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best sneezy obs day off my life


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hey guys sorry i havent wrote in a while but ive been a tad busy

Anyways you should all know about my girlfriend S by now from my previous obs and yesterday we arranged to go for a day out somewhere and we decided to go to splashdown - that waterpark.

So we agreed to get there early and she picked me up from mine about 9:30 and immediatly when she first greeted me i could see her nose had a slight reddish tinge to it and when i asked her how she was she said she was fine but then said that her hayfever was really bad and that she couldnt stop sneezing and she said she felt like she had a cold cos her nose was so stuffy so i thought i may be in for a treat but i didnt realise just how much of a treat it would be untill we got there.

The first sneezes came when we were waiting in line to get in when i was holding hands with her and i suddenly felt her grip on my hand tighten and turn to look at her to see her eyes squinting and her hand flapping in front of her face when she let go with a loud girly HESHOO!, HEH-HASHOO! which bent her over on the second sneeze, a few seconds later she let go with a slightly quieter hup-CHOO! and then i blessed her and she sniffed and said ' haha thanks ive been wanting to let that out since we got in the car'.

We then went in and got changed into out swimwear and she'd promised me this new black bikini that she'd brought a few weeks earlier and i couldnt wait to see it and it really was stunning!, it perfectly brought out the curves in her body in all the right places and really made her look amazingly beautiful! (but hey im bias). Throughout the time we were at the park going on the rides there wasn't much sneezing other than the occasional HESHOO! every now and then which i blame on the cold air breezes that you got flow in from certain rides but i dont know.

anyway the real treat was after we'd decided we'd had enough and went to get changed (and this is where the possible 18+ comes in) now wen we got our stuff from our lockers we were dripping wet and wanted to get changed quickly but it was busy and there was only one changing room cubicle left near our locker so we decided that as we were moving things on in out relationship that we'd share one anyways, now i dont know if any of you have been to splashdown but the changing room cubicles are very small they must only be like 2.5 by 2m at most if not smaller so there we were both cramped into this small changing room when she got undressed and was drying her self with a towl wen she suddenly grabbed my arm for balance as she was on one leg whilest drying her other one and i looked at her and she had that squinted look on her face and then she took several gasps and let out a loud and quick heh-CHOO, heh-CHOO!, then a H-H-HUTCHOO!,heh-CHOO! then a massively loud HAH-CHOOOO! and i said 'omg bless you, 5 sneezes that must be a record!' and she said haha thanks, no my record is 14 in a row' i just smiled and said haha but i was thinking 'omg ive got the perfect girlfriend' :blushing: needless to say i was also getting undressed at the time and i had to be pretty careful to hide my *cough ' sign of affection towards the amazing sneezes from my dripping wet naked girlfriend who was less and a meter in front of me, if she knew about my fetish i probably would have started making out with her then and there, regardless of other people ^_^ then i went on to stupidly ask (but i knew what i was doing, i like a bit of sneeze convo) :D ' how are you getting hayfever inside?' then she was like 'oh i also have really bad dust allergies so its probably that or something' so least i now know another substance that makes her very sneezy :bonk:,

and then just to top a perfect day of obs off later that evening when we were on skype at about 10 at night her cam and mic were turned on but mine wasnt cos its not working, we were talking and suddenly she had another fit of 8 sneezes consisting of 4 series of 2 sneezes about 5-6 seconds apart from each other and id never heard her sneeze like that as her sneezes were normally so loud and powerful but these were stifled kinda like a 'HNNNX -choo!, HNNNX-choo! cos obviously it was night time nd other people were sleeping, she also then got a tissue nd gave her nose a good blow and wipe with a gurgling 'sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnssss'

this was probably my best day ever :D

sorry its VERY long but hope you enjoyed i know i did :twisted:

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Fourteen in a row! Geez. Those sound great, especially when she grabbed onto your for balance. ^_^ Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a great time. :D

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That's a fantastic obs. Thank you for sharing and you are clearly a very lucky guy. She sounds beautiful and her sneezes sound fabulous as well. ^_^

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Oh my god, that is so sexy. So many allergies, "feeling like she has a cold", sneezing throughout the day... and dripping wet, naked, and sneezing?! You are so lucky! I like the way you wrote this, too because you made it apparent of how much you like her. That was really sweet.

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One of those dream come true moments! Please write longer obsides, not shorter ones! Swimming baths are such sneezy places that there are so many possibilities of obsides there; sadly nowadays the cubicle fantasy I always had has been ruined because they only seem to have sexually divided but not individually divided changing rooms so you end up separated from your other half and trying to avert your eyes from the gangs of naked boys who are running round you.

Incidentally, given that she was showing off her new bikini and then removing it altogether, I feel you need not have worried about your sign of affection. From the little I know of women she would have taken it purely as a tribute to the beauty of her naked breasts, with which wimen are oddly obsessed.

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Sounds like a perfect day :clapping: Sneezing in swimming pools always good because of the echoey acoustics...

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Absolutely lovely obs, I'm soooo jealous... :clapping:

Thanks for sharing! :D

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