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Drunken, sneezy Solly <3


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Here's some more TF2 fanarts for yeh. Has anybody ever noticed how some people seem to sneeze a lot when they're drunk? Not sure why that is, but I decided to draw a picture about it, if for no other reason than because I felt like drawing Solly sneezing, haha. :innocent: It was inspired by this awesome pic on DA, but don't tell the artist that because I'd die of embarrassment, hurrhurr. So, without further ado, I give you:

Bromance, Solly sneezing, and Demo being unimpressed ;)

Haha, Demoman doesn't know how lucky he is. :laugh: Or maybe he's just startled because Solly seems like he'd have a really loud sneeze. :3

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Aahhgh I love drunk sneezing fits. :D And such a manly sounding sneeze for a manly-looking man. I love the other dude's expression.

My boyfriend and I almost played this game last night and I got excited because I remembered the characters from your drawings. Of course we got distracted but I'm going to try and get him to play it tonight so I can watch and think of all your wonderful artwork. :fear:

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