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Curry Nightmare...


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So about a week ago, I went to a community arts show downtown with my family. It was quite lovely. Midway through the night we decided to get thai food-and thus my sneezy journey began.

As I read the menu, I mentally weighed the pros and cons of ordering curry. Pros, it tastes good, cons, it'll probably upset my stomach. Eventually, I decided to order it. I had no idea what was in store for my nasal cavity.

The tickle began with the first bite- I am highly sensitive to spices, I guess. But I tried sooo hard to deny it. I hate sneezing in front of my family- I cannot handle the awkwardness.

The mental denial strategy worked for about 5 minutes, but as there was less curry on my plate, there was more and more of a tickle in my nose. I tried to focus on the conversations at the table, I tried to scratch the feeling away, I tried everything. But finally, I gave in. I pinched my fingers around my nose and stifled a muffled "Mmp." It gave me almost no relief, and my cousin shouted "Bless you!" across the table. I knew this was just the beginning, so I excused myself to the restroom.

I ran into the first stall, and started stifling a fit of about 11 sneezes. There was like 5 seconds between each. I didn't want to scare the other person in there! "Hehnnt, mmp, tchh, Hehnngx, Tchoo, MMPChhoo....Hahchoooo!" The last one escaped me. I heard the woman washing her hands, so I held my nose until the door closed behind her... "HAH-ESHHHOOO! HEh-IITCHHHoo! Heh-NNXTchoo!" It continued like this for about 3 minutes on and off, and thankfully noone else came in. Also, these were probably the strongest sneezes I've ever experienced. It was very a deep irritation irritation, almost all the way back to my ears. It was so uncomfortable.

After a hiatus of about 2 minutes, I assumed I was done. So I stepped out of the stall in time for another woman to walk in. I smiled at the nice older lady, trying to hide the blatant redness and irritation on my face. I was blowing my nose and rinsing my face off, when suddenly... "HahNNGGGchoo!" A strong stifle escaped me. "God bless you!" said the older woman. "Thagg you," I said congestedly. I blew my nose a few more times, and headed back to the table. I sat down as if nothing was wrong, and it worked for about 5 minutes. The tickle was gently subsiding, as I avoided my curry like the plague. But after 5 minutes, I felt the final volley of sneezes twinging. I couldn't very well go back to the bathroom, so I let them out at the table. Once again, I stifled a triple into pinched fingers- "Mmpchho, Etchoo, HAHNXXchooo!" There was a chorus of "Bless you's" all around, and I quietly blushed and thanked them. Normally, I'd be mortified, but honestly I just thought about how much attention I'd avoided in the last 15 minutes. And the best part, they will never, ever know. :) Enjoy, friends! :rolleyes:

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VERY nice obs! :rolleyes: Has curry always had that effect on you? I only ask because I love the stuff and would be mortified if it were me :)

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Sorry you found this such an ordeal; but your descriptions are wonderful. And I can't help it; I just wish I had a sneezy allergy to something like curry; just think what fun I could have had in the past, both for my private use and in company. I mean, when I was coming up to teen age and home alone I used to make myself Vesta curries; happy days...

In fact, I think I can feel a story, or several, coming on.....

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Like curry itself, this obs was exquisitely spicy! Thanks for sharing your adventure. :laugh:

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