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Attracted to sneezes of a certain race?


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So, obviously this is a bit of stereotyping, and I, of course, understand that not everyone of one race sneezes one way or the other...but we have all read articles about how sneezing and crying is the same in youth and they have found trends in different countries/cultures, and I have noticed this through extensive travel. So, going off that...do you find you are more or less attracted to sneezes of people from a certain race or country?

Personally I REALLY have a thing for black female sneezes, and hispanics (male and female). I tend to not be attracted to asian sneezes because often I hear cough like or harsh quick sneezes, and that just is not my taste....but hey, like I said this is not an absolute...just yesterday I heard a very wet and desperately drawn out sneeze from a petite asian girl :dead:

Anyway, feel free to weigh in. I am really not aiming to be offensive, so I hope I'm not pushing any buttons here.

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