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Yes, I am here again, with another juicy ob for you guys! :showoff:

Anyways, today we had a exam, which was fantasic because it was a physics exam. :whip:

So, we were lining up outside the exam room, I was day-dreaming away, when a boy called G caught my eye. Yes, that annoying little boy, who makes me melt with his amazing sneezes! Quick description, brown floopy hair -side fringe, bright blue eyes, and a very large, yet wonderfully pointed nose! :heart:

I noticed his hand moving up to his fist, his hand curled into a loose fist. I quickly snapped out of my daydream, when I witnessed it! His nose wrinkled, eyes dazed and lips slightly parted. He managed to stifle his sneeze, but the build-up was quite loud, compared to the stifled sneeze.


His thumb and his forefinger clamped into his nose. My legs nearly collapsed on me, as they turned to jelly. I began quickly turning to a puddle, but I managed to sit down in my desk, and somehow do the exam without thinking about it!! :lol:

Hooray for obs!!! :clapping:

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