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A Tangled Fic.


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It would seem I caught the writing bug again!! So, I was watching Tangled, and I completely fell in love with Flynn! :byewave: This story takes place just after Rapunzel and Flynn were trapped in the water-filled cave. And, of course, a few things will be changed. Hope you like it!!!


A chorus of coughing and spluttering came from the side of the riverbed. Two pairs of hands pulled themselves up onto the now damp grass. A long-haired blonde was out of the water first. She quickly pulled the large heap of soft locks from the clear water, dragging it out. Pascal hopped out from the river, shivering a bit, trying to get dry. Flynn heaved his tired, sore body, from the freezing waters, still a little shaken from the whole experience.

"We made it!" Rapunzel cheered with relief.

"H-Her hair glows!" Flynn turned to Pascal, crying out in surprise.

"We're alive! Alive!"

"I do not see that coming!" He cried, rubbing his head.

"Eugene!" Rapunzel interrupted.

"Her hair actually glows!" Eugene turned to Pascal in surprise.


"Why does her hair glow?!"

"EUGENE!" Rapunzel shrieked.

"WHAT?!" Eugene shouted, his eyes bulging with fear.

"...It doesn't just glow." Rapunzel sighed a little, continuing to pull her hair out of the water. Flynn stole a glance at Pascal, trying to get some answers.

"Why is he smiling at me?!"


A warm light came through the trees, the earthy smell filled the air. The quietness, coolness, of the air moss growing on the trunks of the trees, droplets of water dripped to the forest floor, from Flynn's wet clothes. The now calm water, trickled through the little creek, soft bird calls echoed through the trees. The light was fading, creating new shadows and dark patches around them. Eyes glimmered, as they looked at the tall tree hollows. Fallen leaves stuck to Rapunzel's feet, annoying her a little with step she took. Flynn, however, kept moving, walking side by side with her, their arms barely touching eachothers. His hands were stuffed into his pockets, his mind racing with other things. Sighing a little, his damp hair began to cling to his forehead.


Flynn sneezed harshly in front of him, bending over at the waist. So much so, he stopped walking all together. His hair flopped a little, from the force of the sneeze. His body quickly returned to its original position, almost as if nothing happened. His large hand clamped over his mouth, as if he said something rude.

"Bless you."

A small voice called from the side of him. That sweet voice, it almost comforted him. Rapunzel hopped in front of him, tilting her head in curiousity. He quickly returned his hand into his pocket, his eyes rested upon her.

"That one caught me off guard."

He laughed a little, marching ahead, trying to seem unfazed by the whole thing. Suddenly, he noticed that was the sharp, stinging in his nose. Sneezing once probably wouldn’t be a bad thing, except that he could never stop at just one. He knew if he didn't hold them back, then he’d sneeze anywhere. It wasn’t like his sneezes were extremely loud, it was the fact that Rapunzel was there. In fact, if she hadn’t been there, he probably would’ve sneezed a bunch of times already. The fact that she was there, walking with him, made him very uncomfortable about sneezing. Plus, a part of him, didn't want to make her worry about him.

The trees, the sky and the ground were surrounding both of them. The more ground Rapunzel walked, the more peaceful she felt. She felt more at home in this forest, rather than up in her tower. She was at home here, she liked it. Comforted by the slight breeze of the wind, they continued their journey. Night was nearly here now, the cold wind beckoning its arrival. Finding a small clearing in the woods, they both sighed a little, as the warm sun began to set over their heads. Sitting down onto a long, fallen tree trunk, she watched Flynn preparing the camp fire. Rapunzel noticed a large, scar-like wound running across Flynn's left hand. Her tiny hand gripped Flynn's arm, pulling him down to sit next her, the startled look on his face said it all. Her delicate hands wrapped a lock of her hand around Eugene's hand, gently and carefully. They both sat in silence, as Rapunzel continued her work. That was, until Flynn finally decided to break the quietness.

"So... You're being strangely cryptic, as you wrap your magic hair around my injured hand. -Argh!"

"Sorry!" There was a deep sigh from Rapunzel, she looked into his dark, chestnut eyes, before speaking again.

"Just, don't.. don't freak out." Flynn looked a little worried. What did she mean by that exactly? Before he could say anything, another sigh came from Rapunzel's lips. Soon, she began to sing.

"Flower, gleam and glow,

Let your power shine.

Make the clock reverse,

Bring back what once was mine.

Heal what has been hurt,

Change the Fates' design.

Save what has been lost,

Bring back what once was mine.

What once was mine.."

Eugene watched in amazement as the glow of magic hair began to spread across her locks. He stared at his hand, as he felt a warmth flood his palm. The soft light soon dissappeared from her hair. Flynn began unwrapping his hand from her locks, not knowing what he would see. A small sound came from Flynn, seeing as his hand was now completely healed. His breathing became hard, just as he was about to scream, Rapunzel piped up.

"Please don't freak out!"

Eugene sqweaked a little, staring at his hand then at her, then back again, before rubbing the back of his neck.

"I'm not freaking out. Are you freaking out? No, I'm just very interested in your h-hair..."

His eyebrows knotted together, his gaze became clouded as his eyes were becoming unfocused.

"Hiii... Hiiiihhh!..."

Rapunzel could only gawk, almost in wonder at the sight before her. Eugene was becoming increasingly emabarassed by the minute, he just didn't know what to do.

"Ih... Heh-Hnngxt!"

A hand rapidly clamped over his nose, covering most of the sneeze. He turned away from the girl as he did, not wanting to be emabarassed further.

"Bless you!" Rapunzel cried, smiling a little as well.

"Ugh... Thanks. So, how long has it been doing that exactly?"

He turned the conversation into her, crossing his arms a bit. Hoping she hadn't seen the light blush running across his cheeks, under the glow of the flames. 

"Umm... Forever, I guess! Mother says, when I was a baby people tried to cut it. They wanted to take it for themselves. But, once it's cut, it turns brown, and loses its power. A gift like that has to be protected. That's why Mother never let me.."

She sighed, turning away from him. Eugene could see the hurt in her eyes. He could almost understand how much sadness she felt. It nearly made his heart stop beating.

"That's why I never left.. and..."

"You never left that tower.." Flynn finished for her, seeing how she couldn't continue. She turned back to her face him, her eyes looked like green shards of glass by the fire's warmth.

"And you're still going to go back?!"

"No! ...yes? It's complicated."

She buried her face in her small hands, not knowing what to say to him. She peeking through her fingers, catching a glimpse of Eugene, rubbing harshly at his nose, with his knuckles. As soon as he saw Rapunzel was gazing at him, he stopped immediately, the rubbing didn't stop the stinging inside his nose. The itch was almost unbearable to handle.

"So, Eugene Fitzherbert..."


I will continue this, but it may take some time! :twisted:

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I love his sneeze! That was so well written Apple Blossom!! Thank you for posting it! I can totally see that scene in my head, and it's awesome!! YAY!

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Awww so cute! Pleass tell me theres more! His sneeze was adorable and how embarrassed he got!

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Yaaaay! I'm so happy someone wrote a Tangled fic. This is adorable so far. I really love the characterizations and the way they interact. Well done, AppleBlossom! I can't wait to read more. :byewave:

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:cryhappy: i soooo also wished someone would write a tangled fic, because....flynn/eugene he is really

a very good-looking man and perfect to be teased by a cold :naughty:

wonderful 1st part :twisted:;):D

can´t even wait for the next one :innocent:

please more :byewave:

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AHHHHHH I LOVE TANGLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought to put it in a fetish context, but I'm glad you did, because it is AWESOME. Can't wait for more :winkkiss:

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This is such a cute movie but I like the changes you've made even better. :winkkiss: You also handled the characters really well. Thank you for posting!

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NICE FIC!!! ;) I really like it and can't wait for more to come! XD

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I will try my best to get this fic, up and running, but I do have exams! But I promise I will finish this story!!!



Aww! Thank you! It took me forever to figure out, how Flynn would sneeze!! :L You're too kind!


Yes there will be more!! :twisted: Well, Flynn is adorable!


I'm glad you like it alot. I was worried, that I wouldn't be able to get their characters across. I'm happy you thought otherwise.



Ans I thought no liked Tangled! :L I love Flynn so much! I have to say, I'm very jealous of Rapunzel! Haha! :blushing: 


Thanks for enjoying it! Well, for the whole movie, I couldn't stop staring at his nose!! I am weird! And of course, the references to sneezing! :drool:



Tangled is one of my favourite movies!! :3 I'm glad you enjoyed my sneeze fiction!!


Aww. You're too kind darling! Thanks for commenting!


It is a great movie!! :drool: Thanks for the comment!


Thanks so much for the comment! I know, what a wonderful movie! :blushing: 

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At the mention of his real name, Flynn almost cringed in embarassment. It had been a long time since anyone had said his name aloud to him. He stared at the ground for a few moments, not knowing what to say.

"Y-Yeah. Well, I'll spare you the sob sorry of orphan Eugene Fitzherbert. It's a little bit of a... It's a little bit of a downer..."

Rapunzel shuffled closer towards the male figure, her head resting in her hands, she smiled adoringly at him. His cheeks began to warm, he tried to fight the blush off by laughing.

"...There was this book. A book I used to read to all the younger kids- 'The Tales of Flynn Rider'...."

He glanced at her, several times during his story. Not once he did see her eyes stop sparkling. The soft, emerald glow of her captivated him. He wanted to feel the smoothness of her porcelain, velvet skin. He needed taste and softness of her lips against his. That girl was buried deep into his wild imagination. She almost made him want to stop all this theiving, but his masculinity said otherwise. Every touch he gave her, or she gave him, there was always that electric shock of emotions, the blush of the cheeks, and the flutter of the heart. She was extraordinary, with shyness adding to her beauty. Her lack of knowledge of the outside world, made him happy to teach her, to show her what she had missed. She offered the respect and determination of herself. She was curious, and adventurous to discover new things. This, just made him love her-

"Was he a thief too?" Her voice perked up, interrupting his thoughts.


Suddenly, there was a prickling along his nose, he sniffed underneath his breath, hoping it would stop the tickle. No help at all. He began wiping his nose, rubbing a knuckle along the side and under the tip, not having any effect on the fierce burning, which was now growing deep inside his nose. A loose fist pressed against his nose, just in time.

"Ih... Hnn'kshh!"

Flynn tried his hardest to stop the sneeze, but had just ended up somehow making it louder, so much he head began to spin. He noticed the slight throbbing inside his head, it pulsed pain through his skull. His fingers rubbed his forehead, pinching the bridge of his nose. He was getting worse.

"Hmm..." Rapunzel's voice broke the silence. "Is something wrong? You don't seem yourself, ever since we got out of that water..." She tilted her head slightly, hoping to catch his eye, and give him a worried look.

"No, I mean- I'm fine! I'm fine, really." He fumbled with his words, making sure he looked to the forest floor at all times. He sighed, he didn't want her to worry, he really didn't. Eugene did not want to see his little Rapunzel upset. He knew, if he looked at her, he'd probably melt into a puddle.

Something small caught Flynn's eyes. The dying flicker of the fire was finally beginning to faded away. The two strangers sighed at the same time, both from tiredness and frustration.

"Well, I-I should get some more firewood..."

He turned away, feeling the tickling sensation once more. God, he wished it would go away. He sniffed quietly under his breath, nostrils twitching and flaring from the annoying itch. He tried his hardest to keep his breathing from hitching.


That sweet voice was calling to him again. Flynn turned to face Rapunzel, trying to keep his nose under control.

"For the record, I like Eugene Fitzherbert much better than Flynn Rider.

There it was again. That look in her emerald eyes that could melt any man's heart. He couldn't look away, nor did he want to. Having their eyes lock made him almost forget about his problems, and that his damp clothes was making him shiver a little. He swallowed a bit of air in his throat, quietly gazing at her.

"Well then, you'd be the first. But, thank you."

He turned and quickly walked into the thick woods, the branches and leaves brushed passed him, walking quickly through the forest. Feeling the tickle becoming bigger and bigger, he finally stopped.

"Heh..." Not this again, why couldn't he just stop sneezing?!


He groaned, stumbling around, holding the trees for support.

"Ah'hkshgtt! Heh'shhgtt!!"

Those normally calm, brown eyes began to grow glassy and vague. His mauve lips parted, the long, painful gasping and hitching breaths began teasing him. Then his hard body contracted, shuddering and shivering uncontrollably. Suddenly, his eyes became like slits, nostils quivering, gasping for air. A hand quickly clamped over his crimson nose, inhaling as much air as he could take.

"Hehh... H'GXSHTT!!"

Another congested sniffle came from his scarlet nose, a light blush creeped into his smooth cheeks. His breathing soon returned to normal, rubbing the tiredness from his left eye. His once gentle eyes were now rimmed with dark circles. 

Stumbling once more, he finally began collecting firewood. Snapping branches, finding twigs and holding them in his arms. A sudden noise made Eugene jump, he looked around, to hear footsteps coming from behind him. Thankfully, to Eugene's surprise, it wasn't Rapunzel. Shrugging his shoulders, he began to move back, not caring about the noise he had just heard. He soon returned, firewood in hand. 

Eugene knelt down, dropping the wood near the ashes of the dead. Making sure the fire was truely out, Flynn began to set up the fire once more, filling it with new fresh logs, until the fire was burning nicely. Flynn was too busy chatting away, wondering if he now had super-strength in his healed hand. Rubbing his sore nose with his knuckles, he didn't notice Rapunzel slowly walking towards him.


He gazed at the girl, wondering what she was about to say. The girl softly tucked a lock of hair, behind her ear, looking nervously at him. Her hands held her elbows, strangely trying not to seem worried. Clearly- it wasn't working.

"...You look pale, Eugene."

That was it. He had officially melted in front of her. His chestnut eyes still clinged to her soft, green ones. His body was now limp and numb. He couldn't move, he wouldn't move. With glowing cheeks, he quickly looked away from her, swallowing sharply, eyes darting every which way.

"...D-Do I?"

With her lips pressed together, she nodded gently, slowly kneeling down to Flynn height. Soft, brown eyes widened at her arrival, their noses were nearly touching.

"Are you really alright? I don't want worry about you-"

Her delicate hand barely touched his shoulder, only to feel the dampness on her fingertips. Flynn couldn't hide anymore. She gripped the fabric of his vest top, feeling the drenched material.

"Eugene.. You're soaking!"

The male looked a little scared, even frightened at the expression Rapunzel was giving him. Her lips pouted, her olive-coloured eyes burned into his own exhausted ones, and the freckles on her nose wrinkled in anger. To be fair- she looked kinda cute when she was cross. He swallowed, trying to find the right words to say.

"A-Am I?"

"Eugene! What were you thinking?!" Rapunzel stood up straight, hands placed on her hips. She glared madly at him, knowing if he really had any common sense.

"I don't know what I was thinking!" He stood up facing her, quickly regretting his choice of words, and how fast he got up. His mind became more fuzzed and dizzy. Eugene scrubbed at his nose, sniffing as he did so. Thankfully he snapped out of it quickly, before Rapunzel moaned again.

"Well, that's pretty obvious! Why didn't you get dry-"

Lots of footsteps could be now heard, the clank of armor, the stamping of boots, and the shouts of men were not far away now. The couple both stared at eachother, frightened about what was going to happen next.



Chapter 2 is finally finished! Please enjoy!! ;)

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Squeeeeeeeee! I'm so happy you updated! :heart:

Ohh, this chapter was lovely. I really enjoyed how dear old Flynn fell pretty hard for Rapunzel. That whole emotional build-up was just...wonderful. And hah, that little sneezy episode when he was alone in the woods? Yum! :blushing: Again, you did great with their interaction and dynamics. Ah, I love this story. :laugh:

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Cliffhanger! ahhh , that was fantastic! Tangled was such a good movie and you have their personalities down perfectly; I can't even begin on how much I want more :heart:

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I have a report due tomorrow but I reas this instead. Sooo good. So worth the 'f' I'm gonna get. I love this. You have their personalities Down pat. Goos story. I hope you continue

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that was... GGNNHHAAAAAHHH a sooooo cute 2nd part!!!

He turned and quickly walked into the thick woods, the branches and leaves brushed passed him, walking quickly through the forest. Feeling the tickle becoming bigger and bigger, he finally stopped.

"Heh..." Not this again, why couldn't he just stop sneezing?!


He groaned, stumbling around, holding the trees for support.

"Ah'hkshgtt! Heh'shhgtt!!"

Those normally calm, brown eyes began to grow glassy and vague. His mauve lips parted, the long, painful gasping and hitching breaths began teasing him. Then his hard body contracted, shuddering and shivering uncontrollably. Suddenly, his eyes became like slits, nostils quivering, gasping for air. A hand quickly clamped over his crimson nose, inhaling as much air as he could take.

"Hehh... H'GXSHTT!!"

Another congested sniffle came from his scarlet nose, a light blush creeped into his smooth cheeks. His breathing soon returned to normal, rubbing the tiredness from his left eye. His once gentle eyes were now rimmed with dark circles.

this scene was soooo adorable!!!

please more...i like that REALLY much! *re-read*

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Oooh, a new chapter! And a really nice one! I love how you interlace your story in the actual dialog! And now an evil cliffhanger :shy:

Can't wait for more!

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This is so incredibly adorable!! :bleh: You capture the characters so well!

Thank you for writing this, and please continue! :twisted:

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"Guards?" Rapunzel whispered under her breath. "W-What do we do?!" Panic overflowed both of them, their mind raced, thinking away, while their bodies froze in fear. Their breathing was silent, noone dared to move, not even Pascal who was sitting on Rapunzel's shoulder, the creature had blended in with her long, blonde hair, covering his eyes with his scaly claws. Finally, Eugene snapped out of it, sharply looking around, he spotted a clearing through the woods. He held Rapunzel's arm, pushing her towards the thick trees.  


Before she could say a word, Rapunzel was quickly shoved into the trees, her long hair flowing behind her. Turning back to the fire, getting down onto his knees, Eugene began grabbing dirt in his hands, and throwing it into the fire. The flames quickly faded away, the smoke kinked, bellowing from the logs. Swiftly, Eugene stood up, flailing and batting the smoke away with his arms. Realising he had the chance to rub away the itch from his tired nose, with his knuckles, he rubbed underneath his nose, sniffing harshly as he did. 

He rapidly ran towards the clearing where Rapunzel went to. Through the cold, strange darkness, Eugene found her hiding behind a tall, dark oak tree. She dragged him in, gazing over the branches of the trees. Her emerald eyes flickered when she realised something was wrong.

"My hair!"

Eugene glared out from where they came. Her hair ran all the way through the forest floor, around the camp fire, and through the thick, twisted trees. The blond streeks of locks littered and shone on the dark floor. Without another thought, Eugene began frantically pulled the hair into his arms. The pile of hair soon flooded his arms, he stood still, noone spoke or even whispered.

A dozen guards entered the campsite, they began searching and looking for any signs of Flynn Rider. Eugene had his back pressed against the trunk, while Rapunzel peeked out from the side of the tree, hands clinging to the bark. Rapunzel prayed that somehow the guards wouldn't notice Flynn's satchel hidden inside a tree stump. Her eyes focused on each of the guards movements, she held her breath everytime a guard came close to the bag.

However on the other side of the tree, Eugene began to feel the tickle burning inside his nose. The itch was becoming more and more intense, he fiercely tried to rub his nose on his shoulder with no help what so ever. Eyes half-closed, nostrils pink and flaring, mouth gaped open, lips twitching. His chest began heaving with uncontrollable gasps. A liquid sniff came from his nose, which just made the itch burn. The sensation was agonizing, so he tried to get Rapunzel's attention.

"R-Rapun- hihhh..."

"Eugene, shh! They'll hear you!" She whispered as quietly as she could.

This wasn't working at all, his breathing was beginning to hitch loudly, he knew he couldn't hold this sneezes back forever.

"Rapunzel.. I-I can't!-"

"Eugene! Keep quiet!"

The tickling had been gradually increasing. His eyelids began to flutter, his breath started to hitch, slowly becoming faster and heavier. His head bent down further and further back, his eyes began filled with irritated tears.

"B-Blondie, I have to..sn-sneeze... Ah.. Ah... Ah-"

Rapunzel turned back to the male, her eyes widened somewhat in fear for their safety. Green eyes darting to Flynn and back to the guards. Eugene's breath was now extremely loud, the tickle had become unbearable, tears streamed down his cheeks. Without a second thought, A dainty finger and thumb had clamped onto Eugene's quivering nostrils, just in time by the looks of things.

""Huh… Ch! Heh.. tchh! Hh'GXTT! ...Ahp'CHSSCH! Unnnhh…"

The guards took a long, hard look through the forest, pushing back branches and leaves. The couple held their breath once more, somehow after the intense sneezing, they managed to keep quiet, and not draw attention to themselves. The guards soon disappeared, walking back to where they had come from. After the fit, Rapunzel tentatively removed her fingers from Eugene's sore nose. Flynn's heavy breathing cut through the silence, he did not dare look into the girl's eyes, he felt disgusting and ashamed of himself. Her heart lurched at the site of Eugene. The chameleon just gave Rapunzel an upset look, making a small noise as he did. Eugene seemed so miserable, so sick and tired, she swallowed silently, gazing towards the forest floor. 

"Bless you.."

Flynn didn't respond to her, he didn't even flinch. He just gave a liquid sniffle, his head span, his mind was clouded by a dizzy spell which rattled his skull. Rapunzel sighed sadly, gently moving closer to Eugene. She slowly reached out her hand towards his own. Her small, soft hand laced into his large, frozen one. Rapunzel's hand was warm; tiny in fact, the scene was adorable.

"Come on. They're gone."

She gently guided him back to the fire, while Eugene had his wrist pressed against his tortured nose. He sat back on the fallen tree, Rapunzel silently sat beside him. Flynn didn't want to make eye contact with her, he just looked at his hands. He could feel his hair gently moving, as Rapunzel's hand stroked his hair back. A cool hand was softly placed against his warm forehead.

"You have a fever, Eugene."


A musical laugh came from Rapunzel, and her eyes glittered once more.

"There's no need to be sorry, silly!"

Another congested sniff escaped him, he sighed tiredly, rubbing the sides of his nose with his forefinger and thumb.

"Sorry about that.. I wish I had my handkerchief..."


Rapunzel held a handkerchief in her fingertips, holding it out to him. Flynn took the fabric gratefully. Giving a soft blow into the hanky, he tucked it away into his pocket.


Flynn finally looked into her eyes and blinked a little, his chestnut eyes softened as her delicate hand smoothed his warm cheek. The female leaned closer and closer, she did not know what she was doing, which was why she went so slow. In a matter of seconds, her tender lips squished into his velvet cheek.

If it wasn't for the darkness surrounding them, Rapunzel could have clearly seen Eugene turned into the colour of the wild strawberries. He swallowed, trying to somehow to his conceal his crimson blush. The male quickly put his hands underneath his arms, only to sharply turn away and sneeze harshly onto the floor.


"Bless you again."

A long sigh came from Eugene, a tug of the lips, showed a smile, tiny but it was still there.

"Thank you." 

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Ooooh loving this!! Especially the part where they are hiding from the guards and he has to sneeze, WONDERFUL! Thank you so much AppleBlossom!! :winkkiss:

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Ahh the ol' sneezing while hiding scenario. Perfect set up! Oh btw, your descriptions of his sneezes are just WONDERFUL! Loving how embarrased flynn is and how Rapunzel is all sweet and caring! <_<

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I just got back from holiday and watched this movie twice on the plane...I am in love with this fic so far (and Flynn!), please please continue!!

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I'm sorry I haven't been able to put up the next chapter, but I am currently writing it. I have nearly finished my exams and stuff, so hopefully, the chapter will be up by the end of the week.

Oh, and thank you all for the comments! They make my day! :drool:

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