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The Prom Queen's Boyfriend


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The Prom Queen’s Boyfriend

Summery: The real reason why Blaine had that travel pack of tissues on him. Because no guy caries a pack of travel tissues around just in case his boyfriend starts crying. (My re-write of the Prom Queen episode from Blaine's point of view)

Disclaimer: I certainly don’t own Glee. Actually this disclaimer is kind of irrelevant because it’s so obvious I don’t own Glee.

Author's Note: Sorry in advance for any spelling or grammar errors I missed.

"Take my hand."

He had said it like it was so easy. Just take his hand and follow him anywhere. And Blaine had. He had taken Kurt's hand and he knew he wouldn't be able to say no to anything Kurt asked of him. And he hadn't.

“Will you go to prom with me?”

Even to his worst memory from his life before Dalton. He hadn’t met to be so obvious with how scared he was. To his credit, Kurt had understood his hesitance, he understood that despite all his big talk when Kurt was being bullied that it was still a sore spot for Blaine. When Blaine finished telling his story, Kurt had offered instead to go to a movie. Blaine couldn’t say no, and told Kurt as much. So he agreed to go to Prom. The look on Kurt’s face was worth it, in that moment anyway. But when he sat in his room, doing mindless things on his computer, talking to Wes, the only other man who he'd told about the dance at his old high school, he still worried.

"Knowing you Blaine" Wes typed. "You're going to think about running away from all this. But you'll regret it and you know you will. For letting down Kurt but also for letting yourself down."

Blaine sighed at his friend. He knew what Wes said was true, but that didn't mean he liked hearing it from him. He had half hoped Wes would tell him everything would be okay and that he should talk to Kurt, rather than pointing out Blaine’s own faults. Blaine worried most about Kurt. The boy seemed to think so much had changed in his school in the time he was gone. Blaine didn’t have as much faith but he didn’t want to see Kurt as pessimistic as he was, or for Kurt to see how weak he was.

The next day he spent most of Music Theory imagining what McKinley's Prom would be like, what fun he would have with Kurt, and what possible troubles they could get into. In Physics he couldn't stop thinking about the guys beating him up, then splitting just as his date's dad pulled up in front of the house. He had a couple days to work up his courage before the McKinley prom, he really didn't want to disappoint Kurt and if he admitted it to himself, he didn't want Kurt to see how scared he really was.

His eye twinged all through Calculus as though his injuries from that night were fresh. He'd sprained his wrist then too and at lunch he couldn't hold his fork. He considered texting Kurt, just to talk, maybe get some sympathy from his boyfriend maybe some more understanding. But he didn't want to worry Kurt, especially when he texted Blaine about the Bully Whips taking him around the school and how felt sorry for Karofsky. Instead he just suggested that if he thought it would help that Kurt tell the boy that. Wes had once told him that his approach to bullies was too after-school special like. Blaine didn't like to agree with him but for all his help he’d offered Kurt, he really didn't have a lot of experience facing them head on. Maybe it was true.

The ache was worse the next day, filling his body until it took as much effort to life his arms as it did waking up on the weekend. When he sneezed that morning, he couldn’t even lift his hands to catch it. Instead he twisted into his shoulder at the last second. When he looked up Wes was raising a concerned eyebrow at him. Blaine smiled sheepishly but said nothing. At lunch Wes cornered him.

"Hey Blaine, you alright man?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Not terribly hungry. But then again who would be for school food. Seems like no matter how much you pay the food is always junk." Blaine stuck a fork in his food, lifting it up for Wes to inspect before letting it fall off the fork back onto the plate.

"Are you sure? You seem kinda run down. Is the thing with Kurt and the prom still getting to you?"

"Yeah." There was nothing more to it then that.

"Look Blaine, you can't keep agonizing over this or you'll make yourself sick." As soon as Wes said it Blaine felt the need to cough. He held it back so as not to worry Wes, besides he couldn’t actually be sick. No one got sick because someone said they would.

"No matter how you feel now, it's a good idea for you to go though with this. So stop guess about what's going to happen and just worry about what happens when it does." Wes clapped a hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks Wes." Blaine smiled but couldn't stop himself from thinking about it. He pushed food around his plate.

"And take care of yourself man. You might not actually be able to get sick from stress but a couple of the Warblers have come down with colds and stress will make it easier for you to catch it."

Blaine groaned. "Why'd you have to say that Wes," he teased. "Now I have to get sick. It's the laws of the universe." He allowed himself a cough because Wes would think he’d forced it as a joke. When Wes turned around to talk to another Warbler, Blaine rubbed at his throat self-consciously.


Blaine was supposed to hang out with Kurt at his parent's house after school. With only a couple days left until prom they had decided to get tuxes together, through some connection Kurt's father had. Before heading over Blaine had stopped in his room to take some aspirin. He had a headache now to go with his cough, sniffles, and the occasional chill. It was part of the reason he was just wearing a black shirt and a pair of jeans. Being with Kurt really had increased his fashion sense but he felt to bad to care terribly much how he looked for Kurt’s family.

Blaine looked at himself in the small mirror that hung over his dresser. He looked the same as always, a few short curls loose here and there, which he quickly gelled back into place. But otherwise he looked his normal Blaine Anderson self. If only he felt that way. He was getting sick. He coughed into his elbow and looked at himself in the mirror again. At least he still looked completely normal.

"Hih'tichoo! Huh'tish!" Blaine bent at the waist, bringing his hand up to catch the second sneeze but missing the first. "Great." he sighed. He whipped down the corner of the dresser he'd sneezed on and saw his phone sitting on the edge. It would be so easy to just text Kurt and tell him he didn't feel well. Kurt would get worried, the way he always did, and nothing else would matter. It would be so easy just to stay home.

The thought made Blaine feel ten times worse. He was supposed to be strong. And how could he think of doing something like that to the boy he...really really liked, who had been there for him when he needed it the most. He really didn't feel that bad, it was just a minor irritation. Or so he told himself. He straightened up and gave himself a last glance in the mirror. He had to be there for Kurt.

"Hih'gxtt!" Blaine stiffled into his hand. "Ugh. Well that will be a dead give away if I'm not careful." He looked over at his nightstand and saw an unopened pack of travel tissues. Snatching them up he opened it and took one out, shoving the rest in his pocket. Blaine dabbed at his nose a little but was careful not to rub it and make it pink.


Kurt was terribly excited when Blaine met up with him. He said something about wanting show Blaine something he'd made for prom. The happy look on his face, his excitement, made Blaine both incredibly happy and a little more concerned. It was enough to ensure him that he had made the right choice not to tell Kurt how he'd been feeling for the past couple days. While Kurt disappeared down to his room, Blaine sat watching something with Finn, hardly noticing what was one or what small talk they were making. He was trying to keep from sneezing, as though Finn would instantly know he was hiding a cold based on one sneeze.

In the end he lost the fight against himself and had to turn to the side with a quick "hihshit!"

"Bless man." Finn looked away from the screen only briefly to see Blaine nod and thank him. Blaine sniffed quietly for a couple seconds then to redirect Finn’s attention he quickly asked “So you think I can jam with you guys at prom?”

“Sure man.”

Blaine was about to get lost in how often Finn said ‘man’ but then Burt appeared. "Good news you guys!" Blaine was on a weird place with Kurt's father, somewhere between accepted familiarity and discomfort. After he had approached Burt about Kurt and sex, they had been aware of each other, and then again when he and Kurt had first started dating there was the awkward introduction after their changed relationship. But Burt was really kind and willing to accept Blaine. Blaine wanted to hurt Burt as much as he wanted to hurt Kurt.

So it was odd finding himself in the middle of the two when Kurt came out in his prom 'suit'. Blaine had to admit it looked good on Kurt but it seemed to be asking a little two much from a school he was coming back to after so long, especially as he was probably the biggest 'gay influence' there. He really was starting to feel the effect of he growing cold and his....feelings for Kurt not to mention his father and god did he have to sneeze. He was cold and didn't want to be having the conversation so he sat quietly with his arms folded across his chest.

In the end he probably didn't handle the situation right, in fact he thought he came off as a bit of a dick in the end when Kurt left to change, telling him he was going to be who he was whether Blaine thought it was a good idea or not. In the car on the way back home, Blaine smacked himself a couple of times in the head for being so stupid.

"Hishhtt! Hihshihh!" Blaine parked just before the fit started, rooting around for his tissues. "Heh'tchoo!" Great. His sneezes were getting wetter and harsher. Maybe going to prom wasn't a good idea. But after tonight.... He still had a couple days to think about it.


Blaine went to school late the next day. He slept through his alarms and was only woken up when Kurt texted him about Karofsky, how he’d broken down and cried, if seeming a little bipolar about the whole thing. When he did wake up, his first reflex was to text Kurt back. He wasn’t sure exactly what he had said, and only really woke up when he saw the clock on his iPhone. He’d rolled out of bed, thrown on his uniform, and grabbed his backpack. He didn't even have time to get himself fully dressed. When he got to class he was still disheveled, his suit jacket was unbuttoned and hanging off one shoulder, his curly hair was loose all over his forehead, his shirt was untucked, and his shoes untied.

Wes and David rushed over to him; it was the very beginning of class so the still could.

"Jesus Blaine. You look like shit." David adjusted Blaine's coat.

"Where have you been?" Wes demanded.

Blaine was still trying to catch his breath. Once he did the first thing he managed to do was sneeze." Hih'Ihitcht! Heh'NgXT! Heh-NgXXT!"

"Gesundheit." Wes whispered. "You're sick aren't you?"

"Better sit down Wes, before the teacher gets here." Blaine whispered, sniffing behind his hand.

"She's always late. Answer the question." David leaned in close like he was interrogating Blaine.

"Yes, okay. I'm getting a cold." Blaine sighed. "But neither of you can say a word to anyone."

"Blaine, I told you to take it easy." Wes reprimanded.

"And I told you it was the rules of the universe. Once you said it, I had to get sick. It's not such a big deal though. Just a bit of over sleeping and the occasional sneeze."

"You better get some rest if you still intend to go on Saturday." David ruffled Blaine's curls and headed back to his seat. "You know I like your hair this way."

"You're going Blaine." Wes pointed a threatening finger at him.

"I know, I thought about backing out and I already know I can't. I won't." Blaine rubbed his nose with the curve of his index finger. "Please Wes. I already feel bad enough."

"Sorry. I tend to worry about you Blaine Anderson." He smiled and playfully pushed Blaine's head toward the desk.

"Ah! hah-shhiew! Ow! Hehshhiew! Wes!"

"Gesundheit." Wes laughed. Blaine couldn't help but laugh with him. Those had sounded really funny.

"Bless you Mr. Anderson." The teacher came in and sat down motioning for the rest to do the same. "Alright everyone, settle down."


When the day of prom arrived, and Blaine stood in front of his mirror, practicing his song in his tux, he could honestly say that he was happy he hadn't backed out. He still felt sick, but not terrible and his voice still sounded good. Kurt had been texting him non-stop, excited and happy to be going. In the end his excitement had infected Blaine and while he was still worried he wasn't consumed by that worry.

"Hehtish! Heh-herishoo!" Blaine sniffled then checked his pockets for the travel pack of tissues. He splashed water on his face and dried it on the towel. He looked good, sounded good, he was good. Kurt wouldn't guess and Blaine wouldn't spoil this night for him.

Blaine was actually lulled into a false sense of security when the first half of prom went so well. He danced with Kurt and the New Directions that weren’t singing, drank punch that tasted oddly of lemonade when he expected the tang of alcohol, and was actually having as good a time as he imagined he would in Music Theory. He had taken Wes’ advice and stopped worrying about what might happen and was just taking things as they came. That included his blossoming cold.

Once and a while he had to duck away from Kurt or the New Directions girls to sneeze, but he was learning to stifle them enough no one would notice as long as he had his back to them. However after an hour of stifling he was starting to sound as sick as he felt. On the pretense of going to the bathroom he ducked out of the gym to blow his nose. He found his faithful travel pack of tissues dwindling down to the last few tissues and sighed. He’d have to make them last. But this was an emergency. He had to sing next. So he selected another and pushed the pack down into his pocket. He blew his nose a couple times before checking his voice and his appearance. Still good. He just had to sing and watch the coronation. Everything would be fine.


"Your 2011 Prom Queen is.....Kurt Hummel."

Blaine's eyes popped and his head pun around so fast to catch sight of Kurt that he felt the world spin. It shook loose a volley of sneezes he'd been holding back all night, "Heh'ITCH! Heh'Atchhoo! Hehchoo!" a fit that lasted long enough for Kurt to dash out of the gym.

"Kurt! Stop! Kurt wait!" Blaine caught up to him in the hallway and felt heartbroken to see tears in his boyfriend's eyes. He was breathing a little heavier but he managed to hide it from Kurt, it wasn’t too hard since the boy was a little caught up in his own troubles. It hurt more than the joke, more then all the bad memories. “Please! Kurt, just stop!” For one Blaine didn't want his negative opinion of people to be right, for Kurt's sake. And god why did he have to be sick for all this?

“We were so stupid.” Kurt cried. Blaine wanted to cry too. He had know this would happen but he hadn’t done anything to stop it, to reasonably prepare himself or what would happen when he was proven right. He’d been too worried about himself to think of Kurt. He felt worse than ever. While he listened to Kurt, watched him cry, all he wanted to do was hug the boy in his arms but he couldn't get him sick, or draw more attention to him given the situation. And damn his timing he had to sneeze again.

Kurt's pacing was making him dizzy. He slumped down against the lockers, a hand to his head and told Kurt to join him, trying to be a loving and helpful as he could. ”Could you at least sit down?” How was he supposed to be strong for Kurt when he was right all along, when people were that cruel and all his boyfriend wanted to do was what Blaine himself had done. It wasn't right. “Do you want to go? You don’t have to go back in there?”

But he should have expected more from Kurt, he should have known. The boy was so much stronger then Blaine had ever been. He picked up his head, he sniffled and whipped back at his tears and he decided to go back into the gym, saying “This night was supposed to be about redemption.” Blaine felt his heart swell, love, and admiration and a hint of jealousy. He pulled out his almost empty pack of travel tissues and offered them to his boyfriend. Kurt collected himself while Blaine worked himself up to standing. He held out a hand to Kurt.

The gym was silent. Hardly a whisper rose up from the crowd as Kurt walked back up on stage. Blaine eased his way through the crowd, following Kurt on the stage so he was always just in front of the boy on the floor. Kurt wasn’t looking at him through. He was probably looking over the crowd at the back of the gym wall. He looked beautiful accepting his crown from the principle, even scared, god he was beautiful.

“Hehshit! Huhshuu!” Blaine ducked down just as Kurt said “Eat your heart out Kate Middleton.” Applause rose up covering the rest of Blaine’s fit. “Huhshhhcht! Ngh..Hihsstit!” Blaine stood back up, to see Kurt and Karofsky walking down the steps together, apparently to dance.

Kurt was whispering to him. It made Blaine nervous. He didn’t like Karofsky, the boy had caused Kurt so much pain. It didn’t matter what he told Kurt, he thought the animal deserved much worse then his boyfriend’s kindness. Especially when he ran out leaving Kurt standing alone in the middle of the dance floor.

“Shit.” Blaine started pushing through the crowd as fast as he could but was stopped by another sneeze which he nearly choked on in his rush “Kehchii!” Kurt was looking around, looking for him. God.

He pushed through tapping Kurt’s shoulder. “May I have this dance?”

Kurt’s smile pushed all the pain away, all the nerves and the concerns. It was enough to even make his stuffy head and runny nose seem less daunting and the eyes watching them disappear. But between the spinning and the effort of pushing through the crowd, he knew the magic of the moment wouldn’t be enough to keep him on his feet for long. Blaine was tempted to rest his head on Kurt’s shoulder. It felt so heavy. But the boy had far too much weight on his shoulders already.


"Hey Blaine." They were walking out of the gym, what seemed like hours later, hand in hand, Kurt still wearing his Prom Queen crown. Blaine suspected that after their dance and the few people that weren't just his friends had clapped and screamed for him during his coronation, Kurt had taken more pride in the whole thing. Blaine himself couldn't have been more proud of his boyfriend.

"Yeah?" He walked a little closer to Kurt, his hand squeezing Kurt's.

"I forgot to ask you, do you always happen to have exactly what I need in those pockets of yours or are you just exceptionally prepared?"

Blaine blushed, knowing Kurt must have known. He really underestimated the boy. "Well I was a boy scout once upon a time." He laughed but it gave way to a cough, which Blaine directed over his raised arm away from his boyfriend.

Kurt didn't say anything but reach over and put a hand on Blaine's forehead. Blaine's eyes tried to watch Kurt's hand resignedly and saw a few curls had come loose from the hair products he'd used.

"No fever. That's good."

"It's just a cold." Blaine brushed off. "But I refuse to pass it on to you. So that means I can't kiss you to show you how proud I am of you, and how much I..."

Kurt smiled when Blaine blushed and coughed a little late to cover up his hesitation.

"How long have you been feeling poorly? You should have told me. We could have stayed in, had a movie marathon."

"And missed all this." Blaine smiled at Kurt. "Not fhhh...huh...Huhesht! ugh. Excuse me. Not for the world." Blaine pulled out the travel pack of tissues. "I had a great time and, while I'm so sorry that happened to you, I'm really proud of the way you handled it. And to be honest, I really admire how strong you are Kurt. It makes me want to be strong like that too...Hehtish!" Blaine cursed inside his head. "I think you'd be more inclined to believe me if I weren't sneezing so much."

"No." Kurt smiled reaching over to brush a curl from Blaine's face. "I would be less concerned maybe, if I knew you were feeling well enough to have done all the singing and dancing and the emotional roller coast I put you on tonight. But I think I get it. Tonight was about showing them but also ourselves that we are strong and we did it."

"You did it Kurt." Blaine smiled correcting him.

"I wasn't the one who rescued me on the dance floor." Kurt smiled linking arms with Blaine. Blaine smiled and put a hand on Kurt's cheek. Blaine was smiling but his eyes were squinty and he kept sniffing, his nose twitching.

"You know. You're terrible at hiding when you don't feel well." Kurt teased taking his hand away and pushing Blaine's hand against his pants pocket where the travel tissues were kept.

"I didihhh didn't want to bahhh hah back out on you." Blaine's breath hitched erratically. He hid the lower half of his face behind a tissue. “Whhhhen’d you nohhh...notice?”

“I had my suspicions, the other night in my house. You seemed kind of out of it and I heard you-”

“Hii’ihhtchiew! Hehtchiew!”

“-sneeze.” Kurt smiled at Blaine who sniffed miserably into his tissue. “Bless you. I wasn’t sure though. Not until we were dancing after I was crowned. You were sniffing and I guess I kind of got over myself enough to put two and two together."

"It's not like that Kurt. You had every right to be preoccupied and I choose to keep it from you." Blaine wrapped an arm around Kurt's waist and the boy smiled. Blaine wondered if he was ever really in trouble or if Kurt was just testing him.

"If you really wanted to keep it a secret, you probably should have done a better job hiding how you felt in front of Wes. He texted me yesterday and mentioned you looked sick. I figured you were smart enough to tell me when you really started feeling badly. But I'm happy you came with me even though you weren't feeling one hundred percent. It turns out I really needed you tonight."

Kurt leaned over and pecked Blaine on the cheek. "If it weren't for you I would have been all alone on that dance floor. And if it weren't for that cold of yours and your travel pack of tissues, I would have been a runny mess for my coronation."

"Is that all I'm good for? Hih-NgXT! *sniff* Your glorified hand bag?" Blaine teased.

"No. You're my wonderful boyfriend. Whom I love very much." Kurt kissed Blaine again, this time on the lips, stopping him on the street so all his attention was on Kurt and the passionate kiss.

Blaine was the one who broke them apart. He was embarrassed by the intense need to cough and then a liquid sniff he tried to hide behind his elbow. "I'm sorry. I'm disgusding." He smiled at Kurt and took the boys shoulders in either hand. "Kurd, I'm crazy aboud you, I-"

"Easy there big guy. Let's get you feeling better then you can make your big speech huh?" Kurt started walking again but Blaine pulled him back.

"No. Kurd. I love you. I'm so proud of you, in facd I admire you. You're so much stronger den me. Whad you did donight, Kurd I could have never done dad. No!" He cut Kurt off as he started to say something. "I have do dell you dis. Because you need do know dad you are strong Kurd and you make me stronger by being wid me. Kurd-"

"Honey!" Kurt was laughing now, smiling as brightly as he had after Blaine made his first confession. "I believe you. But you really have to stop saying my name with a stuffy nose." He reached into Blaine's pocket and withdrew the last tissue. "Here." He pressed it to Blaine's nose. "Blow your nose and let's get you home and feeling better." Kurt gathered Blaine up in his arms and hugged him hard.

"I love you Kurd."

"Blow your nose." Kurt laughed, turning on his heel so his skirts fanned out dramatically. He sauntered up the street. "You're hardly fit to be the Prom Queen's boyfriend." Blaine agreed right then. But he vowed someday, if Kurt stuck with him, he would be.


Hope you guys liked it. I had fun writing it.

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:jawdrop: That......that was :boom: so cute and just so adorable!! I honestly can't think right now. I don't know what else to say other than I think it killed me. :P and thank you so much for writing this!
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:jawdrop: That......that was :boom: so cute and just so adorable!! I honestly can't think right now. I don't know what else to say other than I think it killed me. :P and thank you so much for writing this!


Now I will have that lovely image in my mind of what Really happened.


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This is one of the cutest stories I have ever read. I absolutely adore it! Yay Glee! Yay Blaine! Yay you for writing this! :P

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Okay, I LOVE Blaine sooooo much. Thank you so much for writing it and posting it on the forum. It was really, really cute. :P

The way that Blaine was so conflicted and scared that it wore him down and made him sick but then he still wanted to go to prom anyway so as not to let Kurt down and to face his fears...oh, god...that just made me melt.

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Yay!!! I love Darren Criss and Blaine, and Blaine and Kurt together-ness, and this sweet little fic! It was so adorable! Thank you so much for posting. Ok I need to re-read this a couple more times. Such cuteness. The interactions with Wes were also sooo sweet (is Wes a character on the show by the way? I've never noticed him but that doesn't really mean anything ;) ).

ANYWAY. Great job!

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Thanks to all of you. It means a lot to hear you liked this so much!

As to the matter of Wes RSB brought up, he is in the canon as one of the more major minor characters. He was around when Kurt and Blaine first met so I took a little creative license and made them good friends.

Again, thanks to all of you. With that kind of feed back I'll be posting stories more often! :(

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This. Is. Amazing. I adore this story so much! I love how Blaine kept trying to say Kurt's name with a stuffy nose :innocent: Sooo adorable. You're a wonderful writer!

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