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One heck of a discovery


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A few months back I met this girl Ashley, she's a long jumper/ pole vaulter on our track team at college. We got to know each other, became friends, she has a bf (#&%! lol) and both went to the state championships. So anyways she works at safeway and two days ago I went there to buy some beer. She usually works the checkout lines, but when i went to check out she wasnt there, so i asked the guy bagging my beer if she was sick or something because we were going out to drink later. He said no, she had to cover for some girl who was sick that worked in the floral area. So i walked over and there she was, nose was bright red and she was sniffing like crazy, got a hug hello and asked her if she was feeling alright. "Yea" she said, "But they made me work this damn floral department and i'm (and this is a quote) beyond super allergic to pollen, my nose feels like there's thousands of tiny feathers inside and it won't stop tickling." Not even two seconds after that she sneezed 3 times. I blessed her and asked if she was going to drink with us later. "Yea i... sniff hold on a sec... ahh... ahhchooo achooo achhoooo, sniff... just a minute ill be right back." She walked to the bathroom and on the way sneezed two more times. So i waited and like three minutes later she came back with a hand full of kleenex and proceeded to sneeze twice more. At this point i was trying to play it cool so hard, it was more nerve wrecking then even the state championship was i swear lol. I asked again if she was ok and she said laughing, "Yea i'm just gonna be stuck sneezing for a few hours, nothing new." I had to wrap the conversation up at that point lol, needed to get home and drink like 8 beers to calm down, so i said i had to run but asked again if she was going to go out with us tonight and she said,"Yea for sure, i'll call you when i get off." So we hugged goodbye and not even a second after that she sneezed 4 more times laughed and said,"Damn it i gotta go to the bathroom again." I "laughed" and told her ok see you tonight. She said, " Ok see ya." And , of course, when she was walking to the bathroom again sneezed once more. She ended up coming going out with us that night, but her allergies were gone, and since her bf tagged along, i was beyond thrilled that that was the case lol.

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wow epic obs! especially liked The Quote, lol.

" I had to wrap the conversation up at that point lol, needed to get home and drink like 8 beers to calm down"

hahaha, that wouldve been me in a situation like this. :laugh:

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needed to get home and drink like 8 beers to calm down

I'll certainly drink to that! :innocent:

Thanks for a great obs :)

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GREAT OBS! I love surprises like this. Sucks she has a bf though. I bet he doesn't appreciate her sneezes like you do! lol.

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