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I'm sat at my desk wondering if my hayfever actually has any logic to it or not. Yesterday had a higher count than today and while I was in the office I was hardly affected at all. Today there's a moderate count and, comparatively, all hell has broken loose.

I snuffle and run my hand under my nose for what must be the 100th time this morning. It stems the flow for a couple of seconds at most and intensifies the nagging tickling that's been my companion all morning. Then suddenly it rises again as a fresh stream of fluid runs over the irritated walls of my nostrils and I quickly raise my hand to cover mouth and nose. By this time I don't care who sees me, I just want some relief from this torture...

Of course I don't get it. The tickling builds to an intensity that makes my eyes water a little but my body refuses to react further than that. Frustrated, I press the top of my hand hard against my nostrils and feel the sensation slowly dissipate to a less concentration-shattering level. So many people around that I've never sneezed in front of before, my mental block is as strong as ever, not even the slightest hitch of breath is being allowed to escape.

A few minutes pass before the flow once again threatens to overspill and I'm forced to snuffle and rub my nose again. I've already given up all hope of rubbing away the tickling; it's lodged too high in the right side of my nose, the danger side as I think of it since this is the side that most sneeze-causing tickles seem to come from.

Once again it builds, like some small creature with a feather has been taking a rest for a little while before resuming their torture of the most sensitive part of my nose. I deepen and shorten my breathing, trying to force my mental block to break and allow me at least some chance to expel whatever's tickling so relentlessly. No response. Hopeless.

I'm fed up, so I head to the bathroom to at least try and fix the seemingly never-ending stream. Thankfully it's empty, and locked in that silent space I blow my nose, which for a couple of seconds relieves the sensation. Then the flow starts once more and with it another spike in the tickling. This time it feels different though, building more quickly and with no barrier to stop it. My breath hitches violently before I'm bent forward by a drawn-out triplet of sneezes:


The sensation of relief immediately after I sneeze is very pleasurable, despite the roughness of the tissue paper from the bathroom I catch them in. I sigh contentedly and draw the paper under my nose as gently as I can, to avoid irritating the already sore skin. For a couple of moments I think I'm rid of the tickling for good, before it returns with the same nagging intensity. Waiting for a moment to check no more sneezes are imminent I head back to my desk. Looks like I'm going to need drugs again today...

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Bless you! Nice obs. I know how you feel my mental block is so strong! I have never once sneezed in public, and sneezed once infront of my two best friends. Somedays I wish I could just sneeze!!!

Oh by the way I think you have a really cute sneeze. :)

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Hehe ! Nice obs. In fact it was hayfever that cured my sneezing block. Just couldn't help sneezing in front of everyone!

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Thanks everyone, very glad you liked it :drool:

da kitty ninja - Thank you :drool: Wow, never at all? I can't say it's never happened to me but it's certainly very rare. I've never sneezed in the office before despite having worked there going on 3 years, only when I've run off and hidden in the bathroom. :blushing: And uhm...thank you lots, glad you think so :blushing:

Atchoum: Thanks :twisted: That does happen with me occasionally too as uhm...certain forum members can testify :laugh::innocent: But it does have to get really bad before it gives in and lets me sneeze.

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:twisted: *seconds VoOs' sound*

Sorry it was so annoying though. :blushing:

Love the feather analogy. :blushing: Oh, and belated bless you thrice. :drool:

Also agreeing with Da Kitty Ninja btw, you do have a cute sneeze. :drool:

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:wub: I must have missed this before. What a lovely description of the feeling. Damn those mental blocks! :)
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