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Oh gosh... a non-fetishist is inducing.

alejandra xx

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Hi guys.

So I have a tumblr, and on tumblr there's this asky-thingy, where you can ask people questions. This girl got asked "What does your sneeze sound like?" And she answered "Oh, everyone says I have a really cute sneeze, I'll make myself sneeze and take a video of it."

I was like SDLKFJSDKLFJ OMG because she's really, really cute. and she says she's going to post it later tonight. I'm excited. :3

Have you ever had someone induce that's not a fetishist or even knows that there is a fetish (I'm assuming she doesn't know) of sneezing? Gosh, it's just like "Haha, I know something you don't know... and you're about to make me really happy. c:"

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Yeah. A couple of friends and I went through a phase of inducing recreationally. Though I wasn't sure it was a fetish then.

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