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I'm still getting used to this whole posting thing :$ so sorry if it's not great.

M is tall, curly short brown hair, muscular and has wide nostrils & suffers from hayfever ;)

I've talked about M before as he's a really good friend and I spend a lot of time with him.


Yesterday we decided to go for a walk around in the countryside. We came to this grass field and sat down in it; we talked for a while then he lay with his head in my lap and I played with his hair which is his favorite thing as his mum used to do it to him when he was young. We'd been sat down for about ten minutes. He'd been sniffing the whole walk so it was sort of like a waiting game. Suddenly M sat up and turned to the side, he cupped his hands over his nose and mouth and sneezed a harsh 'HEH CHUoo' (I'm still rubbish at spelling them :L). This continued three times with about a five second gap of him knowing there was another one coming so he stayed in the fluttery eyed mouth open pre-sneeze face. I blessed everyone and he tried to thank me in between but it didn't really work. When he was done he groaned and I continued playing with his hair when he said 'wait, I'm not done *sigh*'. He got back up and sneezed again, I blessed him and he thanked me and apologized to which I told him not to worry.

On the way back, we were walking arm in arm when he announced 'I need to sneeeeze!', I pulled my arm out as he bends to side and knowing our size difference he'd of pulled me over :L; He sneezed another mid volume 'HEh HESHOO' and I blessed him and he thanked me. He continued to sniff the whole way back but I could tell he was too embarrassed for me to comment on it.

Sorry it was kind of long, thank you. :laugh:

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Awwwwww! How cute! Those sneezes sound so adorable, especially the part about the five seconds where you blessed him and he couldn't respond because there was another one coming. Adorable.

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Awww, such a cute obs. :) M sounds absolutely adorable. :) Thank you for sharing. :laugh:

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