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Febreze: the air freshener from heaven (or not)

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I love a certain scent of their air freshener so much, but I may never be able to bring myself to use spray air freshener again.

About a month ago, I went to visit my sister at her new place. We talked and she gave me. After we had chatted for about an hour, she asked me to fix her computer. When I finished doing that and walked back to the living room, I felt like I was struggling to breathe and my sinuses were on fire. I tried to ignore it and listen to her babble excitedly about the classes she's taking in the fall, but I only made it halfway through the conversation before sneezing a fit of 9 'hutisschoo's' into the crook of my arm. Then my nose started running and I turned into a sniffling mess. Sissy asked me if I was okay, and I played it off. A few minutes later, I found myself hitching a few moments before sneezing wetly huhchisss...huh...hutissshhew! and she asked me again, so I admitted that it felt like I was violently allergic to something. We tried to think of what it was, but didn't have any luck at this point. Fast-forward about 30 minutes and 14 sneezes later to the part where she was showing me her rpom dress and I was about to sneeze to death :) Seriously, she had no tissues or anything and I was so congested and the sneezing was so desperate that I was stifling fits in order to not spray disgusting-ness everywhere. So my fits were becoming endless repetitions wet sounding stifles and half-stifles that I cannot begin to spell. As soon as one fit ended, I was hitching and having false starts again.

Finally, my sister comes running from her room screaming my name and says "I sprayed some febreze in here while you were in the computer room, and you must be allergic to it. Ruuuuuunn!!" Such a drama queen :)

After I got out of there, the burning lessened and I stopped sneezing as much, but it took several hours for it to stop and for me to not feel short of breath.

A week ago, I was at my parent's house, and a similar feeling started. Not wanting to have a similar situation happen in front of my entire family, I grabbed my sister and asked her if mom borrowed her febreze. She actually started crying...not sure why it was that much of an issue to her. We ended up eating outside, and I only sneezed once....in front of my parents *cringe*

The scent I usually use has never bothered me and whatever one that was had a different scent, but I am afraid to use any of it now.

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Oh yes...Febreeze is a joy and a killer...lol

My poor hubby has very severe allergies...pollen, grass, dust, mold, perfume, scented tissues...you name it and it probably makes him sneeze. One of his worst allergy fits happened when I sprayed some Febreeze in our bedroom. See, we have this big dog that we love to death, but at times, he really smells like a big dog. So, whilst cleaning the house, I sprayed some Febreeze in the bedroom, on the curtains and comforter just to freshen up. Hours later, when hubby came home, his big meaty nose began to run. I watched it itch and twitch on his face. I said, "Hon, you ok?" He said that something was irritating his nose. I said, "Yeah, what else is new...lol"

He walked into the bedroom and immediately began sneezing. One harsh, violent, wet sneeze after another. He sat on the bed, unable to do anything else but sneeze. I grabbed some tissues and brought them up to his nose to catch the next sneeze (little did I know it would be the next 15 sneezes as his hand covered mine and he kept sneezing into the now sodden tissues.) I was dying!

The sneezes, once one after the other, became more desperate with larger and longer torturous buildups. He couldn't speak. He could only shake his head yes or no while his poor allergic nose teased and itched. His breath hitched in dozens of false starts. At one point, he put his face down on the comforter and the attack and onslaught of sneezes became rapid fire all over again. We then figured it was the Febreeze. I know I missed a few, but I counted 117 sneezes in that hour.

Oh. My. GOD!!!!

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@Jerseygirl: I hate you :lol:

Aaaand yeah, my parents used Febreze once and they sneezed a bit, not so dramatic, but mostly had headaches. We use Lysol :blushing:

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@EndlessHitching: *eep* Sorry that happened to you. *giggles at sisters statement* Drama queen indeed. Thank you for sharing. :blushing:

@ foreverajerseygirl: Wow uhm... was he okay?

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He was fine. This is a "normal" reaction for him to pretty much...everything? The poor man must sneeze over a hunderd times each day. Poor him but LUCKY me!!!!

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He was fine. This is a "normal" reaction for him to pretty much...everything? The poor man must sneeze over a hunderd times each day. Poor him but LUCKY me!!!!

You ARE lucky!!!

EndlessHitching, glad you found the source of your reaction! What a yummys obs!

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