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This girl i go to college with, gets bad hayfever same as me, and i see a lot of obs from her.

The other day, she came in, with bright red eyes, that were watering all the time, and a pink nose, which looked like it had been blown all the time. She came in with a hanky in her left hand, and her right hand she was using to rub her nose. She came in sat down, and sighed, she looked at me and said 'my hayfever is bad today' i nodded and said mine too.

She got her hanky and blew her soggy streaming nose, and dried her streaming eyes. 5 mins later she sneezed 4 wet sounding sneezes into her hanky and blew her nose again. Throughout that hour sneezed about 30-40 times in her hanky and given her nose a lot of blows.

I saw her later on that day, and she was still going, but her eyes were a lot more red, and her hanky looked to be soaked...

hopefully get more obs from her :wub:

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