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Failures of a Doer of Good and Evil

Jagged Angel Rowan

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Okay, so I've been planning this for a while because I REALLY wanted a fic about Loki. I have thrown in some characters from Norse mythology. The main two people in this chapter are Loki and the Norse Goddess of Anger, Weth. This is NOT going to be LokixWeth! I AM working on a Bones fic right now, but I'm waiting for inspiration!

Story Title: Failures of a Doer of Good and Evil

Fandom: Thor/Norse Mythology

Pairings: LokixSigyn, LokixLofn(as a joke), ThorxSif, ThorxLofn(Ohhh that Lofn!), FreyxGerd, WethxVidar

Summary: In which Loki fails.

A/N: Not much sneezing in this one and there may be sone typos but it's my first story! Reveiws are coolness.


In Which Loki Does Not Anger the Goddess of Anger

   The Goddess of Anger sat on the roof of the palace, thinking. Her eyes were closed, her head lifted into the pleasant breeze of Asgard. There was a touch of  rain. Thor must be angry. She allowed a contented smile to appear on her face, something that rarely happened when she was with others and even like this, when she was alone. Her mind began to wander, and she absentmindedly twirled a lock of red gold hair around her index finger.

   "HIH-ISHCHOO!" Weth visibly jumped at the sound and nearly fell off the roof. Panting she turned around to face Loki, the Trickster God. Stormy blue eyes met bright green, and for a while there was silence. Finally the owner of the green eyes spoke up.

   "Sorry Weth. I didn't mean to disturb you." he cleared his throat nervously. The wrath of the Goddess of Anger was far greater than he could imagine. To his great surprise though, she shook her head quickly twice.

   "It is fine." Weth stared at Loki blankly for a moment. "Why are you all wet?" The dripping wet God of Mischief smiled sheepishly and licked his lips.

   "I may have...accidentally...turned the lady Sif's favorite sword into a cobra." he admitted and shrugged his shoulders halfheartedly. "And you know how protective Thor is of Sif. You could say I got rained out." Weth bit her bottem lip to stop from laughing.

   "Will you never learn Loki?" he flashed her a cocky half smile, but quickly brought his hand up to catch two quick and wet sneezes. Weth's expression turned from slight amusement and exasperation to showing a bit of concern for the young 

Æsir. "Are you feeling ok?" 

   "What's that? Oh, yes. I'm fine." he nodded at her. "It's just a few sneezes Weth. It doesn't mean anything." he made a shooing motion with his right hand as emphasis. 

   "Only a few sneezes, dammit. It's always something more." she mumbled, and leaned against a structure coming out of their section of ceiling. The black haired prince raised an eyebrow at her.

   "Excuse me? What did you say to me?" Loki gritted his teeth. He was still a prince. He didn't like to, basically, be called weak. Especially by Weth. Weth smirked.

   "I said, 'Make sure you don't get bit. There is something like a boar.' Yes. There is a boar-like creature going around biting people." Weth bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing. Loki looked slightly confused. Blinking a couple of times, he shook his head.

   "I had no idea. I must go talk to Odin about this..." he sighed a little and rubbed his forehead with his thumb and forefinger. 

   "Got a headache?" Weth chuckled darkly. Loki glared at her and scowled.

   "I am fine. You should go home now, no one invited you here in the first place." Weth's expression went blank and she nodded mutely. With that, Loki turned on his heel and walked away, green cape billowing out behind him. Weth sat down heavily. Loki was definatly sick. Anyone with half a mind could tell that. Weth stood up again and walked over to the tree she used to climb onto the roof. It didn't take long for her to be on the ground again, so she stood there outside the palace, just looking around. 

   Loki just didn't know one thing. It was the same thing that no one else knew. Weth didn't have a place to go. Maybe she could stay at her friend Lofn's house again, but she stayed there far too many times, and Lofn was getting suspicious. Syn would probably take her in, but try to get the truth on why she needed a place to stay. Sigyn was another good candidate, but all she could talk about lately was Loki. She had an enormous crush on the young prince, and even pulled Weth along to spy on him with her. Freya was out of the question, she'd end up with a makeover before she could say 'Get me out of here'! Sif was also out of the picture, seeing as they had never quite seen eye to eye. Gerd wasn't an option either as she was older than Weth and always thought herself superior. 

   That left her with...nowhere. But maybe the place she was looking for was where she was at. The guards were easy for her to slip past, and the palace had many empty rooms that were just  begging to be slept in. She snickered darkly and walked towards the palace guards.


   The two burly guards looked down at the red haired girl in front of them, wearing a red top and black pants. She happened to be barefoot and smiling up at them with bright grey-blue eyes. "Hello, Loki invited me inside the palace." the guards looked at each other. They'd seen the girl with Loki before, so this didn't seem entirely unpredictable. The guards nodded at each other and let her pass. "Thank you!" the girls said in a high, cheery voice.  

   Once she was through, Weth slumped over. "I hope I never have to act like that ever again." she sighed. The room she was in was fairly large, and had high ceilings. The whole room appeared to be marble. Ahead of her, there was a large staircase. To her right and left there were seperate corridors that led to Yggdrasil knows what. 

   Quickly she crossed the room and agilely ascended the stairs. Once she got to the landing she opened the door to her left. To her luck, it was completely wood and empty. The window showed the stars of another Asgardian night. Finally satisfied, Weth lay down on the bare floor and slept.

A/N: Like? Don't Like? Should I write more?

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Loki fic, YAY!! I mean, I thought Thor was pretty hot in the movie and all, but there is just something about that blue-eyed, dark haired bad boy that I just love! And I thinkt he writing is wonderful so far!! More, please? :P

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I'm so excited about this story. Ever since I saw Thor, I've been hoping that someone would write a story about Thor or Loki. I know Loki is supposed to be evil but there's just something about him. I can't wait to see where this story goes.

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*LIKE!!!* XD XD XD Even supposing that Loki wasn't my favorite character in Thor (which *cough* he.. kinda is <.<), I would still say continue pleeeeaaase!!!! ^^ You are a VERY good writer, your style is awesome, and I love this story! More sneezy Loki please!! :rolleyes: lol :cryhappy:

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