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Flower Power (F)


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Flower Power (F)

Emily felt the first stirring response in her nose the moment the picture was projected up on the screen. She could barely look at it – almost did not dare to. She blinked, subtly pressing a finger beneath her nose, and risked a quick glance back at the picture.

It was a flower, one shown in extreme close up. So detailed was the image that the individual grains of pollen were visible. Just the sight of those irritating grains was enough to trigger a response from Emily’s hypersensitive nose. A deep tingling was beginning, far, far back in her sinuses.

At the front of the room, the professor was staring to point out the various parts of the flower for his class of first year undergraduates. He pointed out the stamen, the anthers, tapping on the screen with a pointer to emphasise each pollen grain. Even hearing the word pollen caused Emily to press her finger ever tighter under her nose as the itch grew in strength, edging through her nose with a tingling insistency.

She did not want to sneeze in the lecture hall. Her sneezes were always - without fail - catastrophic explosions that tore through large halls and crowded rooms with absolute unstoppable, hurricane force. And what made it worse was that there was no way out. She was sat in the middle of a row, blocked in from both sides by other students, all bent over their work in silence.

A sudden worm of itch flickered up through her nose and she squeezed her nose between her fingers, eyes squinting shut and somehow managed to force the up-rushing sneeze away. She gasped with the effort, and a few heads turned briefly. She felt the sneeze return to the back of her nose, building in strength, because Emily knew that with her, a sneeze never, ever went away for good. She could prolong it and stifle it for only so long. It would eventually be released – that was inevitable.

Emily looked up, only to catch another glimpse of the pollen grains. She heard the professor’s voice saying ‘This is what triggers an allergic response in some people…’ and she knew the sneeze was on its way back, stronger this time. This time she pressed both her hand over her nose and mouth as her colossal sneeze came rushing up from her lungs, her nose squirming with the intensity of the itch.

Emily sneezed! The force of it made her jerk in her seat, her shoulder-length black hair whipping forwards. And yet she had stifled it! No vast bellowing sneeze escaped her, and once again she felt the full release retreat to muster more power for the next sneeze, which she surely could not contain.

Her friend Charlotte turned to her and whispered ‘bless you’ under her breath, but Emily barely heard her. All she could hear was the professor saying ‘the grains are so small that they irritate…’

The sneeze was coming!

Emily knew she should warn people, especially those unsuspecting students sat in front of her. But all she could think about was how her body was suddenly out of her control. Her hands fluttered uselessly before her face as the tickle built to an itch, and the itch built into a fierce roaring desire to sneeze. Emily had never experienced such a violent pre-sneeze, and rearing back in her seat, hips bucking, she was hurled forwards like an unfurling whip.


Emily saw her papers and pens go flying, caught in the blast of wind and wetness that burst from her. People in front of her ducked, their hair thrown into disarray as the storm gusted over them. The sneeze echoed through the hall, magnified by the acoustics into a roar of unparalleled ferocity. In a split second, another sneeze took hold of her and she launched it violently into the air, her head thrown back with the desire to rid her nose of the throbbing tickle.


Stumbling to the exit, still suffering little gasping teases from her nose as her body indicated its need to sneeze yet again, Emily felt sick with embarrassment. She felt the eyes of the entire lecture hall on her, many of them angry for her having explosively sneezed over them. If only they realised she could not help it.

The professor watched her go. ‘Was it something I said?’ he mused.

The End

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This is wonderful! Can there be anything more erotic than a good dose of inevitability? Except I suppose inevitability of enormousness.....

I am imagining the scene as she leaves the room and everyone can hear her letting the rest of her sneezes go outside in all their i and e...

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Love the last line. :yes:

Wonderfully suspenseful. :yes:

I agree with all that was said above. :laugh:

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Fantastic as always. You are brilliant!

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