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Poor Captain Hook

murphy dee

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I dunno how to even start explaining this, but I'll sure as heck try! Please feel free to skip this and just look at the picture. :drool:

So I did NaNoWriMo last year for the very first time, and I actually won. :drool: I wrote most of a sort-of-sequel to the novel of Peter Pan. It starred Wendy Darling's great-great granddaugther, a woman I named Helen Weaver. She goes to visit her grandma in the old Darling house in London, Peter comes to the window to take her, yadda yadda, she ends up in Neverland. But when Peter forgets about her, she ends up finding her way to Captain Hook, who's been hiding in a cavern for years to keep from being discovered by Peter (who Hook is convinced will kill him for good if he finds him). And, long story short, they fall in love. Soooo...yeah, I wrote a 50,000-word mary sure basically. I regret nothing! :drool:

Anyway, I've been writing some adult!Tiger Lily/Hook lately, lots of sickness and injury stuff. But none of it's really been hurt/comfort yet because Tiger Lily burns with loathing for him and is only taking care of him because she's too moral to just let the guy die (she comes around to him later, but right now it's nothing but hate).

And so every time Hook winces or cries out or anything like that in the story, I can practically hear Helen in the back of my head chomping at the bit to get in there and give him love and affection. So I drew this to make me (and her) happy. Started out as a doodle, then I got a little overzealous with the color...


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!!! I'm surprised her hand hasn't ignited into flames, the poor guy looks like he's burning up! :D I'm happy you got overzealous with the color, it looks awesome. Random but I love the orange background, it makes him look even hotter (literally, but he is looking pretty fine here too). I love how tired his eyes look too. :heart:

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Awesomesauce. Your style is it. : D I especially love how you coloured their hair.

Eehehehe. He looks so pathetic. <3 *ruffles hair* And her dress is gorgeous. Bare shoulders. Rrrh. >:3

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Anonymouse - I was imaging the orange to be something like candlelight, to give the picture some warmth...haha, and I suppose I succeeded. :D He doesn't look awfully hot and miserable, the poor thing. Hehe, thank you! :drool:

VoOs - Aww, thanks! :) Ha, I just can't help myself when it comes to making him look pathetic...he's just too cute that way! And I love bare shoulders too, boatneck is my favorite kind of collar.

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One word: AMAZING O.O

Loooove the background colour, I totally thought of candlelight (well, firelight, but meh, candles have flames!) when I first saw it :cryhappy: Love the way his hair falls through her fingers too.

I have to say your sequel sounds awesome too :o Wanna read xD

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You just reminded me of my obsession for Hook while I was a child. I watched the Disney movie over and over again (now that I come to think of it, it was probably because of the sneezing-scene :dead: ). Ok, so what this post is aiming at is trying to tell you that I absolutely love this! <3 *purrs*

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This is amaizing! The colors are perfect(orange background makes it look warmer) and Helen looks gorgeous! wubsmiley.gif

And now to Hook.

Sweet sneezes, did you draw him in the most epic way possible!dribble.gif

He looks soo sick and tired and feverish, that I feel bad for him! And that nose looks packed with sneezing...

I would also like to ask you for link or at least title of the story where Helen is, because I would be very happy to read it! biggrin.png

So, pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?

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*rummages for these stories* I must read them sometime! And don't even get me started on this pic! <3

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