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Hi all!

Okay, so I am a MASSIVE fan of the Hornblower tv series, starring the lovely Ioan Gruffudd, and naturally the need arises for some kind of sneeze-related fic. Considering the situations, I feel there are many opportunities for sneezing! :)

And so, this is really a plea, for anyone to write ANYTHING Hornblower and sneeze related, and I will actually love you forever. Preferably (though of course I would welcome anything with open arms) would be the great Horatio himself doing the sneezing, and I also totally ship Hornblower/Kennedy if anyone was interested in writing something involving that. But OBVIOUSLY, I really do not mind not having this, as I am fully aware that slash m/m is not everyone's thing.

But, seriously, you have no idea how happy a Hornblower fic would make me (I'd write one myself but fear I would most definitely not do it justice) and honestly if anyone is willing to write this, then I will LOVE YOU FOREVER :rolleyes:

Peace and sneezing,

Sabrina x

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There are already Hornblower fics on the forum (I know it as I am a fan too !). Enter 'hornblower' in the search window on top and... enjoy !


ps. in one of the novels he gets a REAL cold after the burial ceremony for Nelson on the river Thames. I can highly recommend reading them !

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Thank you SO SO much! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Hornblower fic on here, and am so glad to have found another fan! And thank you also for the info about the books, I've been wanting to read them, and this has made me really want to! ;)

I have been searching around various websites, but were wondering, since you are a Hornblower fan, whether you can recommend and link me to any other fics you have read? Thank you, I would be really grateful!

You are SO worth the powder! (Hoping you get the Hornblower reference :wub:)

Sabrina x

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There are several great ones on tarotgal's site:


and one other that hasn't been added to the main page yet:



Actually, IIRC, there are two that haven't been added yet, both at the above link. *is a big fan of tarogal's work...and Horatio's hotness*

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Thank you so much for the links, and I'm so glad to have found some other Hornblower fans in the community :)

Anyone else think Hornblower as a fandom is not given enough credit?! :)

I really appreciate the links and would continue to appreciate any other findings! So happy that others share my interest in a sneezy Hornblower.

Thanks again, peace, love, sneezing and horatio,

Sabrina x

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