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Heard but not seen


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I was just upstairs in my bathroom and the window was open when I heard a very loud male sneeze which sounded like RRAAARRAASSSHHHEWWW, a pause and I could hear him doing some manual work outside, then it went quiet again and 2 seconds later, RRAAASSHHHOOO, RRRAARRRSSHHHEWWWW, RRAARRRAASSHHOOOO, then I could hear him working again. I thought that was probably it and was about to leave my bathroom when he started again. RAARRAASSHHEWWWW, RRAASSHHHOOOO, RRAAAAAASSHHHEWWWW......... this went on for about another 3 minutes before he continued to work again and I didn't hear anymore sneezes.

Very nice trip to the bathroom for me :cryhappy: now need to see if I can work out who it was!!

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