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Craig Parker (haldir) Talks About Allergies...


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Okay, so Frick and I went to a LOTR convention. Yeah, say what you want. It was great! We need a sneeze fetish convention. yeeeaaaaahh......

The actor that plays the Galadhrim Warden of the March, Haldir, (you know, the Elf that got axed in TTT when he wasn't even supposed to BE there...) was there giving talks about LOTR and such. He's a total card and freakin' funny like you would not believe!


They were encouraging the audience to ask questions about anything and of course, Frick and I both asked some amusing crap and got amusing answers.

Well, part way through the talk, Frick and I notice that he is rubbing his nose. . .constantly. One of the other actors, Mark Ferguson, is teasing Craig about how much he had to drink the previous night. And Craig says, "that wasn't alcohol....that was hayfever medication".

What's a fetishist to do?


I shout out, "LIAR!" from the front row and he laughs and says, "No, REALLY! I have HORRID allergies!"

Where is that gaping jaw icon? LOL!

So, all through the talks, he's rubbing his nose and sniffling and coughing into the crook of his elbow. Several times, he turned his back to the crowd and got very still as if. . .

But NO!

He didn't.


However, I swear to you, the tease was almost as good as the sneeze itself! Heh, Frick and I got a PLENTY of pics of him rubbing his nose and sniffling.....we are HORRID!! Just like his allergies..... *giggles*.

Of course, this lead to role playing between Frick and I later on.....*evil grin*

Anyway, just thought I would share!

~Frack (edited because I can't spell this late.)

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Guest CherriesJubilee

Ooo. You two are so lucky! I wish I could have seen that. *Whines.* Is it at all possible for you to scan a pic or two of him rubbing at his nose? I'd love to see it. Thank you for the wonderful obs.

- Cherries Jubilee -

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Sure! I don't really have anywhere to post it, but if you PM me and give me an email addy, I will be happy to mail you the best one I have!


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