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Death via obs


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I had an exam today, but for the exam there was a short class, you know the type- quick last minute revision and a pep talk.

Well, I moved seats so as to be closer to the board and because my desk was wobbly, so I sat down in front of this guy who I dont really talk to much. Very very tall ginger. He was slouching in his chair with his head propped up and I only noticed after a while that he was sniffing.

During the class he sneezed 3 or 4 times and was constantly sniffing behind me. He stifled into his elbow each time. umm...


or something :whip: And of course, it was pretty distracting. When the class was over he turns (looks down) to me and states that he must be allergic to my shampoo (which I had used this morning) *die* XP

I made a mental note not to sit close to him in the exam, for both our benefits. :lol:

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Oh yes! I love obs that result from inadvertently setting off an allergic reaction in someone else. Happy coincidences. :) Thanks for sharing.

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aww! very cute obs! i know i would have blushed very red if he had spoken to me ;) Plus, sniffing always gets to me...such a tease.

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