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Scuba mask sneeze.


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I read blackfour's request for a scuba mask sneeze and one of my OCs started yelling "Ooh! Pick me!" at me...he loves scuba diving and all that sort of fun outdoorsy stuff xP Sooo I played with it a bit and this is what resulted...I have to say these are the weirdest sneeze spellings I've ever used too xD But I couldn't think of any other way to represent the sound of bubbles...xD The guy's name is Carl and he's 19.


Hope that's okay :blushing:

And no one quote me this time, so I can come remove it or edit the image if I decide it's too awful :drool:

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OMG, a sneezing fit under water. I love the sneezes, I love the fact that he's like NO NO NOT NOW, and I love how his body scrunches up in the water! Way too cute!

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That is awesome. :blushing: Poor guy. I love how he tries to stifle them at first. <3

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