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So. I asked myself what I would ask my character Belias to do for me if I could afford him, and this was the result.

The idea was that if I did have the money to afford his exclusive ass, I could easily afford another gigolo at the same time. And since it's more or less physically impossible for Bel to give the performance I would most prefer, I'd simply have to let him play with a man who could, uh, give it. Bel is very bi, and a dominance-loving sadist, so he would have fun with it.

At first I didn't even mean for the other man to have a name, but of course ended up giving him one anyway, as well as a little role in Bel's storyline. :lol: Hm. So now his name is Mika. And that's all you get to know for now.

Right. Enough rambling:

Mika is pissed. Bel is amused. And clearly wearing too much of some bothersome cologne.

I'm a horrible person. <o>__<o>

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Gorgeous! Love the mess dripping on his upper lip... *shudders* SO hot. <3

This. And the tears and the red eyes and just... guuhuhrgurshigsuif :laugh::) I've missed your work so much!

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pig - we could split the pay in half and enjoy them together? *licks*

snufflebunny - I'll see what I can do. *whistles* Thank you. <3

Ciuty - *melts with* Thanks, dear.

Aeger - Expressions of teary, allergic anger = wow. Thank you for commenting!

Butcherjones - I'm slowly learning to appreciate visual mess. All thanks to you people, probably. *laugh* I'm glad you like!

Anony - *eats the guuhuhrgurshigsuif* Somebody missed my work? :hug: That is so sweet of you to say. <3

Spoo (ooooo) - AllergicmessYESPLZ. *nodnodnod* :heart:

Ouro - You writing his name makes me ridiculously happy, for some reason. :drool: Danke, danke.

spoider - *tickles* There's much love in your comment too. Thanks, hun. <3

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