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Unexplained sneezy day


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As I've said many times before, I'm not a sneezy person. As far as I know I'm not allergic to anything, and usually I can avoid sneezing in public by willpower alone. However, last week, it was if I had switched noses with someone else for one day! :) I became very sniffly and sneezy, and I have no idea why.

I was working closely with someone in my office, and as I was talking to him I became aware of a tingling sensation in my nose. I sniffled and tried to ignore it... but it didn't go away. The tingle in my nose got stronger, and became an intense tickle- almost like a prickling feeling, as though my nostrils were being poked by a tiny twig.

By then I felt like I was about to sneeze, and I sniffed and rubbed my nose to resist it. I was almost willing to give in to the urge- but I knew that, even with such a strong tickle, I would have wait with a very sneezy expression on my face for a few moments as the sneeze built up- and I definitely didn't want to do that in front of the other guy in the office! So I sniffed, rubbed and pinched my nose discreetly- but I could hardly keep the 'about-to-sneeze' expression from my face. My eyes were watering and wanting to close- and I lost the thread of what I was saying because the tickle was so distracting.

As soon as I could, I excused myself and went into a different office, in which no-one was currently in. I had a white handkerchief in my pocket, and I hurreidly pulled it out and unfolded it as the sneeze began to build up again. After a gasped false start, I sneezed: "Hahh... HahhtCHOO!" into my handkerchief, holding back a little so as not to be too loud. I was very watery-eyed and my nose was running, and in a couple of moments the itch came straight back to my nose. I held my hanky up in one had ready to catch the sneeze- after a few moments of intense tickling... "HAAAH-EHH-SHOO!" I didn't hold back at all this time- the sneeze felt enormous. I felt another sneeze coming, and looked at the light to coax it out- again it was very loud, something like "HAAH-SHOOO!" I blew my nose wetly into the handkerchief, and that was it...

...until later. That odd sensation of a tingly, runny nose stayed with me for the rest of the day- and a few times built up into another mini-fit of sneezes. Once an uncovered "Hah-CHOO!" that surprised me by how quickly it came on, then another itchy buildup to two more- "EH-SHOO! ...EEHSHOO!" I was again trying to not sneeze too loud, trying to use my handkerchief to muffle the noise.

The day after, my nose still felt a little sensitive, but I was not really sniffly or sneezy- and now I feel completely normal again. I really have no idea what caused it- I wonder if I'm very slightly allergic to something, but so little that it doesn't often affect me? Who knows... the sneeziness was not an unpleasant sensation for one day, but I wouldn't want it all summer! :D

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Love this obs especially when someone who isn't normally sneezy, is for a little while - makes it all the more wonderful to read about. Thanks Heathcliff and bless you!

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