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Scuba mask sneeze?


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After seeing butcherjones' gas mask sneeze, and the response that got, I thought I'd chance my arm and see if anybody out there was willing to do something similar, only with a scuba mask? I guess it puts me in the 'strange, freaky wierdo' category, but that's ok, I like the comfort of a category I know well...so...yeah, I like the idea of men sneezing in scuba masks, and if anybody out there fancies drawing such a thing for me, well, I'd be most grateful.

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I'm no good at drawing and my anatomy skills are non-existing, but I'm working on it and should be able to post it in a day or two :wub:

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That officially makes you a god, then, I'd say. I'll thank you now, because this is the first time anybody's ever even considered drawing something like that for me.


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My OC wanted in on this and I just handed two major assignments (whoo! xD) so I had a bit of time to draw. So here you go :drool: Hope it's okay :blushing:

I'm looking forward to seeing yours, gryffin :drool:

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