story. Not that I wouldn't enjoy more sneezing :specool: but I enjoy the plot and hope you keep it up.

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I'm LOVING this.

I'm reading all of these books, and I just love it when Eric is vulnerable in any way.


Can't wait for more! :drool:

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Thanks for the feedback. I never understood why feedback mattered to people so much, but now I really do! You definitely start to second guess yourself, and wonder if the story is boring people, or poorly written when you get no responses. I'd almost (almost!) prefer a bad response to no response. lol I really do appreciate it. I love to write, and it's a new challenge incorporating the fetish into my writing. I have a little bit of time to work on the next chapter tonight, and I'll try to have the chapter done by monday.

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I haven't forgotten about the story. Every time I think I will have time to write, unfortunately (or I guess fortunately lol) life gets in the way. I will try to have the next update by Wednesday. On a somewhat related note, the new season of True Blood just started last night, and it is based on the best book in the series (IMO). Those who enjoy a vulnerable Eric will love this season!

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Before Sookie even heard a ring on the other line, the trollish woman’s voice answered,

What did you get yourself into now, Ms. Stackhouse?”.

Sookie was a little flustered but responded, “Dr. Ludwig, I’m fine. It’s Eric…

Northman?”, Dr Ludwig said in a mocking tone. “Ms. Stackhouse, whatever injury has occurred to your vampire of the hour will heal on it’s own in no time at all. Does he know you are calling? You understand I will still have to charge you for this phone call…

Sookie cut her off before she could continue.

Dr. Ludwig, Eric isn’t injured. He’s sick.

Ms. Stackhouse, is this a prank? Do you understand that I have serious issues to attend to? Vampires do not get “sick”. If the norseman is tired, drank some bad blood, tell him to go to ground early. I’ll send him my bill.

Before Dr. Ludwig could hang up the phone Sookie shouted,


She didn’t hear a dial tone, so she continued speaking.

You don’t understand! This is different. I was driving home from work, and he was walking down my driveway and didn’t know why. Then he almost passed out 2 or 3 times! And he was coughing, and I swear he has a fever! He’s not hot hot, like human hot, but he feels warm! And he’s been coughing…

ENOUGH!”, Dr Ludwig put an end to her excited rambling.

As Dr Ludwig was about to continue chastising Sookie, Eric sneezed wetly into a tissue he quickly grabbed off the coffee table “HA’AESH!”. He kept the tissue firmly planted to his nose before harshly sneezing again,“Ha’ESH!”. A series of helpless gasps, “haa…ha uh…” ensued before Eric sneezed a final, “ESHoo!” into the pretty much destroyed tissue, and lowered it from his face.

After a brief silence, Sookie heard Dr. Ludwig say, “I will be right over.”, before the click of the dial tone.

Sookie looked at Eric, who did not look pleased with what just occurred.

Bless you.”, Sookie smiled nervously at him.

Eric glared at her, but didn’t say anything. He leaned back on the couch and closed his eyes.

Eric?”, Sookie said hesitantly.

Sookie?”, he responded condescendingly before opening his eyes and sitting up.

It’s almost 5 am. We need to get you upstairs before sunrise.

Eric stood up unsteadily, and Sookie stood on her tip-toes to drape the afghan over his shoulders. He looked like he couldn’t even walk TO the stairs, no less up them. She let him lean on her as they walked towards the stairs. He shot her a look that told her he didn’t want attention brought to the fact that he needed to lean on her. Sookie tried to block out the fact that he weighed a ton as they walked up the stairs slowly, one by one, until finally entering her bedroom and walking over to her bed. Eric sat down on the edge of the bed and put one hand on his stomach and one on his head.

Do you want me to grab a bucket??”, Sookie quickly asked him, as he looked like he was going to be sick.

NO!”, he yelled. “I’m fine…Just…stop talking a minute.” He leaned forward, elbows on his knees, now with both hands holding his head, and groaned softly.

Okay…Sorry.”, Sookie replied, a little taken back by his outburst.

She walked over to the windows in her bedroom and made sure the blackout shades were firmly in place, as the sun would rise in about an hour. She turned on a soft light on the small table next to the bed, and sat in the big chair across from Eric, who had not changed positions. She wished Dr. Ludwig would get there already…

Sookie sat in the chair for a good 20 minutes without saying anything to him. She finally walked over to Eric and placed a hand on his back. She couldn’t believe how warm he felt. “Eric, why don’t you lay down?

He didn't say anything in protest.

Sookie propped the pillows up on the bed and gently pushed him so that he was laying back against them. She pulled the covers up over his legs. He looked so tired. Part of her knew she should encourage him to stay awake until Dr. Ludwig arrived, but another part of her couldn’t help stroking his arm lovingly as his head seemed to nod in and out of sleep. It was nearing 6 am, and although the sun had not quite risen, when she felt his arm get heavy she knew he was asleep for the day.

She finally allowed her exhaustion to overtake her as well as she sat back in the oversized chair and nodded off to sleep, herself. It was at that very moment that the doorbell rang. She sprang up out of the chair and looked over at Eric, who was still soundly asleep. An earthquake could not wake him up at this point.

She went downstairs and looked through the peep-hole in her front door. It was Dr. Ludwig. Great timing…


More chapters coming soon. Feedback is great! :D

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Omfg. This is the only story I've actually been following for now.. I totally love it! And I haven't yet seen the first episode of season 4, but I'm so excited now~

Thank you!

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Thanks for the feedback (the one or two of you, anyway lol). I'm trying to get another chapter written tonight.

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I'm really loving this story and now with the start of the new season of True Blood, I'm enjoying your story even more.

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Any time now, Ms. Stackhouse. I don’t have all morning…”, she heard Dr. Ludwig say before she could open the door.

…if you didn’t take your sweet time getting here…”, Sookie muttered under her breathe, or so she thought, before opening the door.

The vampire needs to be in a groggy state or he will not cooperate with testing.”, was Dr Ludwig’s matter of fact reply pertaining to her tardiness, and Sookie blushed a little that her muttered comment had been heard.

He’s asleep in my bedroom upstairs”, Sookie said as she led Dr. Ludwig upstairs.

On the way up Sookie started to explain that she was just helping out Eric as a friend and not to look too far into him lying in her bed. She felt herself rambling, but noticed Dr. Ludwig was ignoring her anyway so there was no sense being embarrassed about the situation.

Wake him up.”, Dr. Ludwig said to Sookie as they entered the bedroom.

Are you kidding me?”, was Sookie’s reply.

Do I look like I am kidding?”, Dr Ludwig retorted, annoyed.

Sookie walked over to Eric, shaking her head at the ridiculousness of Dr. Ludwig waiting for Eric to fall asleep before coming, only to ask her to wake him up. It is near impossible to wake a vampire when they are asleep for the day. Why couldn't’ SHE just wake him up if this was such a simple request?

She put her hand on his arm and rubbed it gently. “Eric…”, she whispered in his ear. “Wake up. Dr Ludwig is here.


She shook him as hard as she could. “ERIC! Wake up!”, Sookie shouted.

Oh, enough of that…” Dr Ludwig flatly stated before pinching Sookie’s arm very hard, causing Sookie to let out a quick scream.

Eric’s fangs came down as his eyes opened and darted around the room.

What the hell??!”, Sookie glared at Dr. Ludwig.

I apologize, Ms. Stackhouse. Time is money. If Northman thinks you are in danger, he’ll wake up.

Sookie glared daggers at her as Dr Ludwig moved her attention to Eric.

Good Morning Mr. Northman. I hear we are under the weather?

Eric’s fangs retracted. “Sookie?”, he said barely audible. He was groggy and confused. He tried to sit up but his arms weren’t cooperating in his half-asleep state.

It’s ok, Eric. Im here.”, Sookie said as she propped the pillows back up behind him on the bed, grabbed his hand and helped him to a sitting position on the bed. She went to take her spot on the oversized chair but Eric would not let go of her hand. She didn’t want to complicate the situation further so she sat beside him on the bed, holding his hand while Dr. Ludwig examined him.

Dr Ludwig asked Eric to open his mouth, to which he hastily complied. He gagged as she stuck a tongue depressor in his mouth to see if his throat was red. He held on to Sookie’s hand tighter. It was obvious that he was not comfortable with being examined.

Throat looks good. Irritated slightly, well, immensely for a vampire.”, she stated, seemingly to herself.

She then shined a light in his ears. “Ears are fine”.

She then looked inside his nose with the light before a look of recognition came to her and she began to dig in her medical bag.

Minutes went by. Sookie was busy making sure Eric stayed awake, as she saw his head fall forward several times. “Eric. Just a little longer then you can go back to sleep. Hang in there.”, Sookie encouraged him, gently squeezing his hand.

Finally Dr. Ludwig pulled out a tiny bottle filled with a clear liquid. She put a drop of the liquid on a cotton ball she also retrieved from her bag of supplies, and held it under Eric’s nose.

He quickly turned his head away and started to uncontrollably gasp for air “aah..uh…uuuh..haa… esSHOO!”, he sneezed uncovered as his arms were too heavy to lift in his awoken daytime stupor.

Sookie grabbed a tissue and helped him wipe off his face, knowing that he would be very embarrassed about the situation.

Just…as..I…thought…”, Dr Ludwig again seemed to be talking to herself, as she flipped through a book pulled out from her medical bag.

So whats wrong with him? Is he going to be OK?”, Sookie asked, impatiently.

Dr Ludwig put down her book and rolled her eyes at Sookie.

She then asked Eric to open his mouth as she placed a thermometer from her seemingly bottomless medical bag inside of it. “Keep your mouth shut.”, Dr Ludwig said presumably to Eric, but she was definitely looking Sookie in the eyes.

Sookie felt the venom rise in her throat, thinking of all of the horrible things shed like to say to that hobbit looking woman. Who the hell did she think she was, anyway? Sookie heard Eric sniff several times, and bit her tongue, as she knew Dr. Ludwig was the only one who could help him get better. She then heard Eric sharply inhale through his nose, as his mouth obediently stayed shut.

Vampire, do not”, Dr. Ludwig began.

Eric sharply inhaled uncontrollably several more times before succumbing to a powerful, albeit close-mouthed sneeze, “HekPH!” snapping the thermometer in half just as it started to beep.

Dr. Ludwig angrily ripped what was left of the thermometer out of Eric’s mouth, as he sheepishly looked away. Luckily it was digital, and she could still read his temperature.

"Jesus Christ...! He couldn't help it! Whatever crap you put up his nose probably didn't help!", Sookie snapped at the Dr., who continued to pretend she didn't exist.

97.2 degrees--- very high for a vampire.”, Dr. Ludwig shook her head.

Sookie was about to ask her to stop beating around the bush and tell her what was wrong with him before she continued…

He’s obviously been cursed. Has he encountered any lovers scorned?

A Witch!”, Sookie exclaimed. “He told me a witch pulled out one of his hairs, and said she was going to make him love-sick because he wouldn’t…”, Sookie blushed. “…because he wouldn’t have sex with her.”.

Aaah. Of course. Well, she botched the curse. He is ill---like a human flu. Coughing, sore throat, sneezing, fever, muscle aches, exhaustion, nausea…

Stop fucking talking about me like Im not here, and fix this!”, Eric yelled as best he could with his voice being so hoarse. He’d been so out of it, it startled Sookie to hear him snap at them like that.

No can do, Northman. You’ll have to ride it out like a human would. You should start feeling like yourself in 4 or 5 days…a week tops.”, Dr. Ludwig responded, unfazed by his outburst.

Absolutely not. I will not remain in this state that long. You know I will pay you well. Fix this NOW!”, Eric continued.

Sookie felt him holding her hand a little too tight, now.

Eric…just relax…please. You’re hurting my hand.”, Sookie calmly said to him.

Eric let go of Sookie’s hand, and looked away, avoiding both of their gazes.

Mr. Northman I would take your human’s advice…”, Dr. Ludwig started before Sookie chimed in.

I am his friend. I am not his.

Dr Ludwig appeared to grin for a moment, showing her unusually pointy teeth, as she looked back and forth from Sookie to Eric. “Interesting.

Sookie wasn’t sure exactly what Dr. Ludwig’s condescending remark meant, but she let it go.

Is there any medicine he can take?”, Sookie asked.

Dr. Ludwig responded flatly as if Sookie had asked if he could go for a stroll in the park at noon,

His body will reject anything but blood, or whatever synthetic nonsense they are drinking, or pretending to drink these days. If you want to help him, HIDE him. My lips are sealed, but many of Mr. Northman’s enemies would jump at the chance of bringing him to the true death in this weakened state. Do not let anyone know he is with you, try to keep his temperature down externally, and good luck dealing with a sick, stubborn vampire.

Dr. Ludwig headed out of the room and back down the stairs without saying a word, and Sookie followed her.

Thats it? We just wait?”, Sookie asked.

Yes.” She handed Sookie a long piece of paper. The bill.

Dr. Ludwig quickly took the paper back and wrote on the bottom “New thermometer---$200”. She then handed the bill back to Sookie.

Sookie didn’t dare look at how much the rest of the visit cost.

It was a pleasure as always, Ms. Stackhouse.”, Dr Ludwig said as she saw herself out.

Sookie smiled awkwardly, as the door closed. She slowly walked up the stairs, praying Eric had gone back to sleep for the day, so she could do the same....


Sorry for the long wait! It's been a busy couple of weeks. I'll try to write the next chapter soon. I bet I could write faster if I got more feedback. :blushing: Season 4 of TB is starting out amazing so far, btw.

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*Herps and derps about* Just finished reading this for the 6th time, still not bored at all~ I hope you can continue soon, I love this story! :3

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