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First drawing! :D


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Based off a RP

You know, I've been meening to do this for a while :laugh:

Sorry about the bad quality by the way. </3 I couldent dare draw this with digital art, if someone saw me, I would EXPLODE. >///////>

Umm...So...Yeah, I'm not a great artist like the people on here, don't judge me too hard. But seriousily. You guys are so cool. I want to be able to draw that good somewhere in the future. ;)


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The link seems broken, I can't see it in the post or follow it by myself, it redirects me to the site index ;)

Could you try uploading with a different site, maybe? I'd like to see it! :laugh:

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D: I can't see it either. But I am also intrigued.

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GAH. So sorry guys ^^; Still trying to get use to this. I guess just try it here. I cant really figure out any other site that will let me , because Photobucket hates me for some reason. xD;


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There he is. : D

Congrats on posting your first drawing! He is very, very cute, looking all shivery like that. <3

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Good work! :) I like his pyjamas. Men in pyjamas...<3 Cute that he sneezes out the thermometer too :)

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I was going to mention the thermometer too. Loves it. Poor guy. :wub:

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:wub: Hehe, wow, thank you for all the nice complaments all! It really meens a lot <333

@ Kiwifruit + AnonyMouse: Yay! I knew someone would notice! : D I always found that really cute <3.

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Aww love it! His pre sneeze face is so hot, and sneezing out the thermometer.. <3

congratulations on your first drawing! I hope to see more from you in the future. ;)

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