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Another one of those, 'just had a sneezy discussion with a non fetishy friend!' posts


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This shouldn't have been posted in observations, should it? As it didn't contain any actual sneezes, but rather a thrilling, faintly terrifying conversation?

Anyway, I im-ed a friend complaining about boredom, and asked her to entertain me. After a succession of doodles about a fish being carried off by increasingly unusual animals, she shared a progression of a simple doodle of a man's face in the stages of sneezing, followed by a picture of a tissue.

At this point, I was surprised and pleased and hunting for a non suspicious thing to say that might continue the conversation, and after asking why she drew that, I asked whether he was allergic to something. She said yes, fish, and the conversation was going well.

After that it went a bit off track from what I was hoping, as she drew a picture of a horribly swollen doodle-man, but shortly after that she had to go for a brief time. During that time, I decided I'd say what I should have said at first - when she got back I said I'd been looking at the doodles again, and that the man had looked very happy when he sneezed.

And then.

And then.

She went with me on it. I couldn't believe it. I seem to be set on repeating the conversation, so I'll just share the main part of it here with names replaced with random letters. I'm sorry if this post ends up longer than it should be, I just tend to share more information I need when I'm excited or nervous. Or both. (X is me. F is her.)

X says (4:03 PM):

I was looking over your marvelous doodles.

The face man looks very happy when he sneezes. XD Before it all goes wrong. He looks very pleased.

F says (4:04 PM):

XD well sneezing is very relieving

he was looking forward to it

before the snot exlplosion ruined his plans

X says (4:05 PM):

aww XD

Well maybe next time it wont' go so horribly!

F says (4:05 PM):


F says (4:06 PM):

Next time the snot blockage will be gone!

X says (4:06 PM):

isn't it bad if there's nothing blocking the snot?

F says (4:06 PM):

well all the snot's out now

so none'll come out next time!

X says (4:06 PM):

oh! It wasn't a one off, then? XD

F says (4:07 PM):

Well he sneezes a lot

so he's experienced at sneezing

X says (4:08 PM):

XD Why?

F says (4:09 PM):

because of the fish

X says (4:09 PM):

Oh, so they don't always do that to him? Just when he eats them?

F says (4:09 PM):

and also he never hoovered up the wood shavings in his workshop

He gets it when he eats them

or when he rubs them about his person

X says (4:10 PM):

XD Does he do that a lot? He must not mind the sneezing then!

F says (4:10 PM):

he does rather like it

it's his one vice

but it's bad for his health

X says (4:11 PM):

Well if it makes him happy there's nothing wrong with it!

It's only bad for his health if it results in more than the occasional fit!

F says (4:12 PM):


It results in lots of snotting and sneezes!

F says (4:13 PM):

And then the injection has to happen to de-swell him XD

X says (4:13 PM):

Aww, if only he didn't get swollen. Maybe that's what the wood shavings are for! So he can indulge without swelling horribly!

F says (4:14 PM):

But wood shavings aren't as good as the fish!

X says (4:14 PM):

Why not?

F says (4:15 PM):

they're too rough!

fish scales are juuust right!

X says (4:16 PM):

He must go through a lot of tissues then!

F says (4:17 PM):


X says (4:17 PM):


F says (4:17 PM):

only for clearing up the snot

F says (4:18 PM):


X says (4:18 PM):

Luckily for him he usually only has clean sneezes, then. *nods*

F says (4:19 PM):

After that big snot storm he has a few clear ones, yes XD

Until it builds up again!

X says (4:19 PM):

Poor guy! If only his one vice wasn't so messy!

F says (4:20 PM):

haha awwww yeah

he needs to learn to knit

X says (4:20 PM):


F says (4:21 PM):

then he'll have a mess-free hobby

X says (4:21 PM):

XD But what if he likes his old hobby! Except for the times when someone calls in the middle of his business!

F says (4:22 PM):

well he can knit compartments for his fish!

To keep them warm

X says (4:23 PM):

maybe the fish can teach him to knit!

Right after this, she changed the subject to an email she'd recently gotten back regarding a fandom project. This whole conversation felt like it took a lot longer than it probably did - her replies came more slowly than usual, as if she was thinking seriously about them. I mean, I know better than to hope she's a fellow fetishist (is that the right word?) - she tends to be very silly sometimes, so this was probably just that for her. I can't help but hope a little, but I'm trying not to.

Anyway. I hope any of you enjoyed that even a portion as much as I did! It was all the more thrilling because I was so conscious of the possibility of making a misstep and tipping her off to the fact that I might be a little too interested... But what do you guys think? I want to hope, I really want to.

I'm so paranoid... Are my worries about this conversation being seen by F unfounded? Or should I not have posted this? *worries*

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lol i have had a lot of sneezy conversations, with a friend who dosent have a fetish and we were talking about my hayfever

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Sounds like a fun conversation.

I'm so paranoid... Are my worries about this conversation being seen by F unfounded? Or should I not have posted this? *worries*

If F sees the conversation ..... then I don't think you have anything to worry about. It's unlikely anyone would see it who doesn't share this fetish.

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