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Recovery (X-Men: First Class drabble, M, Charles)


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Definite spoilers for the movie in here....it won't ruin the whole thing if you want to read it and know the X-Men history, but for those who are just movie fans, it might be worth waiting....

I couldn't help but jumping in and writing this....mostly because I think James McAvoy is so damn tasty! :winkkiss:



Moira sat next to the bed in the master chambers at the Xavier estate, hands folded in her lap. Charles was still asleep in the large four-poster bed, head heavy on the pillows nestled around him. It’d been a week since the incident in Cuba and he was finally out of the hospital, though not without working a bit of his mental persuasion on the attending doctor. Agent MacTaggart wanted him to stay under observation longer, but Charles was more comfortable at home, he’d insisted, and in the end, she couldn’t argue.

She’d wanted him to stay in the hospital not because of his spinal injury, which the doctors deemed irreparable, but because of a cold he’d come down with while there. With his body still weak from the accident, she was worried about him.

Frankly, they all were. Hank spent nearly all his time in the lab working on regenerative cell research in hopes of helping Charles walk again. Alex and Sean (with Hank’s help, of course) developed a wheelchair that waited for Charles’ use. And Moira slipped in and out with soup and hot tea, trying to slowly bring him back to health.


Charles’ voice croaked softly and Moira leaned in.

“No, Charles,” she said gently. “It’s Moira MacTaggart. Raven went with Erik, remember?”

His eyes opened, squinting in the daylight, and his memory cleared. Yes, she’d gone with Erik. And he was back home.

Clearing his throat, he pushed his arms back to shift himself into a position closer to seated, pushing the pillows against his back. Moira moved to help him but he pushed her arm away.

“It’s fine,” he said, sniffling. “Is there a handkerchief about?”

She retrieved one from the bedside table and passed it over. Charles blew his nose congestedly and then folded the handkerchief, tucking it into the breast pocket of his striped pajamas.

“Stop pitying me,” he said, frowning at Moira.

“Stop reading my mind,” she replied. “And it isn’t pity, Charles, it’s worry. They aren’t the same.”

“Don’t worry yourself, then,” he said. “It’s just a cold. And before you say it, yes, I am aware I’ve been in an accident. You shouldn’t really worry at all, since you’ve insisted I stay in bed to recover while forgetting that I really have no other choice unless you decide to help me move.”

“Don’t joke, Charles.”

“There’s no sense in remaining serious about it,” he replied. “Besides, I’m lucky. My mutation allows me freedom even without use of my legs. It isn’t affected. I can still do the work needed.”

“After you get better,” she said.

“Yes, after all that.”

“I’ll go get you some tea, then, alright?”

“No, I think I…”

He broke off, eyes squinting and mouth dropping open into a vaguely confused expression until his head snapped forward and he sneezed into his pajama sleeve-


“Bless you,” Moira said. “No tea?”

“No,” Charles said, sniffing back some congestion with a wet slurp. “No, I think I’ll get some work done. Bring me the folders from my desk?”

“Charles, don’t be silly.”

“Don’t make me force you,” he said.

“You wouldn’t. Work can wait.”

Pressing a palm to his temple, he concentrated.

“Stop it,” Moira snapped. “Please, Charles, you’ve been through enough this past week. Just take some time to recover, for the sake of all of us. The others are worried about you too, not just me. Don’t push yourself.”

Charles’ head lolled back against the pillows as he sighed heavily. Sighing was a mistake, as it quickly turned to coughing, which pulled at the site of his bullet would, and he winced, trying to quiet the spasm.

“See?” Moira said, siding up closer and putting a hand on his shoulder, unbuttoning the top of his pajama top with the other. Charles clutched at his chest, out of breath.


He sneezed, the sound tired and small.

“Go back to sleep,” Moira urged. “You deserve a bit of rest. I’ll keep track of the others until you’re well. Okay?”

“Mhmm,” Charles relented. “Yes, alright.”

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Yay! I saw the movie yesterday and was really pleased with how it turned out. So I was really excited to see this story. Very nice work, it's looking really great. Are you going to continue? Please say yes. :winkkiss:

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MMMmmm :geek: This is exactly what I wanted to read! I just got back from the movie theatre and was so happy to see this. Made a lovely continuation in my mind. The sneezes are perfect.

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It was a great film! And a lovely story. Charles needs some more representing, as does Erik...

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Great story! I just saw this movie last night, definitely thought James McAvoy could have used some more h/c at the end there :wub:

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I dropped by here, hoping for but not expecting to find a sneezefic for lovely Charles... and here it is! Thank you so much for writing this! It's lovely work, I hope you have more in mind. He is absolutely delicious and even more so with a cold :wub:

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Haven't seen the movie yet, but love this story!! Thanks for writing and sharing, Dusty!! :wub:

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Ahh, LOVE it! You're one of my favorite writers, and seeing one of my favorite writers write one of my favorite movies has my overloaded with love :wub: Thanks for sharing!

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Aww Charles in pajamas :D I really enjoyed this story. Moira and Charles' interactions were believable, and I can see Charles saying everything he said

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I saw the movie yesterday and it was amazing! James McAvoy is an amazing actor! <_< thank you so much for writing this! I so hope you continue!

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I agree, James McAvoy is tasty. XD That said, I wasn't planning on being dragged into this fandom, even though I liked the movie, but with fic like this emerging, how can I stay away? <3

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